Castle wedding venues give you the opportunity to be a princess for the day. The fab folks from Dundas Castle give you 10 reasons for tying the knot in a castle…


Sensational Ceremonies

Avoiding travel to and from a Church or Registry office is becoming more popular, but having a hotel function room can be an uninspiring alternative. Most castle wedding venues have atmospheric spaces that can include a religious element if desired, combining the practical with the theatrical.

The Madonna Effect

Long before the Queen of pop reigned at Skibo, the ‘A’ list knew that castle weddings are the ultimate in luxury and romance. For most celebs, warm memories of their castle last longer than the marriage itself.

Exclusively Yours

Originally castle wedding venues were built to protect inhabitants from unwanted outsiders, and many still perform that function in the 21st century! Ask your castle about exclusive hire, and escape from the outside world.

Picture Perfect

Though they shouldn’t be the overriding focus, having beautiful wedding photography shots is an important part of your day, as these will be reminders of your day. A castle is the ultimate backdrop.

Best of British

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Since the Royal wedding and the Jubilee, there has been a resurgence in interest in all things British. What could be more authentically British than tying the knot in a priceless part of our national heritage?

castle-wedding-venues-fairytale-weddingLive like a Lord

Castle wedding venues are exclusive places, and the teams that run them know that only the very best in service, cuisine, and attention to detail will suffice for their treasured clients.

Not just for girls

Surrounded by acres of grounds, many castles offer a variety of pursuits for thrill seekers and chill seekers, from golf, 4×4 driving and whisky tasting – perfect for those speech-induced nerves!

Time Travel

Castles have long and often colourful histories. By marrying in one, you become part of a centuries old story of romance, intrigue, joy and true love.

Princess for a day

Following the wedding of Will and Kate, the interest in the royal weddings is at an all time high, brides want to experience being The Queen of their own castle. Even better, if an overnight stay means the effect lasts until the next day.

Home from home

Most castle wedding venues are privately owned, but it’s best to double check that yours is before you book. With all the heirlooms and family photographs, you can make their home, yours, for what will truly be a memory to cherish.

Are you having a grand wedding yourself or looking simply looking for ideas on castle wedding venues?

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