14 super stylish drinks bar ideas you’ll want for your spring/summer wedding!

There is no better or more traditional way to toast a happy couple into the day than with a cork top bottle of bubbly! But our whole hearted love for the concept of the cocktail has seen us make the most of seasonality and fresh grown ingredients,fruits,herbs,flavours and infusions to create a whole new meaning to the possibilities of a drinks bar for your wedding.



Make it all about the mixology for the most sophisticated seasonal twist to your spring/summer wedding bringing a fresh concept trend of a ‘mixology’ bar experience to kick of the festivities for your guests that will allow you to put a totally unique touch on the drinks that you serve and really make your mark on the theme of your day. Find out just why we forecast the focus for flavouring your big day with a liquid taste sensation of choices to try that will never leave your guests empty handed!

Dressed Drinks


Dress up your drink whether it be champagne or prosecco, garnish with seasonal sliced fruits and berries or single springs of fragrant herbs like rosemary,sage and lavender to add a touch of robust elegance and colour (possibly to complement your theme!) to tempt your guests with something different.

Something Blue

If you’re wanting something both refreshing and unconventionally traditionally for your ‘something blue’ to form from we love the idea of a cooling blueberry syrup and fruit infused mojito to shower your day of celebrations! via (Brit + Co)

His & hers or Mr & Mrs


DIY your own His & Hers cocktails using each of your favourite flavours and ingredients! Break the mould by concocting something totally new for your guests to LOVE,remember your day by and all inspired by both your personalities and tastes! – (I wonder if your guests will be able to guess who created which cocktail!)

The white Wedding

How about something in keeping with the tradition of the special occasion with a ‘white’ St Germain cocktail made with lime, white cranberry juice and vodka! via (style me pretty)

Botanical Exotic theme


Experiment with tropical fruits! – Grapefruit, guava and Watermelon are all refreshing flavour choices for the perfect exotic summer cocktail either outdoors or on the beach add the fresh pulp and juices to blitzed strawberries as a base with a shot of vodka. Add an earthy or citrus twist with an infusion of basil leaves, lime or ginger.

Champagne cocktails


Enjoy the best of both worlds for your special day! – Whilst a classic glass of champagne is a sure crowd pleaser and tradition, we also love the idea of using champagne as the star of a refreshing and contemporary champagne cocktail where your flavour preferences can be used to create a signature drink for your guests as a reception welcome or to toast the newly weds! Or if you want to make more a fun feature out of this idea get creative with your own DIY Pick and Mix ‘bubbly bar’ where your guests can make their own champagne cocktails form a choice of sparkling wine,bubbly and prosecco, fresh fruit pulps and juices and a choice of infusions or garnishes! Get everybody involved in the art of mixology, make it a fun event for the day and maybe even hold the best cocktail competition to be judged by the Bride & Groom!

Monochrome moments

For a drink that is both traditional and chic ( and very James Bond!) Serve a sophisticated gin cocktail and garnish with shiny black olives on a cocktail stick if you are sporting an classy black and white theme! Your guests will love the thought you put into it! via (Merriment events)

Bathtub/Boat favours



For a more relaxed rustic approach to the term ‘bar’ but with maximum creativity and impact for your wedding reception and festivities, we love the on trend look of filling crates, tin baths and even a small wooden boat with your favourite bottled individual drinks buried in ice for your guests to dip into when they please. Plus this way you can get your family and friends to contribute to make this a fun feature for everybody!

Edible Flowers

The addition of bright edible petals to colourless cocktails and drinks are a fun and pretty way to liven up your goblets and glasses, where you can accent your themes and wedding palette too if opting for colourless drinks! After all.. we all love a colourful wedding and often subtle hints of your colours carried throughout is a gorgeous understated way to keep cohesion and consistency with your big day look!

Shots with courses


If a tasting style menu or posh buffet is on the cards for your big day for a variety of taste sensations for your guests to try, with each taster serve a accompanying cocktail shot to help get the celebrations going and add a real element of interest and focus for your guests to participate in, particularly if you are a foodie couple! Your guests will love the fun element of tasting each beautiful miniature masterpiece.

Water and Mocktail Stations



For the non drinkers of the party and/or if you are expecting children at your big day reception, create a non alcoholic water station with homemade lemon or raspberry lemonade, fresh fruity water infusions of your choice and a sweet and refreshing ice tea! -De-light-ful! Make sure you have lots of jam jars and vibrantly coloured straws for a rustic chic way to serve them just as beautifully so everyone can help themselves.


Barrel and festival keg bars


For the beer and cider drinkers in the group or to satisfy preference to the classic flute glass drinks, why not feature a fabulous festival-feel keg bar of your favourites real ales, ciders and lagers. Perfect for a summer outdoor wedding!

Boozy milkshake cocktail

For the sweet tooth kind combine the nostalgic childhood love for milkshake (which you can freshly prepare with fruit puree or grated chocolate and serve as it comes to the children present) with a shot of Rum and fresh mint into a chocolate milk, for a fun but slightly more grown up Milkshake cocktail. Alternatively serve these as milkshake shots…made a little stronger!

