Just Engaged

CONGRATULATIONS! Everyone here at Wedding Ideas is so excited for you as you embark on the most exciting and amazing journey of your life.

Make sure you keep perspective – this is just one day of your life (albeit one of the most important!) and is a giant celebration of your love for each other, and celebrations are supposed to be fun!

Relax and enjoy the experience and remember that we will be there for you, every step of the way.

Simply choose from our ‘Just Engaged’ posts below to start planning your wedding like a pro

Proposal Ideas – Get those immortal words right and pop the...

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The marriage proposal – 10 golden rules

If you're thinking about a marriage proposal, there are many pit holes you should try to avoid when planning to utter those 4 special...

Using social media to help plan your wedding

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A leap year proposal celebrated with bubbly and a Chinese

It was February the 29th - the day that only happens every four years, so we were already expecting something a bit magical -...

A marriage proposal to make your heart melt, and toes curl!

Marriage proposals have been on all of our minds lately with this being a leap year and all. If you have been hiding on...

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