Electric Daisy Flower Farm are one of the most innovative and creative florist businesses around today. Growing their own flowers to use in beautifully freeform and unique arrangements. You can find their floral feature in our Joyful June issue out now!! Need advice on flower species? Want something different? Struggling to match up colours for your theme? Electric Daisy have the answer with their artistic photographs depicting the a whole variety of species they grow, the names, how to pair them, how to compliment them and what to chose for your colour scheme and theme.

electric daisy text


     Wild & free                                                 Citrus brights

electric daisy 1

Purple Oasis – Top Continus coggygria,Ammi majus, Echinecea purpurea, Lonicera
Bottom Physsocarpus, Dahlia x3, Zantedeschia, Dahlia

“We pride ourselves on our ethical harvests. Our bountiful collection of flowers are grown using sustainable garden practices and are completely chemical free. Each bouquet we make is a mini multi-sensory exhibition, exploding with intensity. Choreographed to bloom throughout the year, our flowers and floral arrangements are produced for people who appreciate nature and relish the bounty of the changing seasons.”

Take a look at Electric Daisy Flower Farm website to see more of their brilliant seasonal blooms and in house photography of the ‘flower men’ prints and calendar!


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