Fruity Cocktail Float

Similarly to a milkshake cocktail but made even more gluttonous and indulgent with fresh whipped cream and an array of fruity toppings dependent on what you like or your theme,colour etc. These make a delicious and substantial sundae style treat, perfect to compliment a vintage diner themed day!

How to make your own DIY photobooth

How to make a DIY photobooth in four simple steps for a fun-filled, snap happy wedding that all your guests will remember!

Wedding photobooths are still soaring in popularity as couples embrace a fun-filled day with all of their guests – and why not?

But with the average price tag of photobooth hire setting you back by hundreds, these amusing additions can tip you over budget. The answer? To make a DIY photobooth instead!

It’s easier than you think, requires no technical skills and can make your budget go much further (maybe that dream pair of Jimmy Choos won’t have to be a dream anymore…), so here’s how to do it in four simple steps!

How to make a DIY photobooth in four simple steps for a fun-filled, snap happy wedding that all your guests will remember!

Step One: Source the frame

While a traditional photobooth will come complete with a backdrop or physical booth to get into, you’re going to need to be a little bit more creative.

Why not spend a weekend scouring antiques shops for a pretty, oversized frame that you could prop up or hang? This can become your DIY photobooth, with guests hopping into the frame for their funny snaps.

How to make a DIY photobooth in four simple steps for a fun-filled, snap happy wedding that all your guests will remember!

Step Two: Choose a camera

Hired in photobooths are either automatic or come with an attendant (often your photographer) so the guests don’t need to actually take the photo themselves. You can still have this for your day though if you choose carefully. Why not use a digital camera placed in position on a tripod that has a timer function, for example? This way, guests can press the button themselves without any attendant required and still get into the picture in time.

Polaroid cameras are also a really popular option because you can have the prints instantly, just like you can from a regular photobooth. Don’t forget to position your DIY photobooth near to your guestbook so that guests can stick their snaps in and leave a message. This pretty much guarantees a guestbook that is personal, memorable and will make you laugh out loud each time you open it.

How to make a DIY photobooth in four simple steps for a fun-filled, snap happy wedding that all your guests will remember!

Step Three: Pick your props

Let’s be honest, the fun of photobooths is that they bring out the inner child in us, whatever your age. And when you throw alcohol into the mix? Things just get funnier!

That’s why no photobooth, homemade or otherwise, would be complete without the right props. Start things off with a film director’s clapboard, then add some funny items to dress up and pose with! You could make them colour coordinated with this pastel set of photobooth props, go colourful with this quirky arrangement of ties and bowties or opt for the traditional masks, moustaches, top hats and oversized glasses kit

How to make a DIY photobooth in four simple steps for a fun-filled, snap happy wedding that all your guests will remember!

Step Four: Create your album

If you’ve followed our advice and positioned your guestbook within easy reach of your DIY photobooth, you’ve already covered this step… apart from the photos captured on phones instead! While friends are crowded in front of the camera, remember that other guests will be snapping them on their mobiles too.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the photos from your big day, photobooth or otherwise, by creating an Instagram hashtag. You’ll then be able to find all of your wedding day photographs there, in one place, so you don’t miss a moment of your perfect day. The best way to let your guests know? With a cute Instagram wedding sign of course – you can grab yours here.


Feeling inspired? Why not DIY your own flower crowns with this step-by-step guide, try making one of these 12 wedding favours, or use our cover couple Katie and Ross’s DIY wedding for the prettiest homemade ideas?


Will you go for a DIY photobooth? Would you get married without one?

DIY wedding-worthy flower crown!

The revival of all things vintage, whimsical and bohemian have inspired modern sophisticated brides to turn to the floral crown or hair piece, in place of the more traditional veil or embellished headpiece. Displaying nature at it’s finest the floral crown will continue to adorn brides of 2017 wanting an elegant yet relaxed look, as will other flourishing features such as billowing garlands and trailing table centrepieces. And even better we can show you just how to DIY your very own floral crown! This way you can experiment with all the wild flowers you can find but don’t forget fresh flowers will need to be cut and threaded the night before the wedding!


DIY flower crown 170


You will need

    • Aluminium wire
    • Thin florists reel wire
    • Scissors
    • Selection of fresh foliage, including ferns and eucalyptus, and seasonal flowers.


DIY flower crown 170 1


1 Measure the aluminium wire around the head to work out the size of the crown. Hook and loop the wire to attach the crown at the back of the head when you’ve finished.


DIY flower crown 2


2 Attach the reel wire to the aluminium wire by winding it round and round tightly to ensure the crown is secure.


DIY flower crown 3


3 Cut all the flowers about two inches from the head of each bloom.


DIY flower crown 5


4 Then cut the foliage, pulling pieces away at the bottom to expose the stems. Cut small sprigs of fresh flowers to use, too.


DIY flower crown 6


5 Starting with the ferns, hold onto the aluminium wire and wind the reel wire around the stem. Ferns work well at the ends of a crown because their shape naturally tapers to a point.


DIY flower crown 7


6 Once you have wound the reel wire around the flowers and foliage, trim down the stem and keep winding to ensure it is secure, then continue to add foliage.


