Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Engagement Photos

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle appear in the gardens of Kensington Palace to pose for the sweetest, happiest, most romantic engagement photos we've seen!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just posed for the sweetest engagement photos ever!


Prince Harry & Meghan Markle appear in the gardens of Kensington Palace to pose for the sweetest, happiest, most romantic engagement photos we've seen!
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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle appear in the gardens of Kensington Palace to pose for the sweetest, happiest, most romantic engagement photos we've seen!
Image credit:
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle appear in the gardens of Kensington Palace to pose for the sweetest, happiest, most romantic engagement photos we've seen!
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The Prince is set to marry the Suits star in Spring 2018, after they got engaged earlier this month. The Royal Family wasted no time in extending their well wishes to the happy couple, in statements released by Kensington Palace, Clarence House and Buckingham Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said of the engagement: ‘We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together.’

Ms. Markle’s parents, Mr. Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland said: ‘We wish them a lifetime of happiness and are very excited for their future together.’

The Prince of Wales, speaking for himself and The Duchess of Cornwall, said: ‘We’re thrilled. We’re both thrilled. We hope they’ll be very happy indeed.’

And from Buckingham Palace come congratulations from The Queen. ‘The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are delighted for the couple and wish them every happiness.’


Congratulations to the happy couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

Stop Everything… Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Engaged!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged! Find out where the Prince popped the question, plus when the Royal wedding date is set for, here!

Stop everything… Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged!


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged! Find out where the Prince popped the question, plus when the Royal wedding date is set for, here!
Image credit: Twitter @KensingtonRoyal


This morning, Clarence House announced the exciting news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now engaged, bringing a celebratory end to the proposal speculation that has surrounded the couple for many months now. We couldn’t be happier for them!

Even better, the wedding date is set for Spring 2018, so their Royal wedding is only a few months away. Get set for an exciting few months as we follow their wedding planning progress and share our best predictions for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress!

But how did the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take place?

We don’t know where they’ll marry just yet, but we do know that Prince Harry and Meghan got engaged in London this November. The proposal was a low-key but super lovely surprise for Meghan, with the Prince popping the question while the couple cooked a roast dinner together, they revealed in a televised interview. Prince Harry also took the traditional route, requesting the blessing of the bride’s parents for his proposal – aww!

And then there’s the ring. Designed by Prince Harry himself, using two diamonds that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana, it’s the most stunning and sentimental engagement ring we’ve ever seen.

Can’t wait to get your dose of Royal wedding inspo? Check out these tips from bridal designer Stewart Parvin for the best Royal wedding style dress. Plus find out why Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Royal wedding was the most popular wedding in two decades!


Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement! We can’t wait for the wedding.

Forest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn Wedding

Forest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn Wedding Day Shoot

Fairy tales & luscious forest fruits inspired this magical modern Autumn wedding shoot in the Northumberland countryside. Woodhill Hall share beautifully styled, versatile spaces – from The Orangery to giant on-site teepees, effortless Autumn/winter trends have never been so achievable with the help of Great British Bash!

The style variations and colours were repurposed throughout the day, rustic to glamorous and elegant to country. The versatility of individual spaces within the venue meant any wedding theme could be catered for and open up possibility to every style a couple may envision.

Forest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn Wedding

Forest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn WeddingForest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn Wedding

Forest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn Wedding

Forest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn Wedding

Deep regal berry, burgundy and hot pink stems created an abundance of foliage-heavy floral arrangements within the bright space of The Orangery at Woodhill. Blooms such as gorgeously ripe roses, peonies, pink daisies and edgy botanical Protea created the overly romantic statement, perfect for this time of year! Gold urns, candelabra tea light holders and foiled details enriched with glamour the Autumnal party palette. Contrasting neutral rustic style tables, chairs and log slice centrepieces retained the original subtlety of an inviting outdoor/indoors theme.

Forest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn WeddingForest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn WeddingForest Fruit Florals, Foliage And Tropical Trends Style This Modern Autumn Wedding

On-site residential teepees were filled with rustic charm, eclectic rugs, fur throws over leather sofas, and a fire pit for cosy evenings. The floral adornments continued above and surrounding with the addition of boxed greenery, indoor trees and cheese plants offer a pleasing tropical touch. To compliment the setting we also decorated with mercury glass candle holders, berry red linen, gold beaded charger plates and lots of Scandinavian wood-sy items.


Venue Woodhill Hall
Event Stylist Great British Bash
Photography Rebecca Reay Photography
Floral arrangements Floral Quarter
Hair + Makeup Lisa Jones
Dresses Accent Original Bridal
Wedding Cake Sticky Sponge

8 Ways To Get More Sleep before Your Wedding

8 Ways To Get More Sleep before Your Wedding

Good, repairing, healthy sleep is not just for Disney princesses, you know. Here are eight ways for you to get more sleep in the lead up to your wedding day! Words: Rachel Southwood

We all know that a lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on you and your health. Follow these 8 techniques to get more sleep before your wedding...

We all know that sleep helps you to look young, and that a lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on you, your health and your life. With help from sleep guru Dr Guy Meadows, we have come up with these tips to help you look your beautiful best for your big day by getting a great night’s sleep, every night.


Give your skin a break! Ditch the flannel and get into a cleansing routine in the evening that gives your face a rest, too. Use good quality skin wipes (you’re worth it!) or a cleansing programme like Clinique’s 3-Step system. Drink water (and only water) before bed to make sure that the last thing you feel is thirsty. Dehydration affects everything including your sleep. Don’t drink too much, though – you don’t want to have your sleep broken by multiple trips to the bathroom either! Do use a night repair cream like Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, which will help you to wake up fresh and blemish free.


There has been much talk about how pillows affect sleep lately – current advice is to go for one or no pillows at all, to keep your spine as straight as possible, and your airways as clear as possible. Sleeping without pillows takes some getting used to, but is definitely worth a try. Others extol the virtues of a silk pillow, but the jury’s out as to whether they actually help prevent wrinkles or aid good sleep. You should also wash your pillow case frequently – bacteria build-up does not aid beauty sleep!
We all know that a lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on you and your health. Follow these 8 techniques to get more sleep before your wedding...


Many sleep experts will talk about mindfulness, where you think about yourself, your body and how to focus on relaxation. You simply can’t do any of that if your phone is sending you alerts every 20 seconds. There is almost nothing that can’t wait until morning, and you will be much better able to deal with everything after a good night’s sleep… We’re not suggesting that you leave your phone out of sight, but at least switch it to silent and turn it face down for the night. Give it a break, too!


Experts recommend starting to prepare for sleep around 90 minutes before you actually go to bed. No eating, excitement or strenuous exercise in this time, please! By all means go for a gentle stroll, listen to some music, or even read a book, but absolutely no jumping around or stressing, OK?


Much has been made about how the position you sleep in affects your ability to get to sleep and to sleep well. Lying on your back is most likely to cause snoring, (which affects your sleep as much as anyone elses!) and sleeping on your non-dominant side is best. That means that if you’re right handed, you sleep on your left, and you should bend your legs slightly, again in the interests of good spine alignment.



If you have long hair, try wearing it up at night, but not in a super-tight bun. This will keep your hair out of your face (the oils and products can affect your skin) and keep your latest blowdry intact, too!


We all know that lavender is a brilliant aroma to help with sleep, but other essential oil blends can be just as useful. For example, eucalyptus will help good breathing by opening the nasal passages. This is especially important in dry heats – when the heating is on during the winter, for example – and when you live in an area of high pollution. Good breathing is one of the key elements of good sleep.
We all know that a lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on you and your health. Follow these 8 techniques to get more sleep before your wedding...


We recommend the new Guru mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse (from £499) – offering a revolutionary bed-in-a-box mattress that really really works – we can vouch for it! Sleep position, posture and spinal support are so important. You need to be in the right spot to let the sleep magic take hold and your mattress can make all the difference. Time to treat yourself, and your back (it supports you all day long, remember!) to a good night’s sleep…


While some would argue that quality of sleep is more important than quantity, it seems that eight hours is still the recommended amount of sleep needed to rest and recuperate. Best to be resting and relaxing than furiously clock watching – the key to good sleep is to stop fighting not being able to sleep, and to use the time to rest your brain, emotions and body. Ideally sleep would bring those things, but relaxation can be just as beneficial if sleep is escaping you. Teach yourself how to relax and the rest will surely follow…

Wedding Fairs: The Best And Most Inspiring For Brides-to-be!

How Worthwhile Are Wedding Fairs And Which Ones Are The Best To Visit?! 

Wedding Ideas Deputy Editor and bride-to-be Becci, talks us through some of the best free wedding planning tools, National wedding fairs NOT to be missed and why they could seriously help YOU plan your big day!

French Made at A Most Curious Wedding Fair
Apple & bramble Events at The Wedding Emporium

While looking online, pining your favourite photographs on Pinterest and tearing out images from magazines is a fantastic way to collate your thoughts and ideas, heading to wedding fairs will give you a taste of how each element of a wedding can really look.

