Bridesmaid Planning Made Easy: 4 Steps To Your Tailor-MAID Night In!

So, the journey has begun, you’re engaged! Your first steps of planning may feel like a whirlwind of information – an array of never-ending choices. It is important in equal measures to be savvy AND enjoy yourself whilst being clever with your time and money. Maid with Style is here to guarantee at least one easy part of your planning and one you can be sure to remember with fond memories and your favourite girls!

Bridesmaid Planning Made Easy: 4 Steps To Your Tailor-MAID Night In!

Assembling the dream team

It can be tricky enough rallying the team together to find your dream dress, so how do you start shopping for them? This calls for a dedicated girls night for all things bridesmaid and Maid of Honour!

We love an excuse to get together with our best of the bests or worst of the worsts (however you see those glorious fans of yours!) So, what better way to shop then in your own home with your faves and a couple of bottles of prosecco?

Start with the flip of a laptop

Options online are now so vast; yes, even for bridesmaid dresses. With our favourite brands such as Asos, Topshop, MissGuided and even Whistles now introducing their very own stylish bridesmaid attire, we are spoilt for choice. Maid with Style bring all of these brands along with brands that are new and exclusive to the bridal industry. Plus even ones that may not have been on your radar at all!

The website gives you clear and concise choices with no stress- but big style- and allows the girls to all be involved making suggestions from wherever they may be. Each gown can be ordered directly from the supplier. It’s just a case of booking in your tailor-maid night in with the gang!

Bridesmaid Planning Made Easy: 4 Steps To Your Tailor-MAID Night In!

Gathering the bridal party

Make this night a hen-initiation night. An evening of friendship, laughter and of course decisions. This is also an opportunity to discuss with your bridesmaids what it is you expect from them and what they can offer you in the build-up to the big day. And if you have ordered your bridal gown already, don’t forget to request a swatch of fabric for your dress to compare to the bridesmaids.

Make your other half scarce for the evening, get the team over, whack Bridesmaids the movie on and get the catwalk (that section between coffee table and TV) rocking!

Making the final selection

The day is of course yours so the theme and feel to the attire is ultimately your vision. However, don’t forget to listen to your bridesmaids too. The photos from the day are going to last a lifetime and you want your bridesmaids to feel fabulous with you. Each person is an individual and combining style, cut and colour is all the trend at the moment so don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Trust that you can work together as a team to create that beautiful look you’ve envisaged… but boss gets final say!


Bridesmaid Planning Made Easy: 4 Steps To Your Tailor-MAID Night In!


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