Did you know that one fifth of people have now honeymooned with their friends according to new research?


Newly-married couples are shunning the traditional romantic honeymoon by inviting along friends according to foreign exchange specialist Travelex. It comes as research reveals that one in five couples have already shared their honeymoon with more than just their spouse to cut costs on their first trip away as husband and wife.


Results from Travelex showed that almost half would consider buddymooning if it saved them money as newly-married couples struggle to reduce the costs accumulated by getting married.  50% would go on a buddymoon if it meant saving up to 25% off of the price of their holiday, whilst another 40% of people would be swayed by a 50% saving.

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Almost half of respondents would consider inviting family to their honeymoon if it meant they could go to a more expensive destination, whereas a fun-loving third of Brits would invite friends along to make their honeymoon more enjoyable. When it came to locations, Dubai topped the poll as the most popular destination for a buddymoon, with Thailand and France coming a close second and third.


“We’ve seen increasing popularity for couples sharing honeymoons,” says honeymoon booking specialists Mr & Mrs Smith. “Once they’ve paid for individual flights, buddymoon groups can take advantage of group discounts, sharing villas and collaborating on costs throughout their holiday – often meaning they can afford to do more inspiring activities, or upgrade their experience.”


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