From florists to bridal boutiques and cake makers to wedding planners, attending wedding fairs will allow you see things first hand, get your creative juices flowing and give you a glimpse of what is out there.


Where are the best wedding fairs?

For me, heading to some of the bigger wedding shows in London is always alot of fun. My favourite wedding fair so far has been A Most Curious Wedding Fair, which takes place in both London and Norwich. The variety of stands are the best i’ve seen and I found so many ideas for decorations and details.

“The National Wedding Show and Bliss Wedding Shows are brilliant wedding fairs to visit, with both stands and a catwalk displaying beautiful bridal gowns.”

The National Asian Wedding Show takes place in London in November, showcasing the perfect venue, outfit and details for a traditional Asian Wedding.

Papier at A Most Curious Wedding Fair
Temperley London at their bridal showroom
Wildflower Cakes at A Most Curious Wedding Fair

At the bigger wedding fairs there is such a huge variety of suppliers, each with totally different styles, and you really can spend the whole day there pouring over all of the wedding prettiness! If you are heading to one of them with your bridesmaids why not make a day (or weekend) of it? Stopping for lunch or heading out for cocktails afterwards…

“Take lots of photographs and pick up business cards from you favourite suppliers so you can see more of their designs on their websites and social media.”

Just be wary, if you aren’t getting married near to where the supplier is based they may charge you for travel or delivery and some suppliers (florists in particular) won’t be able to deliver and help you set up if they feel it’s too far. Thats where local shows come into their own. They can be a fantastic place to meet suppliers that are based close to where you will be getting married.

Stay Local

Social media is a great place to find local wedding fairs and once you start looking you’ll soon realise that you could probably attend a wedding fair at least once a month if you want to. If you find a supplier you really like check how far they will travel and, if you have chosen one, be sure to let them know where your venue is so that you don’t get your heart set on something in particular only to find they wont be able to deliver to your venue on the day.

The Wedding Emporium have fairs specifically located in the South West and I have just returned from The Boho Bride Wedding Festival who showcase in Devon, which was brilliant for sourcing local suppliers to me. If you haven’t chosen your perfect setting yet head to open days where the venue will be set up as though for a wedding day. Some venues also have their recommended suppliers at their open days too, giving you another opportunity to find your decoration and details.

Le Colonel Moutarde

How will wedding fairs help me plan my dream day?

Wedding fairs are a great place to grab yourself a bargain, as often the suppliers there have a discount code or voucher for couples on the day. You could win a whole host of goods, from free spa days and make up trials to a free bridesmaid bouquet when you order your wedding flowers. Not forgetting the canapés and sweet treats you get to try as you make your way round the fair; mini bruschetta, tasters of wedding cakes, sweets, candy floss, macaroons, cocktails…


Take the time to go to a handful of wedding fairs, it’s so exciting so why wouldn’t you! Ben and I have been to a couple just the two of us, which makes a lovely day out together and gives us a chance to see if we like the same themes and ideas. A day trip to wedding fairs is a lovely way to get everyone involved in the planning too – we’ve been to a few fairs with both sets of parents and our bridesmaids. I will be heading to London next month with my mum and sister for a weekend of wedding fun; including a visit to The Wedding Gallery, which has just opened and is being called the very first wedding department store! 

Everything You’ll Need To Know About Wedding Boudoir Photography


Everything You’ll Need To Know About Wedding Boudoir Photography

Wedding boudoir photography has hit the mainstream and more and more women are having sexy and sensual photoshoots where they can embrace their femininity and capture themselves at a poignant moment in their life. If you thought that boudoir photography was something you would never do, then think again. Kate Hopewell-Smith, Boudoir photography specialist is here to guide you through everything you’ll need to know if you are considering it…


Everything You'll Need To Know About Wedding Boudoir Photography
Kate Hopewell-Smith



A boudoir shoot is a sexy and sensual photo-shoot where you pose in lingerie or partially nude in luxurious surroundings. Boudoir photography is very tasteful and nudity tends to be implied rather than explicit. Natural lighting and shade are used to create a flattering light that shows off your favourite parts of your body.



A boudoir shoot is a celebration of your body so I don’t recommend any sort of extreme diet or exercise regimes. You are beautiful as you are, your partner will want to see you as the person he/she knows too. Your photographer will be able to advise on the poses that work well to show off your favourite parts of your body.

You can however, do some preparation to look like the best version of yourself. A good skincare regime in the lead up to your shoot is the best way to feel confident – get into a habit of exfoliating and moisturising your skin and a mani/pedi the day before your shoot will ensure you are looking polished to perfection.



I would always recommend having your hair and makeup done professionally for the shoot – it really helps enhance the experience and makes it feel extra special. A professional will also be able to give you that polished look that you want for your shoot.

If you want to use your own hair and makeup artist, then that’s absolutely fine. Check with your photographer whether they have any recommendations or professionals they work with on a regular basis. If you can get a hair and makeup artist to work their magic at the shoot they can be on hand throughout the shoot should you wish to switch your hairstyles and look to suit different outfits.


Everything You'll Need To Know About Wedding Boudoir Photography
Kate Hopewell Smith



Every photographer will shoot differently depending on their style. My style of boudoir photography is very editorial and takes influence from designer lingerie brands and fashion magazines. Before the shoot even takes place the photographer will talk with you about what you want from the shoot, what parts of your body you like the most (and the least!) The key is to start with simple poses until you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once you have warmed up you will work together to create a variety of imagery to choose from.


Typically a specially selected studio will be set up and styled for the shoot with sumptuous furnishings, flattering lighting and ultimate privacy. If you would prefer to do the shoot in your own home, then some photographers will be happy to accommodate the setting. Some women even like to go to a luxury hotel suite. Essentially it’s up to you, the style of shoot you want and the environment that makes you feel the most comfortable.


Nerves are completely normal and can even add to the excitement and anticipation of the day. Most women I work with have never been photographed in this way and nerves come from the fear of the unknown. If you’re feeling nervous then remember that it’s completely natural. Your photographer is there to direct you every step of the way, in a way that will make you feel totally at ease and even empowered by the experience.

“I surprised myself about how much I enjoyed the shoot itself and without a doubt it’s done more for my confidence than anything else in the past 10 years.”

Boudoir shoot by Kate Hope-well Smith


I always recommend shooting three different looks on the day for variety so be prepared to bring a minimum of 3 outfits/options. Many women opt to bring more than that so there is some choice on the day. Like some brides i’ve worked with, you may want to bring your veil, garter and wedding night lingerie to have some beautiful shots to commemorate the occasion. You may also want to consider photographing with some gorgeous heels or even your wedding heels, too.

“I loved the shopping trips that I went on and it made me experiment with underwear that I would never ever look at.”

Boudoir shoot by Kate Hope-well Smith

Everything You'll Need To Know About Wedding Boudoir Photography
Kate Hopewell-Smith



There are so many reasons to do a boudoir shoot but the number one reason for me as a photographer is that it is a fantastic confidence booster. In the run up to your wedding, it’s likely you will have been living your healthiest lifestyle. Perhaps having regular conditioning treatments on your hair and taking great care of your skin in preparation for the big day?  So why not capture this moment when you are looking and feeling your best to create a sensual album of pictures that you can treasure forever.

“The revelation through the boudoir experience, is that for the first time in 14 years, my wife now understands exactly how I see her body.”

Boudoir shoot by Kate Hope-well Smith
It goes without saying that a boudoir shoot will also be a meaningful gift to give to your partner! Perhaps it’s a gift you could give them to unwrap on your wedding day and they can have a sneak preview of your beautiful bridal lingerie?!


A tasteful album will be a fantastic memento of your boudoir shoot and also makes a perfect gift for your partner. Many women are so pleased with the results that they also decide to go for a large framed print to hang on the wall in the bedroom.

“This is so much more than just a photoshoot, this was an enlightening experience for me, one that I will never forget”

Boudoir shoot by Kate Hope-well Smith

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5 Ways To Wellbeing For Busy Brides-to-be

Five ways to wellbeing for brides from Mind, the mental health charity.

Most brides-to-be have the occasional wobble in the build up to their big day, but if you’re feeling a little frayed around the edges then follow Mind’s 5 ways to wellbeing…

5 Ways To Wellbeing For Stressed Brides


When you’re feeling frazzled with wedding planning don’t bottle it up. Talk to friends and family and get it off your chest. Think of what you’d say to a friend if they came to you feeling stressed about a part of their wedding and hold onto that kindness and perspective.

Be Active

Chances are you’ll be doing plenty of dashing around ahead of your wedding so make time to do something active for yourself. Whether it’s taking a walk away from the wedding spreadsheet, or prioritising your favourite gym class over writing invites, invest in your mental health by being active.