DIY flower crown 8
7 Start to incorporate different colours and textures in the crown using more foliage, continually winding the thin wire around. Group smaller flowers to create a focal point in groups of two or three. Use a decent amount of reel wire around the stems to ensure the flowers all stay in place.


DIY flower crown 13
Push the wire into the stem and the neck until you feel resistance on the large flower heads. This will give the flower added support and attach it more securely.


DIY flower crown 9
Remember to pull the flower crown straight every so often to prevent the flowers from twisting in different directions. The crown should be thickest in the middle.


DIY flower crown 10
10 Cut off the reel wire and wind the final bit around the crown tightly to secure it. Ensure the hook and loop at each end of the aluminium wire is still secure.


DIY flower crown 11


P H O T O G R A P H Y  Tatum Reid Photography and DS Photography
S T Y L I N G  The Little Lending Co.
F L O W E R S  +  T U T O R I A L  Swaffham and Fakenham Florists
V E N U E  Cliff Barns, Norfolk

6 simple and sweet ideas to decorate your wedding cake

Save money on your wedding and DIY your cake, whether you buy luxury iced tiers from M&S or bake your own, here's how to decorate your wedding cake

Ready to jump on the DIY wedding band wagon but not sure where to start? How about decorating your wedding cake yourselves! Whether you bake the tiers at home or order some simple fondant covered cakes from Marks and Spencer, it’s a piece of cake to add your own finishing touches – and we’re going to show you how!


Save money on your wedding and DIY your cake, whether you buy luxury iced tiers from M&S or bake your own, here's how to decorate your wedding cake



If you want your cake to garner compliments from your guests, it needs a sparkling foundation to stand upon. That’s right – decorating your wedding cake doesn’t actually start with the cake at all, it starts with choosing a cake stand, because before you can add the finishing touches, you need somewhere to actually put the cake! And there are more options than you might think…

We recommend styling your cake stand to suit your wedding theme or décor, so if you’re holding a rustic wedding in a barn, go for a charming log slice or slate board. For city, contemporary or boho weddings, why not try a mirrored or geometric cake stand? And if you still can’t choose, a timeless gold plate will always add a glamorous touch…


Save money on your wedding and DIY your cake, whether you buy luxury iced tiers from M&S or bake your own, here's how to decorate your wedding cake



Tried, tested and turned to time and time again, tying ribbon around each layer is an easy and effective way to spruce up your wedding cake. You could colour match the ribbon to your bridesmaid dresses or flowers, or opt for different types (think lace, satin, organza…) to suit your theme.

While your wedding cake will take pride of place on display for much of the day, you do want it to be eaten after you’ve cut the first slice. For this reason the best cakes are also the ones that invite you to tuck in. Make it simple by decorating your cake table with pretty signs that encourage exactly that. You can try these heart-shaped blackboard labels for starters (they’ll also look brilliant on your sweet jars!).

Whether you choose a naked, semi-naked, ganache, buttercream or fondant-covered cake, cascading flowers are the favoured decoration for many. They can be daintily made from sugar or provided fresh from your florist, but you can also add cascading artificial flowers. Using these will often save you money and means you needn’t worry about keeping them their fresh best on the day. Naked and buttercream cakes can be given a more rustic look, ideal for barn and country weddings, while fondant offers a more traditional style for country house weddings.

And to top off your cake in sweet style? Add a cake topper of course! You could attach some of this Mr & Mrs bunting to cocktail sticks to put on top of cake or add miniature sparklers to each tier or cupcake in your tower – venue permitting – for a show-stopping sparkling effect just before you cut the cake.


Save money on your wedding and DIY your cake, whether you buy luxury iced tiers from M&S or bake your own, here's how to decorate your wedding cake



Since you’ve gone to the effort of decorating your wedding cake so beautifully, it only makes sense to decorate the table it stands on too! Keep a few vases ready to display the bridesmaid posies, then scatter crystals across the table top for a glimmering effect. You can also make your cake table a decorative focal point – simply hang bunting above it and tie on colourful tassels (we love these blush and gold ones!) to fall from the tabletop to the floor to very simply create a cake table that becomes a talking point! Jars brimming with sweets and plates of cookies will also turn heads…


Are you a DIY bride or groom? What pretty ideas have you got for decorating your wedding cake?

How to create your own decadent dessert table


When it comes to creating a decadent dessert table, it’s as much about the display as it is the desserts themselves.

Inspired by a dessert table from one of our real weddings, we talk you through how to plan, fill and style your own. The essentials you need to remember from the word go? Bite-sized is best and should always be teamed with stylish servingware.

 I M A G E  C R E D I T S  Dasha Caffrey


Inspired by a dessert table from one of our real weddings, we talk you through how to plan, fill and style your own. Bite-sized is best... Inspired by a dessert table from one of our real weddings, we talk you through how to plan, fill and style your own. Bite-sized is best...


Bite-sized bakes and dessert cups make for a great spread on your dessert table. The variety of items on offer will be oh-so tempting to guests – there’s bound to be a treat they like. The best part? You can achieve this impressive dessert table style with little time or cost. Layer up ingredients in shot glasses to create miniature trifles or bake up brownies, then slice or use a cookie cutter to get the shape of your choice.


