Looking to set up a honeymoon registry or honeymoon fund? Here, Buy Our Honeymoon outlines how to get started, and how you can make the best of its gift registry service.

Honeymoon fund

How to Set Up a Honeymoon Fund with Buy Our Honeymoon

If you’re the kind of couple who’d prefer less ‘stuff’ and more memories, a honeymoon registry, such as Buy Our Honeymoon, is the perfect way to go. Here, the team outline how it works…

Bride: So I’ve been planning my wedding and I’ve started booking things—

Buy Our Honeymoon: Oh, how exciting! Planning a wedding can be so much fun.

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Bride: The thing is, I’m a little bit stuck on my gift list. We were going to register at a local department store, but the trouble is we already have most of the things we could include. It feels a bit wasteful replacing things that we already have.

Buy Our Honeymoon: It’s a nice problem to have, but truthfully we agree with you. You don’t want to send perfectly good things to landfill just to get presents you don’t really need.

Bride: Exactly!  I’m happy with what I have.  So, I started thinking about something else… My friend asked us to donate to her honeymoon via her travel agent, but for us the problem is the balance for our honeymoon is due 12 weeks before we get married and I don’t think many people will be that quick off the mark.

Buy Our Honeymoon: It does feel a bit cheeky giving someone a deadline: pay up by March or you’re not coming!

Bride: Ouch! That would cause quite a stir! My other friend simply put a poem in her invitations but I’m not sure about doing that.

Buy Our Honeymoon: Only you know your family and friends, and whether they’d be happy to just donate to a pot of money. But most guests would prefer to give you a particular gift.

Bride: Yes! That’s exactly the problem.  My bridesmaid has already said she wanted to give me something really special and I think she’d be a bit disappointed to just contribute to a pot of cash.

Buy Our Honeymoon: That’s exactly what Buy Our Honeymoon is there to help with. Guests can choose a specific gift for you (you know you’ve always wanted to go jet skiing in the Maldives!) but you’ll receive the cash to book it yourself. That way everyone is happy, and you can even send your bridesmaid a picture of you trying to stay upright!

Buy Our Honeymoon

Bride: So, our gift list would have things we want to do while we’re on honeymoon, and we’d get the cash to pay for them?

Buy Our Honeymoon: That’s right. You can include anything you want.

Bride: What about the honeymoon itself?

Buy Our Honeymoon: Definitely — that includes stuff like your flights and your hotel. Your guests might like to sponsor 100 miles of your air fare, or your first night’s stay. You can have one-off gifts as well as open contributions. You can make your list as detailed as you want, or keep it simple. It’s completely up to you.

Bride: That sounds a lot better than a poem, really. But I still don’t really want our guests handing over cash at my wedding – is there a way people can do it online?

Buy Our Honeymoon: Absolutely! Guests can pay the value of their gift directly to you via the website, and they can use a credit or debit card. It’s really easy and completely secure. Your funds go straight into your bank account as soon as the payment’s cleared. So, that means you can use those funds right away if you need to, and you’re not limited by the timescales of your travel agent.

Buy our Honeymoon

Bride: I have family in America and Australia.  Can they send me gifts too?

Buy Our Honeymoon: Absolutely! Although Buy Our Honeymoon is based in the UK, the money transfer systems are all international, and you can set things up to use different currencies and even different payment systems for your guests in each country. It’s a great way for friends and family to send gifts to you, without them having to try and fit a lamp into an airplane luggage compartment.

Bride: What if I’d like help putting it all together?

Buy Our Honeymoon: Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’re always available to talk through your specific ideas and requirements and to help create your perfect honeymoon gift list. We can help put your fund together, we can help make it look fabulous, and we can help your guests if they have any queries.

To find out more about Buy Our Honeymoon, visit buy-our-honeymoon.com.

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