Take Notice

Mindfulness might seem like a trendy pastime but there’s a lot to be said from being in the moment, especially on the day itself. Plan in time for you and your partner to step back and take it all in. Look round at the people gathered to celebrate with you, and take it in with all of your senses.


Learn from other brides who’ve been through it – they’re a world of advice and reassurance. Best thing we’ve heard? Planning a wedding can feel like a full time job, so treat it like it is! Block out your wedding planning time and stick to it.


Studies have shown that acts of kindness and helping others are traits associated with improved wellbeing. Look after yourself while you’re planning by taking the opportunity to support your favourite causes with your guests. You can share the love on your special day by having charity wedding favours or a charity guest list. Why not support Mind?


If you are struggling with your mental health, remember you can call our info-line on 0300 1233393
5 Ways To Wellbeing For Busy Brides-to-be


Mind is the leading mental health charity for England and Wales. At the moment 3 in 5 people with a mental health problem receive no support at all. Support Mind at your wedding and help us make sure that no one faces a mental health problem alone. Shop for wedding favours and more today at

Marry Abroad? Destination Wedmin You’ll Want To Know About…

Marry Abroad? Destination Wedmin You’ll Want To Know About…

For many couples, swapping overcast skies and unpredictable weather for the sunny shores of a foreign destination has proven tempting to marry abroad with rising numbers of marriages taking place in exotic destinations.

If you’re contemplating/planning your wedding away, don’t forget to factor in these destination wedmin tasks you may not have thought about…

Marry Abroad? Destination Wedmin You'll Want To Know About...

Factor in the budget of your guests

Getting married in another country can save you up to £13,500 – that said, it’s often your guests who will shoulder the financial burden.

Consider the cost of the flights and the availability of accommodation – try not to leave your guests with a four or five-star hotel as their only option. Make sure you pick an area with a variety of hotel or apartment options, allowing your guests to pick an option they can afford.

The distance travelled is also an important factor. If you’re hoping to invite older relatives, a long flight may be difficult and make them less likely to attend. It may be worth discussing potential destinations with important attendees before booking anything, to avoid disappointment over the guest list when the big day comes.

The most popular destinations

The most popular wedding destinations change every year, with cosmopolitan options like New York, Thailand, and New Zealand growing significantly in recent months.

Your wedding should be somewhere that you’re passionate about. But it’s worth remembering that the hotels and venues in classic wedding destinations, like Cyprus and Mexico, often have better equipped facilities to host your ceremony.

France may be traditionally a romantic destination for couples, but (unless you’re French) it can be difficult due to the many legal documents and regulations you need to adhere to. Couples must be present in France for 40 continuous days before the big day, and you’ll need to provide…

  1. Copies of your birth certificates (issued less than 6 months ago)
  2. Proof of domicile,
  3. Certificates of your single status,
  4. French translations of all documents

As we’ve seen this summer, exotic locations can be at risk of extreme weather conditions! Consider the climate and time of year before booking, and be sure to research rainy and hurricane seasons.


Remember a Certificate of No Impediment

A Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) is a legal document that non-commonwealth countries require to prove you and your partner are able to marry. If your CNI is issued in Scotland it will only last for 3 months after it’s been sent out.

Marry Abroad? Destination Wedmin You'll Want To Know About...

Flight and hotel upgrades

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to upgrades for nearly-weds. Flight upgrades are rare, so if you’re looking for a luxurious flight, your only option is to pay for one.

Hotels on the other hand are more accommodating. Thailand and other destinations on the Indian Ocean are more likely to upgrade your room as standard, but check availability before your trip.

Consider a wedding planner

It may be tempting to try and organise your entire wedding with no outside help, which is often the right way to go for weddings based on home soil. There’s often more paperwork and red tape to contend with when getting married in another country. For example, certain destinations require couples to arrive a specific amount of days before the ceremony can take place. This can range from two days to more than two weeks.

There’s also added paperwork. A Certificate of No Impediment must be provided and depending on the destination you choose; these documents may need to be translated before they are accepted.

Using a destination wedding planner will alleviate some of these headaches, and will ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

Combine your wedding with your honeymoon

A destination wedding makes it easier to go straight from the ceremony to your honeymoon, without any waiting time in-between!

Many couples opt to go travelling immediately after a wedding instead of a traditional honeymoon, visiting multiple locations on a single trip, by either rail or plane. Combining your honeymoon with the ceremony can be a handy way of saving money on flights.

Book early for the best deal

The early bird certainly catches the worm when it comes to booking a wedding abroad. Taking care of venues, hotels and flights a long way before your planned date can save huge amounts, as hotels often increase rates according to demand.

Marry Abroad? Destination Wedmin You'll Want To Know About...

Perform extra research for same-sex marriages

Same-sex marriages require even more research, as not all countries will facilitate them. There are still many amazing options to choose from, with Argentina, Belgium, Finland, France, New Zealand, America, and many more.

Book through a reputable travel company

Booking through a reputable travel company often means you’re protected from unpredictable incidents. Alternative flights and, in some cases, accommodation can be found. Booking flights individually can leave you open to disappointment if the worst does happen.

Get Wedding Insurance

There’s always an element of risk when it comes to planning a wedding. Unforeseen circumstances can stop the ceremony going ahead, causing distress for the couple, not to mention thousands in lost deposits. Wedding insurance protects you from any eventuality and will offer peace of mind if your destination is known for occasionally tumultuous weather conditions.

21 of the Most Iconic Couples Halloween Costumes

Couples that Halloween together, stay together! All of the best fancy dress ideas come in pairs, so if you’re newlyweds, just engaged or still waiting for him to pop the question, take a look at our picks of the best couples Halloween costumes for 2017!


Harley Quinn and The Joker, couples costumes don’t come much cooler than this!

Brit Morin
Brit Morin via Pinterest

Gomez and Morticia are the original Halloween icons! Guys, draw on the fake moustache and girls, get out your fabulous fitted LBD for this look!

Coolestparties via Pinterest
Coolestparties via Pinterest

Newlyweds, this one’s for you! (Although please don’t actually trash your gorgeous gown for this look!).

Cosmopolitan via Pinterest

The creepiest of them all… but it is Halloween after all! via Pinterest via Pinterest

JLO knows how to rock full face skull makeup! It’s one of our fave looks if you’re looking for sexy and sophisticated this Halloween.

Popsugar via Pinterest
Popsugar via Pinterest

Channel James Bond at The Day of the Dead parade and rock this Mexican festival look!


The iconic striped suit and crazy green hair of Beetlejuice is a must for Halloween! via Pinterest via Pinterest

If scary isn’t your thing, try these super fun Halloween ideas instead!

Ellie and Carl from UP makes the most adorable couples costumes we have EVER seen!

Buzzfeed via Pinterest
Buzzfeed via Pinterest

Game Of Thrones offers the perfect couple costumes that everyone will recognise. This couple have nailed Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen

Cosmopolitan via Pinterest
Cosmopolitan via Pinterest

Marge and Homer Simpson will take time while you paint yourself yellow, but it is SO worth it!

Costume Works via Pinterest
Costume Works via Pinterest

Gorgeous Rochelle and Marvin Humes have nailed Aladdin and Jasmine.

Daily Mail via Pinterest
Daily Mail via Pinterest

If you’re running out of time before the party, this easy but effective idea looks great! via Pinterest via Pinterest

DIY couples can get crafty making this one. Pacman looks so effective and will get your friends talking!

Flavourwire via Pinterest
Flavourwire via Pinterest

Superheroes never go out of style!

Party Delights via Pinterest
Party Delights via Pinterest

Grab the Jonny to your Baby for this easy but iconic look!

POPSUGAR UK via Pinterest
POPSUGAR UK via Pinterest

The fab Flintstones are the classic couples costume.

PopSugar via Pinterest
PopSugar via Pinterest

Sweet and memorable, Mary Poppins is the perfect choice for Disney fans!

PopSugar via Pinterest
PopSugar via Pinterest

Jessie and Woody are another must for Disney lovers!


Shaggy and Scooby is such a sweet idea!


Sexy superheroes like Kim K and her beau.


Get your guests talking with Monsters Inc.’s Sully and Boo.


What will you and your partner be dressed as this Halloween? Share your couples Halloween costumes with us on social media!

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017

From the 5th to the 10th October, 51 designers unveiled their latest bridal collections with dazzling runway shows, catwalks and presentations at New York’s biggest annual bridal event, to which anyone who is anyone in the industry attends.

It’s safe to say the show did not disappoint, with the likes of Pronovias, Ines Di Santo, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Temperley London and Justin Alexander producing fabulous fall gowns that captured our attention and whet our appetite for a new year of the next big bridal trends.