Inspired by a dessert table from one of our real weddings, we talk you through how to plan, fill and style your own. Bite-sized is best... Inspired by a dessert table from one of our real weddings, we talk you through how to plan, fill and style your own. Bite-sized is best...


For couples who fancy a dessert table but don’t have the inclination to bake the puddings themselves, fear not! You can purchase many ingredients, like these marshmallows and miniature pies, instead and still display them in a similar way. Family and friends can also contribute – you could even host a wedding day bake off with a prize for the winning addition to your dessert table!

Pay attention to detail here: if you want your marshmallow pops to stand up prettily, fill the pot that holds them with another treat for stability, like maltesers or chocolate covered nuts…


Inspired by a dessert table from one of our real weddings, we talk you through how to plan, fill and style your own. Bite-sized is best... Inspired by a dessert table from one of our real weddings, we talk you through how to plan, fill and style your own. Bite-sized is best...


Items on your dessert table can be as simple as small jelly cubes filled with fresh fruit and berries or as decadent as the miniature patisserie fruit tarts displayed beneath them. Bring your bounty of sweets together with the table styling and presentation. Whether you hire in stands, collect vintage chinaware or raid your venue’s cupboards, stick to one theme throughout. You can then mix small tea cups with towering cake stands to make your dessert table a focal point.

Other ideas for tempting treats include: lolly pops, cupcakes, cookies, fresh fruit kebabs, old fashioned sweets, cakes to slice and share, macarons. Grapes, crackers, cheeses and chutneys will complement your sweet offering with a savoury selection, too. Don’t forget to add milk bottles and straws if you’ll be serving cookies, hot chocolate mugs for winter weddings, or Kilner jars ready to be filled with Pimm’s or punch for summer celebrations. No sweet treat is complete without a tipple to wash it down with, after all!


What will feature on your dessert table?

Step By Step: How To Word Your Wedding Invitations


Step By Step: How To Word Your Wedding Invitations


Follow our easy step by step on how to word your wedding invitations...
Belo Paperie Rustic Rose Collection


Traditionally whoever pays for the wedding (traditional for the bride’s parents to) were the hosts of the big day and therefore named as hosts on the wedding invitation. However with the splitting of wedding costs to both families more and more, variations of different hosts can leave you a little confused about how best to word them! So we’ve done it for you!


BRIDE’S PARENTS –  {Thomas and Maria Smith}

BOTH SETS OF PARENTS –  {Thomas and Maria Smith}
                                         {Grahame and Louise Blake}


COUPLE –  {Ella Mary Smith}
                {James Gregory Blake}


COUPLE & PARENTS –  Together with their parents

                                       {Ella Mary Smith}
                                     {James Gregory Blake}



If you are to have your ceremony in a place of worship, like a church or a chapel then the host will request the honour of the guest’s company and anywhere else the host will request the pleasure of the guest’s company.



…request the honour of your company
at the marriage of their daughter

{Ella Mary Smith}
{James Gregory Blake}




If you know you will have limited seating for the ceremony and therefore need to know exactly who will and will not be able to attend further in advance you can word your RSVP like this…

Two seats have been reserved for you
Please reply on or before January 15th 2019


Persons Attending ………

If a meal choice will be offered to your guests to request in advance of the wedding this can be included within your RSVP card like this…

The Courtesy of a reply is requested
By January 15th 2019

Please indicate number of each…

Meal choice 1 ……    Meal Choice 2 ……

RELATED: A Quick Guide To Sending Save The Dates

7 decorations you can hang from the rooftops!

Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...

Hanging hearts, you’ve got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor…


Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...


Honeycombs and pom poms in their traditional forms are beautiful, but why not embrace quirkier folded paper designs? These concertina paper circles in a fusion of colours will create a textural and colourful feature, perfect for contemporary receptions. Try these fan paper garlands for a similar look.


Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...


Hanging decorations don’t solely need to be decorative. Why not string up a line of photographs in place of a seating plan? Or add a personal element and tell the story of your relationship so far? You can get creative with this one!


Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...


Here at Wedding Ideas HQ, we are big fans of beautiful backdrops. But why stop at the beams, when you can add streamers or hanging chains of hearts like these? Small and lightly coloured for subtlety, they add the perfect fairytale element. For a less feminine but still super pretty option, you’ll love these gold circle chains.


Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...


If you’ll be holding any part of your day outdoors, even if it’s only the drinks reception, make sure you decorate that space too. Suspended antique picture frames among honeycombs and bunting create a dramatic area. They also double up as a fantastic DIY photo booth!


Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...


No list of inspiration for your hanging decorations would be complete without beloved bunting. Make it yourself, enlist the help of crafty family and friends, or purchase it. Any which way, you can vary the fabrics, prints and materials used to suit your venue and theme. Check out how to make your own gold dipped feather bunting right here.


Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...


For a star-studded reception with a difference, make it exactly that! Showcase high ceilings and quirky architectural details by cascading a series of stars from the roof (grab yours here!). The understated white bunting adds shape to this hanging centrepiece without distracting from the star of the show, if you’ll pardon the pun.


Hanging hearts, you've got company! Here are seven of our favourite hanging decorations that will give your wedding venue the wow-factor...


