Wreaths aren’t just for the front door at Christmas. They make gorgeous wedding decorations too! We’ve teamed up with Razzle Dazzle Rose to bring all you DIY brides a design that you can make for the big day and beyond…


Want to add a personalised touch to your big day? This super-easy step-by-step tutorial from Razzle Dazzle Rose will help you make your own wedding wreath. You can display it at your ceremony, on the top table, anywhere! The wreaths are so easy to make. A few simple origami paperfolds on long strips of paper or card and a little glue card is all it takes! Kits including everything you need are available from Razzle Dazzle Rose.

In the kit, you will find the following…

  • 3 rings of heavy card
  • 70 strips of paper or card (depending on which kit you purchase)
  • 1 metre crochet lace
  • 1 paper flower
  • (Glue and scissors are not included)

DIY wedding wreath tutorial


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Start by gluing the rings together, this will help make the base that you are going to wrap the strips around a lot firmer.




In the kit you will find 70 strips of paper (or card). You need to glue two ends of two strips of paper together as shown above. With a strip of paper in each hand, cross the ends together and add some glue, hold for 10 seconds to bind together.



And here’s the easy bit! With a strip of paper in each hand, take the strip of paper from the right hand and fold over the join in the middle. Then take the strip from the left hand and fold over the join in the middle. This action makes a concertina effect in the strips of paper.



Keep on folding each strip over each other until you get to the end of the strip, and add a little glue. Trim the ends so the folds are all neat and the same width. Continue until you have 4 folded strips. Glue all the ends together to form a long chain as above.


When you have made 8 or 9 long chains, wait until the glue has set (usually around 30 minutes), and then it’s time to start threading through the rings. Before you start to thread through the rings, stretch the chains apart slightly. All you now need to do is thread the long chains through the rings.



Hold the end in one hand, and thread through the wreath in the other hand. When you have wrapped all the way round the wreath, your ends should meet together where you started. When you have done this, glue the two ends together.



Repeat this process until the chains have all been wrapped around and cover the rings completely.


Finally, decorate your wreath by adding some crochet ribbon, and complete by adding a paper flower to the middle of the bow. You could also use hessian ribbon for a rustic look. And there you have it!

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