Rachel Southwood, Editor-In-Chief, Wedding Ideas Magazine
“We are constantly amazed by the ability of bridal designers to re-invent the wheel. Every year they manage to come up with a new take on that iconic dress that would seemingly follow a few simple rules… Well, at this year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week, we saw embellishment like never before, but it wasn’t on the bodice, or through the skirt, but this time it’s the turn of the shoulders! Capped sleeves, short sleeves, embellished spaghetti straps. Illusion jackets, off-the-shoulder and full-on capes. The great big cover up has begun!”

2018 Atelier Pronovias Collection

Pronovias’ catwalk showcased dresses that play with silhouettes and innovative patterns – from mermaid and evasé cuts, to designs of physical volume.

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017

Justin Alexander

“Create two looks in one with this stunning silhouette by Justin Alexander. I love how the 3D cape flowers create such delicacy to contrast with the minimalism of the dress underneath!” Bethan Eccles, Editorial Designer

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017
Justin Alexander
Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017


Reem Acra

“I couldn’t take my eyes off of the the sheer layers and incredible embroidery of Reema Acra designs this year. The ‘golden girl’ look is stunning for autumn, for the bride who is a little more daring with colour. A sheer bottom skirt gives bridal shoes a little more of the limelight too!” Becci Clubb, Deputy Editor

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017

Ines Di Santo

This leading collection was all about the embellishment and the way the arms and body of the dresses work together. Cuff sleeves, off-the-shoulder, relaxed necklines highlight sophistication on a modern princess gown. Overly detailed bodices boast crystal vines and dainty floral applique.

Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017Favourite Looks: New York Bridal Week Dresses 2017

Loved-up & Luxurious: A Cotswolds Log Cabin On The Lake

Loved-up & Luxurious: A Cotswolds Log Cabin On The Lake

Wedding Ideas, Ben Iskander revisits the idyllic cotswolds retreat for Log Cabin Luxury with Log House Holidays.

Log House Holidays: Cotswolds Log Cabin On The Lake
Lake views

Visiting somewhere for a second time can be a risk; will it live up to your first experience? But when I returned to Log House Holidays, an idyllic nature reserve nestled away in the Cotswolds, those worries vanished. The eight luxury cabins situated within the 130-acre reserve, boast unspoilt lake views, a hot tub, a rowing boat and complete seclusion and privacy.

Log House Holidays: Cotswolds Log Cabin On The Lake
Log cabin interiors

If that’s not enough, Mayo Landing, the largest of the cabins, has it’s very own swimming pool heated to a lovely 30°C, and a log-red sauna.There are no check-in procedures or formalities – you really are made to feel at home from the get go. And when I say home, I mean the kind of home we all dream of! With antique furniture, roll top baths, deluxe power showers, plush king size beds, under floor heating and 360-degree views of the lake from every window…

Log House Holidays: Cotswolds Log Cabin On The Lake
Cosy feel lounge area

In the autumn and winter, the evening’s are a little too chilly to take advantage of the al fresco dining on offer, but you won’t go hungry. Close by, the Wild Duck Inn is waiting to welcome you for a delicious dinner!


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7 Ways To Make The Most Of Being Engaged

Don't let the excitement of being engaged fizzle out amid all the planning - here are seven things you can do to make the most of it!

7 Ways To Make The Most Of Being Engaged

Once you’ve told the story of how perfectly they proposed, don’t let the excitement of being engaged start to fizzle out!

No matter how long your to-do list or how tight your budget or how fed up you’re getting of these things they don’t tell you about getting engaged, now is absolutely the time to have fun. Yes, there’s a lot to do, but you can set a date that gives yourself plenty of time. Create a schedule to get things done by and you’ll be able to switch off, knowing that everything is accounted for, and then you can get down to the fabulous business of being engaged! Here are seven ways to make the most of it.

Don't let the excitement of being engaged fizzle out amid all the planning - here are seven things you can do to make the most of it!


Turn the planning into something to look forward to

It absolutely doesn’t have to be a chore and it won’t be if you approach wedding planning with an upbeat attitude. Make your planning nights something to look forward to. Chocolates and a bottle of fizz will make arranging your seating plan so much more agreeable. Got some crafting to do? Invite your mutual friends over, spread out the nibbles and get making! That upcycled, bang on trend gin bar won’t make itself, and many hands to make light, far more fun work…


Do it together

While he probably won’t be allowed to see you choose your dress, make memories together during other elements. Treat your menu tasting appointments as date nights; sample so many cakes that you feel sick; make each other laugh at your mutual lack of knowledge at the florists… just have fun with it!


Plan romantic getaways for just the two of you

Even with the most positive of outlooks, there will likely come a point when juggling planning, work, life and other commitments feels a touch too much. Now is the time to book a spontaneous romantic getaway for just the two of you. Plan it at lunchtime and you could be off that very evening – you could even make it a surprise. Once you reach your destination, dress up for dinner and drink Champagne even if you’re staying in – it’ll make it feel more special!


Book an engagement photoshoot

A couple’s photoshoot would feel frivolous any other time, but you’re engaged, so it’s totally allowed! Book it with your chosen wedding photographer if you can. It’ll be a great chance to get comfortable around them before the big day comes – try these 14 poses for starters. You’ll capture so many beautiful photographs together in a far less formal setting and without the pressure. You could even use them on your invitations afterwards!

The A-Z of A Happy Marriage

Introduce each other properly

Because you won’t actually be able to call each other your fiancé for all that long…


Throw an engagement party

Make it as glamorous as your hearts and purses allow. Whatever your party style, getting the people who love you the most together to celebrate your engagement will make it feel so much more real and so much more exciting! And it’s the chance to buy another pretty dress…


Remind each other of why you’re engaged

Whether it’s making their coffee in the morning, bringing home their favourite takeaway for a cosy night in, or something as simple as a kiss goodnight, remember to remind each other why you’re getting married in the first place. Thoughtful gestures go a long way but they’re easy to forget when life gets busy.


What have you done to make the most of being engaged?

Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

We track down the most indulgent UK spa hotels and experiences with help from the experts at The Good Spa Guide! You won’t want to miss these…

º = Spa Bubble rating system 



Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

Thermae Bath Spa is tucked away in a cobbled courtyard behind Bath’s high street. A mix of new architecture and restored historical buildings, the spa is visually stunning with soaring ceilings, glass encased walls and city views. The spa draws water from the thermal spring so the three pools – including a rooftop pool – are the highlight. If you’re visiting with a group (of up to 12), hire the Cross Bath which gives you exclusive access to your own thermal pool, changing rooms and refreshments. Best for: Private hen parties



Follow the well-heeled to Bulgari’s subterranean spa in Knightsbridge. There aren’t many spas in London that have a 25-metre pool, let alone one surrounded by cabanas draped in white muslin with service bells when it comes time to rouse yourself from your reverie. Other facilities are equally decadent, did we mention the gold-leaf hydro pool? Get glowing with Georgia Louise and Swiss Perfect facials or work out with WORKSHOP personal training in the gym. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments, entirely indulgent spa days


For a very special romantic break with your beloved, book into the quintessentially English Cliveden House Hotel. Rooms are elegant, the food is divine and the service exceptional. The lovely new spa hidden in a walled garden with tumbling roses has indoor and outdoor pools, two outdoor hot tubs, an infrared sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and a fitness studio. Romantics can stroll through the magnificent gardens hand-in-hand, or book a private Champagne boat trip along the river. Best for: Minimoons



Champneys Tring is a combination of glamorous stately home and holistic wellness retreat. Escape pre-wedding stress in the modernised spa with its swimming pool, hot tubs, peaceful relaxation rooms and gorgeous gardens. You can also get yourself dress-ready at the Detox and Wellbeing Centre with its stunning thalassotherapy
pool and wellness journeys, or by joining one of the many free fitness classes. The huge nail bar is the perfect venue for a pre-wedding polish. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments, brides and mums


This idyllic country manor hotel has 300 acres of grounds, a championship golf course, tennis courts and its own beach. The impressive multi-storey Sequoia Spa is set in a former stable block with a 22-metre indoor swimming pool tiled in black, and a 25-metre outdoor pool for summer. The female changing rooms have their own thermal area and some mesmerising art. Brides can book a Natura Bissé high performance facial for the big day, while there are also plenty of treatments for grooms. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments, brides and mums


If your idea of peaceful is soft, white minimalism, Agua at Sanderson might be your wonderland. The first-floor spa is a celestial retreat from the bustle of Oxford Street; think huge, billowing drapes, ornate silver mirrors and an almost reverently hushed atmosphere. The treatment menu is varied with facials from Nuxe, De Mamiel, Natura Bissé and
Eve Lom; you might even be able to snag a treatment with Eve herself. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments


Who can resist a lovely spa followed by afternoon tea? The splendour of the neo-Gothic Nut field Priory contrasts with the modern spa, which is a short walk from the hotel. Swim in the 13-metre pool, bubble in the Jacuzzi, or heat up in the sauna and steam room. There are two relaxation rooms and a pretty spa garden, too. The good value Celebration Spa Day includes two mini treatments and afternoon tea. Best for: Smaller hen dos, the bride and her mum, spa time


