CACI Micro Current Facial: The Non-surgical Beauty Bill Alternative To Botox

The non-invasive face lift that’s shaping the beauty industry around cosmeceutical technology without the pain or price-tag of going under the knife.

While it’s no secret that the beauty industry is a booming business, a 2017 study by Groupon calculated the average female spend on her appearance in her lifetime at just over £70,000. Working out at around £112 a month, we tested the latest aesthetic treatment technology surprisingly on a parallel cost. And with the view to having a greater long-term investment in the fundamental health of your skin rather than the quantity of beauty products used to cover it up. Unless organic and chemical free, ironically, caking on that expensive concealer will contribute to clogged up pores and general poor skin becomes a vicious circle.

Where CACI comes in…

CACI (which stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) while an industry leader and innovator for over twenty years, never has the cosmeceutical approach been so captivating and successful than in the last 5 years. Known to be the largest UK manufacturer and supplier of the world-acclaimed CACI non-surgical facelift system, international beauty salons, spas and health clubs are able to offer a complete range of anti-ageing and skin-correcting solutions with long-term naturally youthful results. And, have you ever wondered why celebs like Jennifer Anniston, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian don’t seem to age with their well… age?! CACI treatments have become the go-to facial for many beauty-conscious stars and influencers.

Kim Kardashian recently took to Instagram story to share with her 109 million followers selfie footage of her getting a ‘firming and tightening’ CACI facial. And whether this Kardashian has the marmite effect over you or not, it’s clear influencers like this that have 82% of women believing social media drives worthwhile trends to the surface.


CACI Micro current Facial: The Non-surgical Beauty Bill Alternative To Botox
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Although you may be thinking this is targeted to a more female audience, in fact men are also getting onboard with CACI, equally benefitting from this tech-savvy skin savour since a study in Professional beauty magazine revealed 80% of time-poor men would like multi-purpose skin solutions, too.

How It Works

Whether you’re in your twenty’s or beyond, CACI micro current facials provide 5 main targeted treatment variations (still all from one machine) with preventative AND corrective solutions to a number of skin irritations and conditions including lines/wrinkles of the face and neck, eye bags, dehydration, peeling skin, acne blemishing and even cellulite and stretch marks on the body.


The Garden Room, Taunton

CACI Synergy Facial Treatment – For Rejuvenation

CACI Synergy

The treatment uses new S.P.E.D microcurrent LED technology to enhance results by combining CACI microcurrent with high brilliance LED light therapy. It’s the LED light that catalyses healing of the skin after the micro current prongs are applied to key areas of the face in order to re-educate and tone the muscles.

The dual action of simultaneous LED and microcurrent energy stimulates tissue regeneration and helps in the production of collagen. The ‘synergy’ of these two technologies provides more visible and longer lasting results. The CACI synergy facial treatment also uses the technology of orbital dermabrasion to exfoliate the skin, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion.


Watch the CACI Synergy Facial step by step:



We tried it out…

CACI’s brilliant salon finder took us to our nearest salon for this particular treatment, The Garden Room in Taunton: on arrival a wonderfully warm Victorian town house with tastefully integrated beauty treatment rooms. A cosy luxe treatment room located at the top of the house is where I retreated to have my facial with owner of The Garden Rooms and beauty therapist, Louise Tilden. A euphoric blend of aromatherapy oils and ambient music engaged my senses and enabled me to relax almost instantly.

And let me put your mind at rest…despite the slightly alarming look of the CACI machine and instruments, unlike botox, pain is definitely not something you need to worry about here! Expect a mild sensation at stages rather than discomfort. I remained entirely relaxed throughout the treatment.


CACI Synergy Facial at The Garden Room


As my therapist did, you will be talked through each step as it happens, what the technique targets and how it will feel on your skin. And depending on the type of CACI facial you opt for and the results you want, CACI treatments typically last anything from 15 mins up to 90 mins.

In the interest of any beauty-conscious bridal party members, I asked Louise how far in advance she would recommend someone incorporate the facial into their pre-wedding beauty regime. Amazingly, with results visible almost instantly, Louise explained having a CACI treatment right up to a couple of days before the wedding is quite normal due to its minimal irritation of the skin and no ‘downtime’ needed.


Aftercare for this CACI facial type should only include use of an SPF-containing moisturiser to protect your skin after the breakdown of the top skin layer. No exercise is advised for 24 hours afterwards and ideally no make up should applied to the treated area for 6 hours while pores are open.


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