If you are looking for the perfect wedding dress diet plan then look no further. We’ve got two brides to tell us how they lost over five stone between them in just 12 weeks, just in time for their weddings.

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The Wedding Dress Diet plan success stories


In 2011, my fiancé and I booked our dream beach wedding in Cyprus for later that year. I had my heart set on a short, fitted dress. However, when I found the one I could only squeeze into the biggest size the shop stocked. I felt so unhappy but determined to slim.

“I’m going to be a size 10 when I come back for my fitting,” I told the owner of the dress shop. Nevertheless, she just smiled – a smile that said she had heard it all before.

I researched lots of diets but couldn’t find one that suited my busy lifestyle. Plus, there was so much information available that it became confusing. Shakes? Low fat? Appetite suppressant pills? I just wanted an effective healthy diet plan. Finally, I had a lightbulb moment. Based on common sense, good nutrition and the desire to look fabulous on my wedding day, I would create my own diet.

I’m a keen amateur cook so I created easy recipes suitable for a modern bride. I did this by using ingredients that I found tasty and filling. It was a structured 12-week plan that included treats and after just seven days I had lost 9lbs!

After 12 weeks of following my plan I had lost an amazing 36lbs. Then, back in the wedding dress shop, I had to be refitted to a size 8-10. I gave the shop assistant my best ‘told you so’ smile and I can’t tell you how good that felt!

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The diet plan itself was easy to understand and easy to follow. After just two days I had lost 4lbs, I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy to see the number on the scales go down instead of up. It made me determined to stick to it.

I found it easy to cook delicious healthy meals that the whole family enjoyed whilst sticking to the diet plan. I lost a stone after 4 weeks! You won’t believe how shocked I was at how well I was doing. All just by following some simple rules.

Nonetheless, when you think something is too good to be true, it normally is. However, that’s not the case with this diet. This was doing exactly what I had read about and I was feeling so happy with my progress. I was getting comments about the weight loss which was giving me the extra boost to continue.

Even though I was seeing the numbers on the scales go down, I still couldn’t believe it and still felt big. What really made me feel the difference was how my clothes were suddenly baggy and I had to pull out size 16 clothes from my wardrobe. Besides that, it wasn’t long before those were too big too. Finally, I felt the reward of doing the diet when after the 12 weeks, I had lost 2 and a half stone.

I’ve got so much confidence back and I feel so much better about myself too. I owe The Wedding Dress Diet Plan so much because I felt amazing on my wedding day and received so many compliments. Also, the Wedding Dress Diet has given me a new start in my life and I couldn’t praise it enough.

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