A little-known gem in Pimlico, the Moroccan-inspired spa at Dolphin Square is petite but offers a great exclusive-use option for a girly get together. You’ll leave London behind as soon as you step through the heavy entrance doors. There’s a hammam, rasul, steam room and tepidarium to raise your temperature before heading to the walled garden for Moorish treats. La Sultane de Saba treatments will leave you and your party feeling like royalty. Best for: Grown-up hens

South East


Set in 120 acres of gardens, woodland and Sussex parkland, the five-star Alexander House provides a perfect setting for a tranquil countryside spa break. Utopia Spa has a calming, Grecian-inspired interior, with a deep-blue swimming pool surrounded by temple- like pillars. Fittingly, treatments are from Mediterranean-inspired brand Temple Spa, with therapies on offer to soothe both your mind and body. Outdoors in the peaceful spa garden, relax in the hot tub. Book into a quirky Treetop Suite with your very own butler. Best for: Brides and mums, Grecian goddess hens


Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

The spa at Pennyhill Park is a star whatever the season, but a visit in the summer might transport you to sunnier climes. The large outdoor pool area feels like a modern European resort, surrounded by decking with a canvas-covered shaded area, lots of seating, and an outdoor bar that serves the pre- requisite bubbly. Inside, the elegant spa is jaw-droppingly vast with a 25-metre ballroom pool, 11 thermal rooms, a bubble pool and a plunge pool. Best for: Summer celebrations, minimoons


If your idea of a grown-up hen party involves pampering and relaxation in beautiful surroundings, head to this neo-Elizabethan manor house hotel and Champneys health spa retreat in Kent, the Garden of England. The spa has indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, steam room, experience shower, hydrotherapy pool and relaxation beds. You can also indulge in a spot of croquet on the landscaped lawns. The cottages are converted from original Victorian stables, which means you can book rooms away from the main hotel. Best for: Mellow hens


Bailiffscourt Hotel is a yellow-stone mock-Tudor manor house with romantic gardens and views. The spa is built in the style of a Sussex barn with huge windows; gaze out from the indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi to the heated outdoor pool and woodland gardens. Have a Temple Spa treatment, then cosy up in the lounge with its terrace overlooking the outdoor pool. You may catch a glimpse of the ostentation of peacocks in the impressive 30 acres of grounds. Best for: Minimoons, brides and their mums


Want to spend your minimoon relaxing in style? At Dormy House Hotel, cosy Cotswold stone meets clean Scandinavian design. It feels like your ‘home from home’ with some luxury thrown in. The modern spa has a 16-metre infinity pool, thermal experiences, a Champagne nail parlour and a fully- equipped gym. You can bask in the sunny outdoor hydrotherapy pool and have lunch in the stylish glass-walled spa lounge. Head to the Garden Room for Instagram-worthy afternoon teas and formal dinners. Best for: Minimoons

Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels


Lucknam Park is a honey-hued Palladian mansion set in a 500-acre Wiltshire estate. Black wrought iron gates automatically open as you travel up a long, tree-lined driveway. While the hotel is elegantly historic, the spa is absolutely modern. There are indoor and outdoor hydro pools, thermal rooms. Their Wellbeing House also offers yoga, Pilates, sunlight therapy and dry flotation. The 20-metre pool is bright, with a re wall coming into its own at night. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments, minimoons


This 19th-century manor house in mellow Cotswold stone feels very private and exclusive; just right for a romantic minimoon. The peaceful Aquarius Spa oozes charm. Drift in the large hydropool, heat up in the thermal experiences including a tepidarium, caldarium, steam grotto and sauna, or swim outside to the bubbly outdoor pool and watch the wildlife scamper about the pretty gardens. You can finish your day with the rather wonderful 12-course tasting menu in the dining room. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments, foodies.

South West


Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

If you’re looking for a sociable celebration, The Hideaway is a private spa suite in the large Aqua Sana Spa in Center Parcs Longleat Forest. The bright open-plan room has floor-to-ceiling windows with forest views. Outside, the private garden has a barrel sauna and shower. As part of the package you’ll have a spa butler to tend your whims, a breakfast, lunch or dinner sharing platter, a glass of bubbly, a mini treatment and access to the main spa facilities. Best for: Romantic getaways, minimoons


On the picturesque Cornish coastline, Carbis Bay Hotel is set against a hillside overlooking a golden, sandy Blue Flag beach. C-Bay Spa runs over two levels, each with views over the Atlantic Ocean. There’s an outdoor pool and hot tub, sauna, relaxation lounge and Beach Retreat, a private spa suite with two treatment beds and a hot tub just a step away from the sand. The resort even has its own yacht if you want to impress your husband or wife-to-be. Best for: Minimoons


Looking for something a little quirky? Cowley Manor in the rural Cotswolds may be your pick. The hotel is modern, colourful and stylish. The glass-fronted C-Side Spa is an inspired piece of modern design, sunk into the hill to one side of the hotel. The slate-lined indoor pool and outdoor heated pool are a real treat. Even better, you can tie the knot at the 12th-century Norman church in the grounds, and book all 30 rooms for your wedding party. Best for: Weddings, minimoons

East Anglia


Bedford Lodge is a Georgian hotel in the famous racing town of Newmarket. The spa in the grounds has a dramatic glass structure housing an impressive, light-filled hydrotherapy pool. There is also a glass-fronted sauna and steam room with hammam table, a rasul, an ice-fountain and a pretty decked roof terrace with a hot tub. The luxurious ESPA treatments on offer are blissfully relaxing, while the non-surgical cosmetics clinic is nicely discrete. Best for: Racing day hens, pre-wedding treatments


The historical Swan Hotel in the picturesque village of Lavenham makes for a perfect romantic minimoon. Tucked away in the garden is the small but perfectly formed Weavers’ House spa, a delightfully designed space to cosy up with your beloved. There’s a sauna, steam room, and outdoor vitality pool on a pretty terrace. Newlyweds will enjoy the ‘Swan Song for Two’ facial and massage together in the double treatment room. Best for: Minimoons, cosy couple romantic getaways


Lifehouse is a contemporary spa set in English Heritage-listed Thorpe Hall Gardens, close to the pretty Essex town of Frinton-on-Sea. The large and bright facilities include a dramatic pool area with huge twisted ropes decorating the walls. One of the things that makes Lifehouse special is the focus on wellbeing from resident specialists, including fitness, life coaching, nutrition, weight loss and holistic therapies. Book a retreat if you want to kick-start a lifestyle change and glow with health on the big day. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments, healthy hens



Once crammed with plants from the farthest corners of the empire, Eden Hall is now a bright and sociable day spa with indoor and outdoor facilities aplenty. Warm up in the thermal rooms, try the salt-water pool or watch the sunset from the outdoor hot tubs. Eden Hall is an accessible and well-priced spa; perfect if you want to order a glass of bubbly and giggle with your friends. Best for: Fun loving hens


Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

In a quiet corner of Center Parcs Sherwood Forest, the newly opened Forest Spa is a marvel with 25 spa experiences to explore. From the Scandinavian Snug to the Treetop Sauna. Take forest bathing quite literally with the outdoor hot tubs and hydro pool. The huge amount of facilities makes this spa a great space to spend time catching up with loved-ones. Best for: Bride and mum spa time


Moddershall Oaks is delightful spa hotel with two swimming pools, saunas and a steam room. De-stress in the cosy relaxation lounge with its open replace and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the gardens. Book a spa suite with hot tub for a minimoon, or you can even get married here. Say “I do” by the private lake in the grounds, or use the indoor wedding centre with its moveable walls that can take up to 130 guests. Best for: Weddings, minimoons

North East


Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

Wynyard Hall is a rather grand affair on the edge of a picturesque lake. Tear yourself away from the elegant interiors and head to the spa, which is in a converted boathouse. Unwind in the thermal suite or step outside to the spa terrace, which has two bubbly hot tubs overlooking the serene lake. Hire the spa for exclusive-use or book a cottage in the grounds with a private hot tub. Best for: Sophisticated hens, private hen parties


Rockliffe Hall is a traditional country house hotel with 375 acres of grounds. Less traditional is the modern spa with so many facilities a day will vanish with a flick of a well-pampered finger. The 20-metre pool has butlers’ service to the poolside loungers, while the thermal suite includes a tepidarium, caldarium, tropicarium and hydropool. If you really want to celebrate, book the Spa Garden with an outdoor hydropool with fabulous views. Best for: Indulgent hens


Spa with a view at Rudding Park’s rooftop spa and garden, a splendid new addition to the three-storey spa with an infinity edge hydropool and sun deck, as well as a sauna and steam room amid gardens designed by BBC horticulturist Matthew Wilson. Inside is a large swimming pool opening onto a courtyard, a juniper log sauna and rasul, and four mind and sense zones. Book into one of the Luxurious Lodges and you get your very own hot tub. Best for: Minimoons, horticultural hens


