Trends and fashions change and evolve and the same goes for wedding themes. So we’ve looked at some of the most popular themes of the last few years and we’ve given them a bit of a face lift…

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Switch vintage for 1920s

This has been a popular style for a few years now. We’re thinking old-style tea parties, vintage lace wedding gowns and classic cars to take you and your party to the venue. If you like the vintage idea then you can move it along a little to 2013 by working some Art Deco ideas into your day.

This year sees the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, so 1920’s Deco style is going to be big, big, big this year. A wonderful Art Deco-styled venue is The Bloomsbury Ballroom, in London, which has all the original architectural features. You can use Art Deco touches on your stationery and, of course, a 1920s-style wedding gown with a dropped waistline and vintage veil would look perfect.

Switch full-on glitz for subtle sparkle

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lace and sparkle ellisbridals

The Duchess of Cambridge certainly set the trend for lace with her incredible bridal gown and we think she looked both beautiful and elegant – exactly like a queen-in-waiting. If you like this type of delicate look, you can bring it into 2013 by adding subtle hints of sparkle. Look out for dresses with a subtle shimmer on the lace – nothing that shouts rhinestones and bling – more a delicate dusting of crystals which ‘lifts’ the fabric instead. If you’re a fan of strapless dresses, then introduce a sheer neckline, which hints at a strapless style but provides a little more cover on the shoulders – chiffon and lace work beautifully to create this classy effect.

Switch country garden for festival chic

eco chic wedding mattbowenphotography

A country garden wedding theme is timeless – and works well if you’re having a summer or early autumn wedding day, when the temperature is warmer. But if you want to add some edgier touches, you can introduce elements of an eco-festival into your day.

We’re thinking festival-style flags at the entrance and along the pathway to your marquee or barn venue. When it comes to your food, you need to be thinking local and seasonal. If the area in which you’re marrying is famous for cheese then have a local cheeseboard on a buffet table. If you’re marrying in autumn, make sure seasonal berries form a part of the dessert. As for drinks, you could serve a cocktail made from local cider.

Your flowers should be seasonal so daffodils, tulips and primroses in the spring, roses and peonies in summer and maybe dahlias and chrysanthemums in the autumn. Talk to your florist about what is available. Plus, sourcing local and seasonal goods means you’ll also save money, which is no bad thing.

Switch flowers for ribbons

ribboned chair backs rebeccaweddingphotography

If you like the idea of decorated chairbacks then you should consider using ribbons to embellish your wedding chairs. They have a number of advantages over flowers – they won’t wilt, they come in all different sorts of colours and styles and you can more easily DIY a ribbon chairback than you can a floral one. Leave your ribbons to trail freely or opt for some wire-edged ribbon and create freestanding decorative bows for a more 3D effect.

Switch traditional blooms for brooch bouquets

Nothing can replace the scent of fresh flowers in your bridal bouquet, but if you’re looking for a funky twist, how about a brooch or button design instead? Not only will they last forever, you could also use them as wedding gifts for your best girls – a detail and gift idea in one!

Switch bunting for pom poms

paper pom poms

If you’re keen on DIY decorations and you fancy something a little bit different, then why not make some gorgeous paper pom-poms? They’re not difficult, you can make them in just about any colour you can imagine, plus they’re a little bit quirky and more original than vintage-style bunting that has had its day.

Switch traditional tiers for wow-factor cakes


A bit trend for 2013 is the tiered wedding cake and when it comes to decoration, the more indulgent the better. Forget traditional fruit cake and sponges – this year is all about red velvet cakes and if you’re having a tiered cake you can have different flavours for each tier.

If you’re worried this will eat into your budget, have dummy tiers instead and just keep the top layer for cutting. It’ll give you the same striking effect for a lot less money.