Don’t forget that your hanging decorations can serve a purpose as well as looking pretty! If your venue allows, hang a romantic trail of candles in jam jars to guide your guests from area to area once night has fallen.

Love this? Then you’ll love these ideas for lantern wedding decorations!


What hanging decorations will your guests be talking about at your wedding?

2017 DIY styling: Vintage wedding pink rose heads

Vintage and DIY weddings are set to be popular again in 2017! Shropshire Petals have just launched their pretty new Pink Rose Heads, which are perfect for adding some DIY styling to vintage or pink themed weddings. Together with their already popular cream rose heads, peony heads and rose buds, the pink rose heads complement the collection beautifully.



Shropshire Petals share their top 5 ways to using their freeze-dried rose and peony heads.



Attached florist wire to the base of rose heads for adding into floral displays or bouquets for longer lasting arrangements.


Place rose heads in wheat sheaves with some other dried or fresh flowers for a pretty contrasting natural table centrepiece.


Use rose or peony heads to decorate your DIY cake. A plain white iced cake looks stunning when dried flowers are placed on and around it. This will turn something simple into a real feature that will complement the rest of your styling.


Scatter dried flower heads on crisp white tablecloths to add some texture and a touch of colour to your table décor.


Make your own DIY floral headband using some fresh green foliage, dried rose heads and lavender for a pretty vintage boho hair decoration. Rose heads will last perfectly for up to four months as they are freeze-dried.



These are now available in packs of 10 for £21! For more information and inspiration, visit www.shropshirepetals.com

12 DIY wedding favours

With these 12 DIY wedding favours suggestions, you can reinvent this tradition and show your appreciation for friends and family in a unique and personalised way!




Potted plants

If you’re particularly passionate about gardening, a small potted plant can be a great little present for your guests. If you’re growing the plant before the wedding, make sure you give yourself enough time. Alternatively you can plant a bulb, such as a tulip or daffodil, for your guests to grow themselves and, for that personal touch, you can attach a parcel tag with the guest’s name and even use the plant as a place setting too.

Coin jewellery/coin bowls

Spare change can make an excellent craft material. Why not use all the pennies you’ve got lying about the house to make your guests some shiny accessories? As well as jewellery, you can also make a coin bowl by gluing coins together into a circular stack – a handy gift for your friends to put their keys or (even more) spare change in!


Fans can be a great way to chill out if your wedding is taking place during the summer months. A cute photo, or even the wedding programme, printed onto the fan will give it a distinctive touch, while your guests keep themselves cool.



A little bag or jar of tea/coffee can make a great wedding favour – especially if you pick unfamiliar blends and flavours that your guests may not have tasted before. You can personalise the container too, or give each guest a tea/coffee suited to their tastes.



Cakes/jam/popcorn in a jar

Give your guests something sweet to take away by filling a jar with homemade cake/dessert, jam, or even popcorn! You can personalise the jars with your guest’s name and even print some cute photos on each treat.


You can have a lot of fun personalising matchboxes for your guests. They’ll have something handy to take home, but also something special which they can use again and again.


A simple but stylish choice. Fill a jar with candle wax and attach a label with its own individual message. Made from recycled materials and natural ingredients, Soy wax candles in particular are perfect for working to any budget.

Custom mugs

You can customise mugs for each guest with their names or initials, or alternatively print a nice photo of yourselves to remind everyone of your happy day. As an added bonus, you can also fill the mug with marshmallows and other tasty treats.


A mix CD can be a lovely retro gift – either a collection of both of your favourite songs, or even a selection of the ‘greatest hits’ played at your wedding reception. It will be something your guests can dance to time and time again.


A couple of beautiful wooden coasters wrapped up in string with a personalised label. These can be pretty straightforward to make and something practical for your friends and family to use.

Miniature Bottle

A miniature bottle with a customised label and filled with an alcohol of your choice can be a fun gift. These are easy to achieve if you bulk-buy empty bottles and print sticky labels. Your alcohol of choice can then be consumed as a shot if your guests are feeling in the party mood!



You can use a wide range of materials for keyrings, even spare corks from the hen night and stag do. You can cheaply buy a pack of rings to attach to these corks, and also customise them further with pins, beads etc.



DIY boho hair

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect tousled boho hair! Collaborating with award-winning hair stylist Sarah Eccles-Markey from Studio B creating this quick stunning hairstyle couldn’t be easier! Whether for your maids or for you as the bride this choice of style will look perfect accompanied with a flower crown or small floral pins tucked into the braid.

1 Apply a BB heat protector and curl the hair. Tip: section the hair and curl small amounts at a time – this will make it easier and create a better finish.


After curling all of the hair, allow the hair to cool for five minutes, this will help the curls set into place. Tip: I use the Cloud Nine original wand for perfect waves.


Apply a small amount of serum or finishing cream from BB, gently brush through the hair to create the boho tousled look.


Plait a section at both sides of the head and secure with bands, then with a couple of grips wrap the plaits around the back of the head and secure. Tip: hold the bottom of the plait then loosen and separate it a little to create a fuller effect.