Set on the wild north-east coast, Seaham Hall is where the ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ poet Lord Byron married. The elegant hotel has quirks aplenty, including the fabulous underground walkway to the Serenity Spa: follow the running water until you reach a huge carved elephant. Enjoy holistic treatments and thermal facilities including a large, light ozone-treated pool and steamy outdoor hot tubs. Best for: Minimoons

North West


Good Spa Guide: 39 Best UK Spa Hotels

At the heart of the Lake District National Park, the Langdale Estate is as picturesque as the writings of Wordsworth. Book into a Lakeland cottage and explore the landscape on foot, until a massage wins over the next escarpment. The Brimstone Spa is all about bringing the outside in with wood, stone and slate decorating the spa. An outdoor hydropool and relaxation area complete this. For extra romance, book the private couples’ treatment room, The Bubble. Best for: Poetic minimoons


The QMS Skin Spa in Manchester is all about the treatments. The space-age white spa does have a petite sauna and relaxation room, but guests flock here for the results-focused treatments from award-winning QMS Medicosmetics. Tailored treatments will brighten, tighten or clear your skin depending on your complaint, no knives involved. Pair your treatment with cocktails on The Terrace or an afternoon of retail therapy in the Central Retail District. Best for: Pre-wedding treatments


If there is a window in your pre-wedding countdown, use it for some mother and daughter bonding at Rookery Hall. Head for the pool, steam room and sauna, and then treat yourself to a treatment or two. We loved the Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish. Book a side-by-side manicure in the nail salon where the floor-to-ceiling windows look over the lake. Best for: Brides and mums


In the rolling Ribble Valley, Stanley House is a boutique hotel where the atmosphere
is cosy and the welcome is warm. The well-designed spa is just across a courtyard from the hotel. Upstairs the relaxation room is stylish and comfortable, while the downstairs thermal area includes a hydrotherapy pool, steam room, sauna, salt steam room and tepidarium beds. All which come with beautiful countryside views. This spa will suit everyone from brides to doting aunts. Best for: Brides and mums


Armathwaite Hall


The views over Bassenthwaite Lake and Skiddaw Mountain from this luxurious modern spa are stunning. Relax with a lovely organic treatment, or get fit and fabulous for the big day. Dip into the warm outdoor hydro pool at twilight, order a glass of bubbly via an intercom and watch the stars come out. In the evening, eat at the AA Rosette Lake View restaurant. You can even get married at the hotel on the shores of the lake. Now who feels special? Best for: Minimoons, brides and mums

Scotland & Wales


Feeling a bit like a princess? You deserve a spa break in a castle. Stobo Castle is Scotland’s only destination spa; sleep on a four-poster in the historic crenelated castle, then pamper yourself in the bright modern spa extension. Enjoy the vast pool with a glass wall which overlooks the nearby hills or experience the outdoor hot tubs. If on a minimoon, take a romantic stroll through the Japanese water gardens. Best for: Minimoons, brides and mums


If you fancy making a dramatic entrance at your own wedding, try Cameron House on Loch Lomond. You can get married here and arrive by seaplane. You and your guests can also enjoy the ‘spa with a view’; relax in the caldarium and gaze at the Scottish hills. There is a 20-metre pool, Jacuzzi and a variety of heat and ice experience rooms. We lov the big, circular hydro pool with bubbles, swan-pipes, and the spectacular rooftop infinity pool. Best for: Dramatic weddings, glamorous hens


St Brides Spa Hotel is perched on a cliff top with spectacular views over Carmarthen Bay, which you can enjoy through floor-to-ceiling windows. Book a 90-minute thermal journey, then recline on warm mosaic loungers, gazing over the sea. The jewel in St Brides’ crown is the infinity hydropool. Bubble away in its warm waters while watching the beach below. Best for: Minimoons, brides and mums


Galgorm is an elegant country house just outside Belfast on the banks of the river Maine. Behind the traditional hotel, the modern spa has many indoor and outdoor facilities. The indoor spa has a 20-metre pool and thermal rooms. Step outside to the Thermal Village to hot tubs, an open fire pit, relaxation space and a Celtic sauna. Hire the private spa suite, The Boudoir, for a dash of exclusivity. Best for: Glamorous hens

Love this? You’ll love devon-bound Boringdon Hall…Step from 16th Century grand manor house into the ultimate country cornered contemporary spa at the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation.

Where will you enjoy your perfect UK spa pampering session?

Hurley House : London Boutique Hotel Renovated With Cosy Country Trimmings

Hurley House : London Boutique Hotel Renovated With Cosy Country Trimmings

London boutique hotel and food fanatic’s dream, Hurley House in Henley-on-Thames is popular with city folk in pursuit of the perfect getaway, within an easy 45-minute journey from central London.

Hurley House : London Boutique Hotel
Hurley House hotel entrance

Comfortably catering for up to 300 guests, Hurley’s pristine and private garden, adjoining al fresco dining terrace and luxe log cabin outdoor kitchen make private party entertaining in the summertime here utterly unique.

Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur, or are yet to become acquainted with the culinary artistry of a Michelin-starred chef, a divine dinner menu served on your doorstep will sway your heart and your stomach! Expect aromatic dishes of Aylesbury Duck, Oakchurch Cherries, Cippolini Onions and Rainbow Chard followed by Baked Wigmore Cheesecake, Lemon Sponge and Maple Oats, served with Yoghurt Ice Cream.

Hurley House : London Boutique Hotel
Hurley House bar and restaurant

The flourishing, picturesque fields that hug the grounds of Hurley House will tick all of your boxes (views best enjoyed from your roll top tub!) and offer instant gratification for any cosmopolitan couple in need of a rural retreat. And while Hurley’s exquisitely furnished bedrooms are firmly anchored in the 21st century, the building’s heritage and authentic country style radiate throughout. Guest rooms embody signature Swedish minimalism to complement cosy cottage trimmings, a wonderful design choice that makes bedtime a total joy! Hurley House is far from being just another renovated pub… this one’s worth writing home about.

Hurley House : London Boutique Hotel
Hurley House boutique guest room


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Essential Wedding Planning Jobs To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged!

Essential Wedding Planning Jobs To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged!

“When it came to planning my own big day, I decided to put together checklists, a wall planner and budget planner so that I knew what needed to be done, when and the costs involved. I married my wonderful husband 5 years ago, and to this day I still have people saying how perfect it was. I honestly believe I couldn’t have made it that way without being as organised as I was.” Emma Wright, Organised Tubes

‘When I started the company The Organised Tubes, it was important that I created a compact organisation capsule, that would provide newly engaged couples with all the essential advice and checklists they would need in one place!”

Essential Wedding Planning Jobs To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged!

5 Essential Stages Of Wedding Planning

  1. Bridal Party

As soon as you get engaged it’s time to get your bridal party together. The sooner you do this the easier planning will be. Choose your maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man and ushers. You can then start to delegate small tasks so that you aren’t doing everything yourself.

  1. Venue

    It’s important to think about the theme/style of your wedding simultaneously with the type of venue you’d like. Make sure you explore all of your local venues or your chosen area. If you wish to go abroad, get in touch with wedding planners in that country. If you already have a date in mind, make sure you check that date is available before going to view it, to avoid disappointment.

  2. Photographer

    Booking your photographer should be on your priority list right after your venue. Once your wedding date is secured with your venue, make sure your desired photographer is available on this date as soon as possible. A good wedding photographer will usually be booked up a year in advance.

  3. Planning

Planning your wedding effectively is the most crucial part of a bride-to-be’s to do list. We The Organised Tubes offers a complete wedding checklist from start to finish with tick boxes to tick off as you go (So satisfying!) Keeping track of what to do and when is so important and can help in avoiding any forgetful moments. Organised Tubes also include a budget planner so you can keep track of how much you have allocated for everything and what you have already spent.

Essential Wedding Planning Jobs To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged!

  1. Dress

This is the biggy!! This is the best part of planning a wedding, choosing your dress or dresses (if you plan on having two or three!). Make sure your dress reflects your personality and your wedding theme in small ways. Make several appointments in one day, so you can compare on the same day. Ensure you have the most trusted members of your bridal party with you to help with this big decision!

How to write the perfect wedding card message

Whether you want to send off the happy couple with a formal wedding message, or something funny like, “better you than me!”, Personal Creations share their quick and easy step-by-step guide for how to personalise your wedding card message for every type of couple!

 How To Write The Perfect Wedding Card Message

How to Craft Your Message

Wedding cards are meant to wish the couple well in their new journey. If you are attending the wedding, it is also a good time to thank them for including you in their big day. The card should be addressed to both partners. Whether you choose to write their individual names or “Mr. and Mrs. Jones” depends on your preference.

