Newly weds, Vicki and Jonathan from Surrey tied the knot in March of last year!- Having lived together nine months previous to getting married, they quickly realised they weren’t going to need the traditional home starter wedding gift list for the home they had already created together. The couple had dreamed of settling into married life on a secluded beach together sipping cocktails! – the ultimate indulgent and ‘extravagant’ honeymoon! Buy our honeymoon proved to be the perfect solution and helped the couple organise a honeymoon to remember whilst enabling family and friends to contribute towards sending them off into married life in style!

Vicki and Jonathan share with us their breath-taking trip with the help of Buy our honeymoon

buy our honeymoon

Where did you go?

We went to Centara Ras Fushi in the North Male Atoll of the Maldives for 10 nights and then on the way home we stopped in Dubai for 4 nights staying at the Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel.

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Why did you choose that destination?

When we first started planning our wedding and honeymoon we went to a wedding fair and spoke to a travel agent who asked us what we would like from our honeymoon. We explained that we wanted to just relax, enjoy each other’s company and have a once in a lifetime holiday – I also insisted on staying in an overwater villa as I had always dreamed about it. She immediately suggested the Maldives. So we went into our local flight centre and had a chat with one of their agents who put together a perfect holiday matched to our specifications and budget and even suggested the stopover in Dubai to make the holiday extra special!

What did you do there?

In the Maldives, we stayed on a relatively small island so we mostly just relaxed by the sea, in the infinity pool or in our private hot tub, sunbathed and ate and drank to excess! They did a lovely refreshing cocktail, a Moscow Mule, which we definitely over-indulged with!

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We went on a few trips and activities that our guests had given us as gifts, to help us explore and enjoy. We had a couple of trips to the island spa where we had a full body wrap and a massage, we went snorkelling, fed the reef sharks, sunset fishing (I caught 4 fish and my husband just caught coral!), did a day trip to the capital, Male, and best of all a candlelight dinner on the beach with a private waiter and chef.

In Dubai, we picked up the pace a bit and went sightseeing. We were out and about all day every day and still didn’t see even half of the city. We did a few bus tours to explore the old part of the city, the downtown area and the marina; we went on a jeep safari into the desert and visited a Bedouin camp for dinner. We visited the Dubai museum, went shopping at the Souk where we bought the most beautiful pearl pendant, went shopping at The Dubai Mall and bought a lovely designer handbag as well as visiting the aquarium! Spent a morning at the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, taking in the views before going for a swim on our hotel’s rooftop pool.

What was your most romantic moment?

This one is so difficult to decide as we had so many wonderful moments, between checking in as Mr & Mrs for the first time, having a couples massage, watching the glorious sunsets and sunrises, taking in the views across Dubai from up so high and our candlelight dinner on the beach. I think though our most romantic moment was laying in the hot tub one evening watching the sunset over the sea with a nice cold beer, with no one else around but each other.

It’s great for honeymoons because…

In the Maldives, you can really unwind after the stresses of planning a wedding and enjoy each other’s company. The staff were fabulous, the scenery is gorgeous – it’s literally paradise! Definitely a holiday to be remembered forever! In Dubai, there is so much to see and do, you will never get bored, it is a magnificent city, constantly changing, and the shopping is out of this world!

Why did you use Buy Our Honeymoon?

When we got married in March 2015, we had already been living together in our own flat for 9 months and had been preparing for the move for over a year whilst still living with my parents so we really did have everything we needed and more so the traditional wedding gifts would have nowhere to go.

We also didn’t want to put an expectation onto our guests of how much to give us for a present as a lot of them had to travel quite far for the wedding and stayed overnight with us at the venue. With Buy Our Honeymoon being an online service, and offering so many different payment options, it was really easy for our guests to use. They loved being able to print out the little postcard to give us on the day as a token of their gift and I loved making our website and monitoring it.

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 We both knew that we wanted our honeymoon to be extravagant, which usually means expensive, so any help we could get towards the cost of this would be most appreciated.  By using Buy Our Honeymoon, our guests could contribute to the overall cost or purchase specific activities or little luxuries, which we could enjoy during our first few weeks of married life. In the end we were so lucky and our guests were exceptionally generous – they really helped us out and made our honeymoon even better than we could have planned for!

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