Use a gentle hold hairspray to hold any flyaways or alternatively pick a shine spray to give you that photo ready look.  My favourite products are from Bumble & Bumble, they have a light hold and help hair respond to heat tools.


Adding flowers or pearls secured onto hair grips will finish the style perfectly. Tip: try local craft shops for paper flowers or use craft jewellery beads or pearls that have ready made holes, perfect to slide grips through.



Web: studiob.uk.com
Instagram: @sarah261983
Model: Kirsty Reed
Photography: Bethan Eccles
Products: bumbleandbumble.co.uk cloudninehair.com

Wedding DIY video – calligraphy bridal hangers

Spark creativity with this super-easy wedding DIY and watch how you can create your own inexpensive personalised calligraphy bridal hangers! They make great gifts for brides-to-be! Courtesy of The Chalk Spot and their trustee sign writing guide, you can learn calligraphy style writing for almost anything and for any occasion!



Click to watch how easy it is to make your own!


(These bridal hangers are so easy to make, and when you do them yourself you can put anything you like on them – great Hen Party activity, or a job for a bridesmaid!)


Get your sign-writing guide here!




Check out other DIY video’s by The Chalk Spot!

DIY wedding Menu tutorial

3 ways to use sign writing at your wedding


Will you try some DIY sign-writing for your wedding day decor?

DIY wedding menu ‘ calligraphy style’ – video tutorial

The sign writing experts at ‘The chalk Spot’ take us through a step by step DIY video tutorial for some charmingly hand-written perspex menu place cards for your wedding day! AND…The great thing about them being transparent is you can write with any colour you want to compliment your theme and you can totally personalise your place setting by layering with patterned or textured backgrounds and napkins which will only hi-light your beautiful calligraphy style menu!

Once you are confident with your handwriting ( The Chalk spot book and worksheets have all you need to master this) grab yourself some perspex (readily available from hardware stores) and give this a go!



“For beginners, i would recommend sketching your menu onto paper first and using this as a guide underneath the perspex, giving you something to follow and hopefully stopping any mistake from happening. Practice first as the perspex is slippery and not like writing on paper or wood so it will be worth having a quick go to see how the pen moves across the surface”. Clair at The Chalk Spot

If you would prefer a handy make your own kit with a guide to trace then head here to pick one up 🙂


View the quick tutorial video here!



4 tips for the perfect marquee wedding!

Marquee weddings are a popular choice this year for bringing chic domestic touches, outdoors! With some clever styling you can have the best of both worlds and create a confident, cosy environment that doesn’t have to be dictated by the weather! With everything, there are certain practicalities to be considered when executing an event successfully for a large number of people – Wedding concierge Annabelle Reynolds from luxury Bath wedding venue Homewood Park shares things to consider first and foremost, if this is the way for your day!

Don’t forget the extra’s
Before you set your heart on a marquee wedding, remember that there are a lot of extras that incur further fees. You’ll need to hire everything to go into the marquee, carpet, catering, kitchen equipment, furniture, flooring, lighting, cutlery, crockery, glasses and staff!

You can’t get married in a Marquee

In the UK only permanent structures that meet specific requirements can be licensed for weddings. You will need a licensed ceremony beforehand, then enjoy your reception in the marquee with your loved ones!

Know your space

Make sure you’re aware of the size of your marquee. Ask the company for floor plans to make sure there is enough room to fit all of the tables, dance floor and any extra furniture with the cake stand on. You’ll also need enough room for the waiting staff to get around the tables to serve your guests!

Never underestimate the heat

It always surprises people how hot it gets in a marquee full of people on a summers day. Bare this in mind for the sake of your guests, cake and flowers! Provide fans or air conditioning units and start them up just before everyone arrives if it is a particularly warm day!

Homewood Park Hotel & Spa is one of the finest hotels in Bath. The hotel boasts a boutique spa and award-winning fine dining from the Head Chef, Simon Addison. The luxury wedding venue can be hired exclusively and has several different spots to be married, with Annabelle always on hand to recommend and closely advise.

Read more tips in our brand new SPECIAL issue 164 on page 143!

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For the creative bride – become a floral master of the PERFECT bouquet for your big day!

After much demand, leading wedding and event florist Joanne Truby Floral Design has announced the launch of its Floral Masterclass sessions – an opportunity for budding florists and floral enthusiasts to learn hands-on skills in floral design.

Joanne truby masterclass

Kicking off with the ‘Summer Bouquet’ masterclass, the session will take place on Wednesday 10th August 2016 from 7.00-9.30pm at the Trafalger Tavern, using seasonal British blooms and mixed foliage, the summer session aims to teach pupils the skills required to make the perfect hand-tied bouquet.

Throughout the session Joanne will guide pupils through the step-by-step process of floral design, from tips on how to condition your flowers, to selecting and arranging the perfect composition right down to the best ways to beautifully package your bouquet. Joanne’s hands on advice, practical tips and infectious passion for all things floral will ensure you leave the class brimming with confidence at your new found floral prowess – not to mention armed with your very own gorgeous summer bouquet.

joanne truby asterclass4

Tickets are priced at £60 and include all the flowers you’ll need plus a glass of seasonal Pimms. Sessions are limited to 8 pupils.