Follow these steps to craft a thoughtful wedding card message:

Step 1: congratulate

First thing’s first, congratulate the couple on their new union! This can be simple or elaborate.
  • Congratulations, you two
  • So excited for you! I’ve been waiting for this moment since you two started dating.

Step 2: wish them well

Send positive messages for their future. If you’ve been married for awhile, it’s also nice to include words of encouragement or wisdom.
      • May your life together be filled with precious moments.
      • You two are perfect for each other. I look forward to watching you continue to grow as a couple.

Check out these fun wedding wishes advice cards to pop on your wedding tables!

How To Write The Perfect Wedding Card Message

Step 3: share a memory

If you’re invited to the wedding, it’s because you’re special to the bride and groom. You’ve probably seen them grow both as individuals and as a couple. Share those moments they may have forgotten about.
  • I remember when you first met! We knew it was a match made in heaven.
  • Remember when you used to talk about meeting your prince charming? Now you’ve found him!

Step 4: thank them

Show your gratitude for being part of their special day.
  • Thank you for inviting us be part of this joyous day.
  • I’m so glad I got to witness you two tie the knot!

Step 5: sign off

End with warm wishes and a signature. Before you close, you can also reiterate your congratulations.
  • Best wishes today and always
  • Best of luck!
  • Have a great honeymoon

How To Write The Perfect Wedding Card Message

Don’t Forget…


Get TOO personal

Be genuine, but don’t write anything you wouldn’t want other to see

Write An Entire Story

Keep it short and sweet, since the happy couple likely have alot of cards to read!

Make Spelling Errors

Make sure to spell check your message and get both names correct


The Must-have wedding gift you WON’T have thought of

The must-have wedding gift you won't have thought of!

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How To Be The Maid Of Honour Every Bride Dreams of!

How To Be The Maid Of Honour Every Bride Dreams of!

Newsflash! When someone asks you to be their maid Of honour (MOH), they’re not really asking at all. Everybody knows: what the bride wants, she gets – and she wants you. Whether or not you are delighted, overwhelmed or terrified, there is no getting out of this one, MOH – you are in it for the long run.

Be the best maid of honour EVER by smashing the ultimate MOH duties list created by guest writer and real MOH, Stephanie Cvetkovic from Expert Home Tips

Maid Of Honour Guide



Shadow the bride

You will soon find out that, as MOH, you are expected to do all the things the bride does, without actually getting to be the bride.

Venue viewings, wedding dress shopping and cake tasting (this one isn’t actually too bad) – all of these occasions you are expected to be available for.

Prepare to take the odd day off

Yes really – spend Saturday nights in making wedding invites, and do it all with a smile as wide as your cheeks will stretch. As MOH, you need to be wherever the bride needs you to be whenever she needs you to be there – let’s just hope you’ve still got some holiday time to use up.

Maid Of Honour Guide
Hen do planning

Plan the mother of ALL hen dos

Even the most unexperienced maid of honour knows about the hen do.
Far from the themed straws, pink tutus and naked butlers you’re used to seeing in chick flicks, one hen do does definitely not fit all – just ask the bride. Each bride is unique, and her hen do should be too. The easiest way to stay on track when it comes to planning an amazing hen do is to stick to your guns – don’t get too caught up everyone else’s ideas initially.

Always remember – the bride chose you because she thinks you know her. Consider what she likes, loves and loathes, and create a day, weekend or short break focussed around such things. If you’re feeling overwhelmed – and who can really blame you – remember the Bride To Be is going to be surrounded by her favourite people. This alone guarantees a pretty good time, whether you’re sat watching Bridesmaid’s in a country cottage or dancing the night away at Coachella.

Give honest advice on even the smallest decision

No doubt you and the bride to be are used to talking a lot – expect communication to at least triple once you’re her MOH.

Pinterest – or bridal spam, as I like to call it – will Those notifications come in thick and fast, so prepare to be on standby to “ooh,” “aah,” and give opinions 24/7.
Most importantly? Make them honest. One of the reasons the bride has selected you and you as MOH is because she thinks she can trust you – prove her right by ensuring she doesn’t end up walking down the aisle in the poufy pink Princess dress she thinks she’s fallen in love with on Pinterest.

Maid Of Honour Guide
Wedding dress shopping

Help find the dream dress

Let’s face it, decisions don’t come bigger than the wedding dress. As the most important dress they’ll ever wear, getting it right is a big deal. While some brides end up in the kind of dress they’ve always dreamed of, for others, wedding dress shopping is more of a ‘journey’ – a journey which the maid of honour must travel with them.

The maid of honours role with regards to ‘finding the one’ varies from bride to bride. In general, though, it’s offering honest advice, whilst simultaneously always agreeing with the bride. You will understandably want your best friend to look her most beautiful on her big day, however, she must also feel her most beautiful. We all have our own ideas of what makes the perfect wedding dress. Don’t try and push your vision onto the bride with too many suggestions or strong opinions.

Provide emotional support

If you’ve been a bride, or know someone that’s been a bride, you’ll know that weddings change people. From the moment the bride gets over the size – or lack of – of her ring, it’s all go. Church or converted barn? Ivory or white? To invite or not to invite the cousins – throw the family and all their opinions into the mix and it all starts to get a little much.
The bride may struggle to hold it all together, and when she does, the maid of honour and her 24/7 emotional support helpline are vital. However silly or insignificant the problem in question may seem to your sane self, be equipped to wipe tears, reassure, and occasionally join in on a marathon moaning session about the unreasonableness of family. She’ll love you for it, promise.

The wedding day itself might be beautiful, but the planning process can be far from it. Differences of opinion from various family members, uncooperative venders and bolshy bridesmaids can make things far from harmonious.

Your role as MOH is to help make things as easy as possible for the bride to be, and sometimes that means getting involved when you’d rather not. If you can see something is really bothering her, it might be worth stepping in and having a word with the offender in question to help calm the waters.

Be excitable & get involved

Perhaps the most important quality of a maid of honour – embrace it! Who knows when you might get the chance to be a bride’s second lady again?

A great MOH is excitable, enthusiastic, and gets involved at every opportunity. She sends pictures of potential bridesmaid dresses as well as receiving them, hypes up the Hens, and, essentially, slaps a smile on her face even when the bride goes totally bridezilla – yes, it really does (and will) happen.

Are you becoming a bridezilla? Take the test to find out!

Maid Of Honour Guide

Roles on the the big day

You Maid it! Your role as MOH is by no means over however – in fact, it’s really only just begun. Continue your maid of honour prowess by doing the following on the day…

Step in as wedding planner extraordinaire

Unless your bride has forked out on a wedding planner, making sure the day runs smoothly is sort of now your role too.

Although officially a guest, as we know, the MOH is so much more than that. You should be on the ball every second of the day to make sure everything is perfect and painless for the bride and groom. This involves everything from pestering the caterers for more canapés to taking control of any bridal make up emergencies!

Don’t be intimidated – most things on the big day should run smoothly enough, especially with your eagle eye.

Be with her every step of the way

On the big day itself, the maid of honour’s role basically revolves around stalking the hell out of the bride.

Until late into the evening reception – when you can finally let your hair down – wherever she goes, you go. Your job is to make sure she looks perfect, acting as a ‘shelf’ and being her personal assistant whenever required. Arranging the veil and train, holding her champagne and of course, accompanying her to the toilet and holding her dress are all MOH duties on the big day.

Just take care not to become clingy. The trick is to be there, without really being there – it’s her big day after all.

Play the part

Finally, time for some recognition! Being maid of honour is a pretty big deal, and you can show off a little by embracing your role as MOH fully.

Be confident and a key face of the day by welcome guest with smiles and introductions, encouraging people onto the dancefloor and generally being a socialite from day to night.

If you’re feeling really brave, you may consider a dance with the best man during the first-dance sequence, or perhaps even a maid of honour speech – just be sure to speak to bride first.

10 Things That Change When You’re Married

Whether you're about to or have got married, what is it about married life that is different? Here are 10 little things that change once you've said 'I do'…

You might be just about to get married, or just married, but what is it about married life that’s different? Here are 10 little things that change once you’ve said ‘I do’…


Your surname

The most obvious one, but a big one. If you’re going with tradition and taking on your husband’s name, or even going for the double-barrelled surname, it’s undoubtedly going to be a bit of a shock to the system.

Even after changing your names on your passport, all your bank cards, and trying out a few signatures, you’ll still find yourself reverting back to the name you were brought up with. Oh, and you’ll definitely still get post through the door with your old name – including post from your own mother.


things-that-change-LOLAROSEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Jacquie + Matt-585


Your name

Okay, so we don’t mean your first name is changing (unless you really want to). We’re talking all those phrases like ‘husband’, ‘wife’, ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’! And let us tell you, the first time it’s said to you once you’ve said those precious words of ‘I do’, it comes as a bit of surprise… a nice surprise. If being introduced as Mr and Mrs as you walk into your wedding reception room doesn’t bring on the realisation that you’re officially married, we’re not sure what will.

