Utter the words ‘Lana Del Rey’ and surely a number of descriptions come to mind; “internet sensation” and “seductive songbird” are perhaps amongst the most popular, but perhaps not bridal and bridesmaid hair and beauty ideas.

Get Hair like Lana Del ReyIndeed, Lana seems to epitomise the melancholic siren with the doe eyes, but why is she hot right now in terms of bridal inspiration? Born Elizabeth Grant, this pop-culture phenomenon is a fresh-faced beauty that isn’t afraid of being too pretty and perfectly marries the divide between vintage bridal and modern bridal. This look can serve as inspiration for your wedding, but not without some commitment, consulting your stylist, investment in quality make-up brushes and perhaps a salon trolley to store the necessary tools!


Not many brides and bridesmaids think of wearing their hair down for their wedding, but if you get it right, it’s fabulous. Lana’s hair is homage to Hollywood’s vintage era, but with an urban edge. Lana’s fox-coloured hue is a nod to Jessica Rabbit, but with the Veronica Lake texture. This can be achieved with a side parting and rollers, but if you really want to get the Lana tresses nailed, visit your salon for a pre-wedding cut and colour. That way, you can sit back and relax on your big day as your stylist blow-dries your hair to Del Rey deliciousness. However, don’t neglect your accessories; Lana’s hair is never too far away from being adorned with quirky flowers which provide a perfect alternative to the usual tiara and veil.


According to a recent British survey, 76% of women wear the wrong foundation. When going for Lana’s beauty look for your wedding – and crucially the photos – it is important to get the base right. An invisible second skin, the foundation has to be as flawless as possible for this look; no blotchiness or blemishes and certainly no uneven coverage. The key is to prepare your skin as fully as possible; cleanse, tone and moisturise. Secondly, make sure you know your skin tone, skin type and skin shade. In terms of colour, keep it dewy and as natural as possible, Lana definitely is not an advocate for self-tan.


A huge aspect of Lana’s look is her smoky and seductive eyes, reminiscent of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. To emulate this, you must dare to be graphic. A self-labelled “gangster Nancy Sinatra”, think ‘all-American as apple pie’ meets 1950s Las Vegas showgirl for your inspiration. The eyes are key to this look; they need to be framed with groomed but not-too-thin brows and appropriate eye shadow, liner and lashes. Using an eye shadow palette of both inky hues and shimmering pale tones, it is imperative you use your shadow to the brow bone. Using a liquid liner rather than a kohl pencil will certainly help you achieve the dramatic lines Lana is famed for, and ensure it is ultra black. Finally and perhaps most importantly, are the lashes. False eyelashes will finish off this look perfectly; it is your choice whether to have individual lash extensions added to your own at a salon, however, it is still achievable using the copious variety of strip lashes available from any store that sells cosmetics. Make sure they are full, the more ‘showgirl’ they are, the better. To channel this, perhaps look at Priscilla Presley’s and Brigitte Bardot’s wedding style for inspiration.


Lana Del Ray NailsThe secret here is the use of an old-fashioned lip pencil and lipstick, rather than shiny gloss. Line the lip extra carefully for that precise touch of finesse, and finish with a glamorous shade to suit a Dior bombshell. For inspiration, perhaps think about the classic Guess editorials or the latest Dolce and Gabbana campaign featuring Monica Bellucci.


Finally, the perfect nails finish off this look. So far, her beauty has been suitably glamorous and beautiful, but here is where this starlet incorporates her fondness for the unique and rebellious (you only have to see her cheeky hand tattoo to see evidence of this). Lana’s nails are filed to points (often called ‘stiletto nails’) and manicured to feature coloured tips. This is perhaps a little-too-much for your wedding, so take a trip to the nail technician and get her help in modifying this without sacrificing the individuality.


I find investing in a camera to record your make-up looks is a good idea, as you can tweak and evolve your look to find your wedding style. If there is one positive effect from Lana that we can adopt, it’s that make-up is fun again!

This guest post was contributed by Leyla, an aspiring blogger and self-confessed fashion lover and salon addict. She is currently writing on behalf of Salons Direct, the leading stockists of hairdressing and beauty supplies in the UK.


  1. Wow thanks Maureen for your kind comments, they’re much appreciated. I chose Lana Del Rey as inspiration for the exact reason you stated: she has a perfect wedding look of vintage meets modern, demure meets glamour. I know I will be channelling Lana as soon as I can with my wedding!


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