Truby Floral Design

Established in 2012 Joanne Truby Floral Design is a bespoke floral design service specialising in weddings and events. Priding itself on a tailored and personal approach, the Joanne Truby Floral Design team ensure they go to great lengths to meet each and every client’s brief in an innovative and creative way – coordinating with personal colour schemes and floral preferences.

To purchase tickets contact hello@joannetruby.co.uk

DIY Workshops for The Affordable Wedding Fair, Camden

Everything you’ll need to help plan your special day, from organising the ceremony, flower arrangements, caterers to wedding planners and the all-important dress.There’ll be workshops and advice to make your day more tailored to you, and memorable for your guests. Plus a little live entertainment from some great wedding acts!!

affordable wedding fair

Add the individual touch from the first step you take and take up one of our wedding workshops also..

Make your own Bunting 6pm
Bunting is so popular in the shops right now but you can make your own high quality bunting in a very short space of time with help from Jay Hooper, of Orchard Learning Studios.
Making bunting is a great way of adding your own personal touches to your wedding venue. Jay will show you how to make bunting to a high standard and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Create your own table decorations 7pm
The extremely talented Barbara McGinty will show you how to create a simple table center piece with ease.  Choose your own colour scheme, your own flowers and your own arrangement, and Barbara will help you bring your tables to life. A center piece is a focal part of dressing your wedding venue and is vital in leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

How to make your own wedding invitations and name cards 8:30pm
The perfect way to announce your special day is by sending invites that you’ve designed and made yourself. Jay Hooper from Orchard Learning Studios will teach you how to create something unique to you and the theme of your wedding. Leave the class feeling inspired and ready to impress your guests.

Classes are extremely limited in number and only £6.00 per person. Be creative, be individual but most of all have fun doing it!

The Affordable Wedding Fair
The London Irish Centre, Camden
14th July 2016 – 4pm till 10pm

Entrance is FREE
Tickets available here

Wedding Ideas LOVES Prezola!

Today we bring you an instalment of Wedding Ideas LOVES; this week it’s of our wonderful friends at Prezola. Gift lists can sometimes feel over luxurious for some couples, that’s why the UK’s leading independent gift list company Prezola has created their new Essentials Collection. Stylish and quality homeware at affordable prices! They’ve teamed up with over 300 brands to bring you many options for everything you couple possibly need. Prezola won the award for top wedding gift list at the Wedding Ideas awards 2014 – click here to view their winning post!

Find out more about Prezola’s Essential Collection in our blushing and bold July issue on page 61!

Web prezola.com
Instagram @prezola
Twitter @prezola


5 fab favour ideas that guests will actually appreciate

Make forgotten favours a thing of the past with these four fab favour ideas that your guests actually will appreciate and use

Make forgotten favours a thing of the past with these five fab favour ideas.

Traditionally the bride and groom treat their guests to a box of sugared almonds as their wedding favours. As the trend for Pinterest-inspired, handmade weddings goes from strength to strength, more and more couples are opting to create alternative favours, often homemade. We’ve rounded up our five of our favourites that your guests really will appreciate.

Make forgotten favours a thing of the past with these four fab favour ideas that your guests actually will appreciate and use
Photography: agatomaszek.com
Make forgotten favours a thing of the past with these four fab favour ideas that your guests actually will appreciate and use
Photography: octoberward.com

Homemade Items

The options for homemade wedding favours are endless, as a quick search on Pinterest will show you. Bake cookies, brew your own alcoholic beverage and decant into small bottles, make jam or preserves, make a decoration to remember the day by. The trick for homemade favours is to start them well in advance of your big day so you don’t end up in a last minute rush.

Make forgotten favours a thing of the past with these four fab favour ideas that your guests actually will appreciate and use
Photography: expression-photography.co.uk


We’ve been loving the sparklers featured in some of our real weddings lately as favour ideas (Elizabeth and Richard from issue 162 we are looking at you!). Store them in a pretty bucket for a rustic wedding or place them individually at each place setting. When night falls – venue permitting – you can venture out and celebrate tying the knot with these sparkly fireworks.

Lottery Tickets

Buy a ticket for each of your guests and package in a pretty envelope. Add a wish for good luck – both for your happiness as a couple and for the guest’s ticket. These wedding favours won’t take you long to prepare, but introduce a bit of fun and excitement and will actually be used and enjoyed by your guests.

Make forgotten favours a thing of the past with these four fab favour ideas that your guests actually will appreciate and use
Photography: abbeystudies.org

Charity Donations

This has been a big trend with our real brides and grooms of late. Couples choose a few charities that are close to their hearts and make a small donation on behalf of each of their guests. Some charities will provide small items in exchange to give your guests. You can also place a little card at each guest’s place setting to tell them about the donation and charity.

Make forgotten favours a thing of the past with these four fab favour ideas that your guests actually will appreciate and use
Photography: adamowicz.co.uk

Pick and Mix

This favour option is ideal for brides on a budget. Roll your dessert and favour into one. If you’re having a dessert or sweets table during your reception, add paper bags, scoops and ribbons to tie them up and your guests can each take away a bag of sweets as their favour.

