It’s such an honour being asked to be a bridesmaid – it is, after all, the biggest day of the bride’s life, and she wants you right by her side through all of it. But, taking on such a role can prove to be pricey…

New research from American Express has found that bridesmaids spend over £450 for the privilege of being a bridesmaid. This may seem like a ridiculous figure, but once you factor in the hen do, gifts, travel and accommodation for the big day, numbers can easily add up.

Items Average spend – Usher Average spend – Bridesmaids
Travel £128 £75
Hotel £101 £93
Gifts £87 £74
Hen/stag do £83 £96
Pre-wedding celebrations £81 £68
Drinks £73 £57
TOTAL £553 £462


It’s not only bridesmaid who have to fork out for the big day – ushers’ wallets will take even more of a hit at £553 per wedding. And you can double those figures if two of your besties are tying the knot in the same year.

Photography: Charlotte Clemie

What’s more, attending a wedding as a guest isn’t all that cheaper either; 32% of Brits will attend at least one wedding in 2018, spending an average of £303 on each event. And with UK adults planning to attend on average three weddings this year, the bill nears £1,000!

Item Average spend per wedding
Gift £57
Hotel £54
Outfit £50
Travel £42
Hen/stag do £42
Drinks £36
Hair and beauty £22
TOTAL £303


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For wedding guests, the largest expense is the wedding gift at £57, followed by hotels, outfits and travel. However, 68% say they plan to wear the same outfit at more than one wedding rather than forking out for a new look each time.

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