Bridesmaids are your best asset on your big day. Here are some handy bridesmaids ideas on how you can use them to your full advantage.

On average in the UK, brides choose two or three bridesmaids, but we’ve seen some weddings with as many as 10! Remember, if you’ve got lots of bridesmaids ideas, you should appoint one to be in charge of everybody and make her your one point of contact. Just think about Pippa Middleton on the Royal Wedding day – a maid of honour is especially important if you’ve got lots of little ones to control!

Bridesmaids Ideas

bridesmaids-ideasSome bridesmaids ideas should include, is a little flowergirl really going to carry a posy all day? Would a wrist corsage work better? Or maybe you could give them a job to do like sprinkling rose petals down the aisle to keep them occupied? As well as providing friendship and support all day long, bridesmaids ideas are looked for and they are expected to offer some practical help, too. She could help you organise the favours, run errands and do some of the legwork to free up your time. Back in Roman times, the bridesmaid was there to protect the bride as she traveled to the wedding ceremony, things have changed through the ages! The job of the bridesmaid now is to assist the bride in preparations, plan hen parties and make sure all is calm on the wedding day.

Arguments do happen, even between the best of friends, especially at such an emotional time. Whatever you do, remember why you chose them as bridesmaids in the first place – talk, forgive and forget. This is supposed to be the best time in your life, not a time for squabbling! Even with the best-laid wedding plans, there’s always a risk of emotional fallout in the run up to the big day – after all, ‘perfect’ means different things to different people! Stress and anxiety can blow a problem out of all proportion, staying calm will help resolve it. So take a deep breath, stop and then take it in turns to speak and, more importantly, to listen without interrupting! Find someone (unbiased) to mediate if it helps. Explain what it is you want – and then think beyond that. Is there something deeper and more important at stake for either of you? If there is, that’s the issue worth thinking about. Be honest about it and talk it through.

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