Your sex life

Fear not! This doesn’t change for the worse. In fact, if it even changes at all, it’s only going to be better. Marriage knocks down any self-conscious or lacking-in-confidence barriers because it makes you realise how much he or she loves you just the way you are, meaning you can love yourself for who you are too (finally for some!).

Once you’re married, you’ll be more attracted to each other than ever – seriously! And do you know what that means? A saucy sex life! You’ll have no qualms about trying new things, and be unphased if it doesn’t go to plan.

Want a wedding night you’ll never forget? Here are eight ways to guarantee a great one.


Whether you're about to or have got married, what is it about married life that is different? Here are 10 little things that change once you've said 'I do'…
Evoke Pictures Bristol Wedding Photographers


Your commitment

Once you’ve said ‘I do’, you’ll discover a new sense of commitment. Before marriage, ‘commitment’ was all about being faithful to each other, and if that failed, it would be a deal breaker. But once you’re married, staying faithful is kind of like a no-brainer – you know you want to be together for the rest of your life, and marriage makes that official.

So then, commitment turns into something new: commitment turns into a loyalty. You trust each other so much so that neither of you even have to think about the fact he’s going on a huge night out with the boys, or going on a work trip with only women in his office. You’re always there for each other, no matter what.

Your priorities

This goes the same for your priorities; your loyalty to your partner goes beyond even yourself. You’ll find yourself putting them before you, and them doing the same for you. From little things like ringing you in the middle of a day packed full of important meetings because you’re upset, to caring for you when you’re sick, to you pushing for their dreams and hopes even if it means you have to compromise on your own.

Why? Because their dreams are your dreams, and your dreams are theirs – they become shared. With married life, there comes lots of compromises! All in the name of making each other happy, eh.

While we’re talking about dreams, how about creating a marriage bucket list like this for when the honeymoon period wears off? caroline_geraint_414



Your money

If you’re already married, or if you’re about to, you’ll find that you start spending money differently than ever before. Even in the months leading up to the wedding, the budget is a serious part of planning because you’ve got to be sensible. You can’t splash it all on one day when you’ve got the rest of your lives together to consider! Most couples opt for the shared bank account, which means no more lunch breaks or weekends in town splashing your cash on new clothes and shoes. Uh oh.

Your secrets

Secrets? What secrets? Once you’ve got hitched, the word ‘secrets’ isn’t even a word in your dictionary anymore. All your darkest and baddest habits have been revealed – your tendency to sneak in a spoonful (or four) of peanut butter when you think no one’s looking, his compulsion to pick his toenails and eat them (okay, gross – sorry!).

Sometimes, those shameful university tales of yours just kind of slip out without you meaning to… oops. And you can’t help but shed the light on embarrassing stories from when you were younger, in case, god forbid, someone else tells him before you. Better out than in, we suppose?


Whether you're about to or have got married, what is it about married life that is different? Here are 10 little things that change once you've said 'I do'…


Your texts

Back in the day, texting used to be such a drama. You’d have your friends around you, and your phone would ping: “Oh my god, he just said this. What should I say back? How long should I wait to reply? Do I play it cool?”.

But now? It’s easy. Your texts are to-the-point. “What shall we do tonight?” is a simple question that will get you an answer. There will be no sign of a winky face emoji to throw you off track, when all you wanted to know was what you’re having for dinner.

Your free time

At the beginning of your relationship, you probably spent a lot of your time thinking up fun things to do in the evenings and weekends, whether it was with them or not. If it wasn’t, you’d easily find some friends or family members to sort out something with. Things wouldn’t happen unless you organised it.

Once you’re married – and many of your friends are, too – it just becomes the norm that you will be hanging out with each other after work, or will be hanging out at the weekend, unless otherwise said. Note: ‘hanging out’ can, most definitely, mean doing absolutely nothing at all – but you are both more than happy with that fact.

Your sense of time

It’s funny because if you think about it, seven years in a relationship seems very different to seven years of marriage, doesn’t it? It seems longer. It’s kind of similar to the ‘what’s heavier – a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers’ question in this way. Why do you think it seems longer?

We think it’s because those first seven years are when you’re getting to know each other – when you’re figuring out whether or not they’re the one you want to get married to. For the latter seven years, the decision has been made. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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What do you think will be the things that change once you’re married?

7 Signs He’s About To Propose To You…

7 Signs He’s About To Propose To You…

Chances are if you’re looking at this website you’re hoping your partner is about to propose. If you’re starting to wonder if he’s ever going to put a ring on it, here are a few of the subtle signs to look out for!

7 signs he's about to propose...

Talking point

First all of, when you bring up the subject of marriage and the future, he either changes the subject or his eyes glaze over. But not this time! In fact, nowadays he actually turns off the Playstation to talk in more depth about it and what you like…

Saving £££s

He’s suddenly got all enthusiastic about saving money, when he’s never really taken an interest in budgets and spreadsheets.


Missing jewellery

Your favourite rings seem to have gone missing for a few days, but then mysteriously reappear in the same place. Suspicious? We think so.

BFFs with your dad

All of a sudden he has become best friends with your dad – golf weekends and pints at the local become a regular occurrence.


Out of character

Does your partner seem quiet nervous or shifty lately? Time to get a manicure, ladies. He’s starting to get nervous about dropping down to one knee.

Jewellery expert

He becomes interested in your jewellery collection and asks about your favourite ring. This could look a little too obvious…

7 Signs He's About To Propose To You…

Exciting phone calls

Your mum / best friends / family get super excited every time you call, only to be disappointed when you’re calling for a chit-chat…

When he does pop the question you’ll want the beginner’s guide to get you going with wedding planning!

Is This The Most Lavish Honeymoon Suite?!

Is This The Most Lavish Honeymoon Suite In The UK?!

Head to The Gore hotel for grand glamour, unrivalled luxury, opulent interiors and a honeymoon suite fit for royalty!

Is This The Most Lavish Honeymoon Suite?!


The Location

Surprisingly few hotels are able to capture London’s timelessness as brilliantly as The Gore. You’ll fall in love with the elegant 50 bedroomed property the moment you hit the tree-lined street and walk up a set of polished marble steps. Inside, if it feels like you’ve stepped into a preserved time capsule (the plush sweeping staircase and many portraits of important ladies including Queen Victoria give it away). If walls could speak, they’d tell you how the house was a once upon-a-time the hip hangout for Victorian scenester’s including Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Anderson. Nowadays, the hotel’s three-minute walk from the Royal Albert Hall, means brides and groom can breakfast alongside touring performing artists and those picking up BAFTAs.

The Gore Hotel Suite

Suite Dreams

You’re greeted with champagne and large, fluffy homemade macaroons – a sure-fired winner for kicking off a romantic weekend. The Miss Ada Suite, has a large dark wood Victorian four-poster bed adorned with high pillows and brocades. A flat-screen free view TV, antique wardrobe and dresser, soft beige-gold carpet and gilt mirrors also take pride of place. It’s gothic yet romantic – And that’s not the only regal touch. A splendid marble bathtub and a powerful industrial looking rain shower keep company with a high-backed, antique oak throne toilet. Gorgeous and dainty Penhaligon’s beauty products in the bathroom make irresistible take-home presents. If you have the budget, book the stained-glass windowed Tudor Suite where The Rolling Stones once stayed. Judy Garland, who was also a guest, has a suite named after and which houses a double sink and oil paintings.

The Gore Hotel Bistro

Eat & Drink

After quirky cocktails at the bar, head to the eclectic 190 Queen’s Gate by Daniel Galmiche, which features a large Murano chandelier and delicious menus where spring lamb with aubergine puree and monkfish with mussels are cooked to perfection and vie for centre-stage. A special shout out goes to the rhubarb and sorrel sorbets – you’ll be massively blown away! Breakfast is all about refined, quality dining with individual dessert-like cups filled with fresh fruit, porridge made to order and fresh baked cakes on the continental buffet.

To do

Francesca and EJ from the guest services make a welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable team, sheltering guests with umbrellas, providing maps and assisting with dinner reservations and extra plump pillows. It’s the perfect place to stay in London: The Natural History Museum and V&A are a five minute walk away, as is The Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Palace and Hyde Park. South Kensington tube station is an eight minute stroll, and from there you can head to Westminster for The London Eye and of course, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. The library is filled with antique books and papers and is a great place for after dinner drinks or the famed Pink Floyd Afternoon Tea.  If not to stay for the luxury, go just to look at the iconic portrait of The Rolling Stones!

The Gore Hotel Library

Can you marry here?

The hotel is licensed for civil ceremonies and can host intimate receptions for up to 57 guests (sit down wedding breakfasts) and 150 guests at a cocktail reception. The library is a beautiful setting for up to 24 guests.


The Gore Hotel, London

190 Queen’s Gate, London SW7 5EX , 020 7584 6601