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5 histories of the wedding band!

In celebration of National Proposal Day today, we thought it fitting to take you back to the the very origin of the Wedding band to...

How to be the Perfect Bride and Groom!

When planning your dream day, one often stops and asks themselves what actually makes the perfect bride and the perfect groom? Weddings tend to unveil...

Fifth annual Bluebird wedding showcase (16th March) offers shear inspiration and...

Bluebird's reputable restaurant set in the heart of chelsea explains why for the fifth year running their wedding showcase event is second to none....

Most Curious, London – when a wedding fair gets “Cool”

Billed as 'the nation's coolest wedding fair' - MOST CURIOUS has launched it's dates for the Spring 2016, and I am delighted to tell...

10 suit rules every groom should know

Although you have to look super gorgeous on your big day, it's not all about the bride, and the groom needs to look tip-top...

7 things he shouldn’t say when you’re in bridezilla-mode

We've all heard the phrase 'bridezilla', and even though you're sure you won't EVER get like that with your wedding planning, it can hit you when...

8 things the groom CANNOT forget on his wedding day

Grooms: it's not all about getting up, putting on your clothes and getting a lift to the ceremony venue, although that does help too.... Rachael Jordan wedding-339

9 silly arguments that every newly engaged couple has

When you get engaged, you start to pick up on the littler things more and more; your partner's nose twitch when they are confused,...
before-he-proposes-LOLAROSEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Jacquie + Matt-586

6 things every man will consider before proposing

Popping the question is a huge moment for any couple, and most of the time, it's down to the proposer to get it just... Hollie & Matt-240

How to choose a watch for your groom

When the big day arrives, you want it to be as memorable for your groom as it is for you. There are lots of... James and Amanda's Wedding (274)

4 thoughts he had before popping the question

Whether you've just started to look at venues, are half-way through cake-tasting sessions, or just putting the final touches to your centrepieces, it's fair...

The IDEAL stag do for rugby-loving grooms

Do you have a stag do coming up, but don't fancy missing out on any Rugby World Cup matches? Well, The Stag Company have...

5 suit colours it’s okay for grooms to wear all year...

In an ideal world, all men have access to a large walk-in wardrobe that includes a huge range of impeccably tailored suits. Oh, and...
youngs-hire-mark-wright-Dinner Suit 1

Essex boy, Mark Wright triggers MAJOR groomswear trend

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two months, you'll have definitely heard or seen something about the wedding of the... Hollie&Paul-402

8 little things the groom doesn’t want to hear

Planning a wedding and all that comes with it isn't just tough on the bride, you know. We've put together those things that the... 2013TRP_Neal&Wendy_highres158

6 stages of the groom before the big day

Once again, we travel inside the mind of men to give you an insight and for your groom to relate to, from the moment... Sophie & Max Colour-319

More than half of grooms ‘play no part’ in wedding planning!

A new study from the UK's leading money-saving brand has revealed that 51% of grooms play no part in wedding planning, even though 1... this-modern-love-Vic-Rich102

What your bride wants to hear in your groom’s speech

You popped the question, the date is now set, the venue booked, invitations are being printed, the stag weekend is in hand. Just that... culzean_castle_wedding_clairepennphotography_062

Grooms are more helpful with wedding planning than ever!

More grooms-to-be are taking on wedding planning tasks than ever before, according to new statistics from wedding venue specialists, AmaZing Venues. From ordering the cake... 2013TRP_Carter_Wedding310

Keeping your groom involved with wedding planning

Society has lead us to believe that a groom's only involvement in a wedding is to have a raucous stag party, show up to...

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