Make sure your favour ideas fit with the overall theme of your wedding and any decorations or flowers that they will be displayed on the table with. We love using our real bride’s for inspiration, so check out these tips for choosing your colour palette taken from real bride’s bouquets – your colour combos, sorted!

Transforming a barn into a warm and romantic venue

Are you looking to get married in a location that can be made to look and feel just how you want it to? Barns are perfect as they are often a blank canvas, giving you the scope to have your wedding styled exactly how you always imagined, however their size alone can be daunting.

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted gives us her recipe for transforming a barn from blank and chilly to warm and romantic. To create warmth and intimacy in a large, vacuous area – a complete blank canvas – you will need…

Style, flair and vision



barn venue

The entrance

• Make your entrance a teaser for your guests by decorating it with lanterns or fairy lights

• Arrange lights as a pathway leading inside

barn venue4
The ceremony

• Create an aisle using fresh bay trees in baskets or silver storm lanterns to walk in between as you head towards your groom

• A floral arch makes the most romantic place to say your “I do’s” underneath

• Use plenty of candle light to add to enhance the romantic atmosphere as you get married

• Match your chair cover fabrics or bale covers and cushions with the drapes to carry your theme throughout the barn.

barn venue2

The décor

• Divide the space inside your barn into clearly defined areas – seating, chill out, dining, bar and dancing

• Use colourful drapes to soften the light and create smaller spaces

• Be bold with fabrics and colours for a unique look

• Barrels make great poseur tables and can be great for creating more intimate spaces

• Use lots of glass wear, candles and flowers to set the scene. Group stemmed cylinder vases of different heights with floating candles to emphasise the size and structure of your barn.

• Create dramatic groupings of candle holders, flowers and even fruits depending on your style and theme for added special touches to your tables

barn venue6
• Create a seating area with low lighting and fun soft furnishings, such as inflatable sofas, straw bales and coffee tables

• Use wide trestle tables to make use of the space, which will also provide you with enough space for food and decorations

• Reduce vast expanses of empty wall with carefully positioned lighting such as twig lights or LED birch tree lights. Use these at different heights for some added warmth. You can also use lighting to show off quirky features in your barn.

barn venue5

And there you have it, a recipe for transforming a barn into something wonderful. All you need to do now is enjoy your special day!

If you aren’t one for styling your own venue, Lindsey is a professional wedding planner and venue stylist. For more information about Lindsey visit www.get-knotted.net

Wedding Ideas LOVES You & Me Rings

Wedding Ideas LOVES You & Me Rings by Patrick Laing! A unique ring moulded from your loved one’s finger because Patrick wanted you too feel like you are always holding hands. The interior of the finished ring then has a continuous impression of your partner’s finger which will encircle yours forever. From the outside a normal wedding ring but inside a unique impression of your partner’s finger.

Read more about this in our June issue on page 165!


How would you love to create the most effortless handwritten stationery?

Whether you’re an avid stationery fan, a bride-to-be with invitations to scribe, or you simply want to try something new, we’d love you to join us! Liberty London are hosting a series of  creative and very current calligraphy classes for beginners and Improvers! These sessions will give you the skills to find your own creative calligraphy style for the most natural and personal wedding graphics to introduce your big day theme!


calligraphy text2


calligraphy lessons2

This beginner’s class starts right from the beginning and focuses on modern calligraphy techniques. At the end of the session you’ll be well on your way to writing your chosen phrase or quote in your own personal modern calligraphy style. You’ll start by working on exercises to practice making shapes and strokes, and then move on to letter forms. By the end of the class you will have started to develop your own style with plenty of time to practice, with one-to-one help when needed.

The class cost includes a kit of calligraphy materials to use in class and take away with you.


calligraphy text1


calligraphy lessons1

 If you enjoyed our beginner’s modern calligraphy class and want to develop your skills, join us for this class and learn about mixing your own inks and using neons & metallics in your work. Your kit of materials will include a neon ink that you will have made yourself, a gold mica ink, black and coloured paper and envelopes to practice on, as well as a new nib and pen holder.


calligraphy text3


calligraphy lessons

You will be introduced to contemporary brush lettering, then you’ll work on exercises to practice making shapes and brush strokes. You’ll practice writing words in broad stroked uppercase and thin stroked lowercase with plenty of help and guidance on hand. By the end of the workshop you’ll be well on your way to developing your own brush lettering style.

The class cost includes a kit of essential materials to use in the class and to take away with you.



Beginners Modern Calligraphy on Sunday 22nd May 12pm – 2.30pm | £60

Beginners Modern Calligraphy on Sunday 22nd May 3.30 – 6pm |  £60

Brush Lettering on Saturday 25th June at 12 – 2.30pm | £60

Brush Lettering on Saturday 25th June at 3.30 – 6pm | £60

Improvers – Neon & Metallic inks on Saturday 11th June at 12pm – 2.30pm | £70

Improvers – Neon & Metallic inks on Saturday 11th June at 3.30 – 6pm | £70

All classes held in the Liberty Heritage Suite on the 3rd floor | Liberty, Regent Street W1B 5AH

To book your place CALL 0207 734 1234