It’s easy to get lost down a rabbit-hole of pinspiration when you start planning your big day. It’s an exciting time and jumping head first into planning can seem like the right thing to do. But before you get carried away with inspiration and ideas, there’s something else you should be thinking about first and that’s your vision.




Michelle Kelly of Fearless Authentic WEDPLANOLOGY online course for brides-to-be says

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“Gathering inspiration can be a great place to start, it gets your creative juices flowing and shows you that anything is possible. Nowadays there is so much scope to do things your way and couples are finding ever more creative ways to express personality through their wedding choices. But, a word of caution…

“don’t let all of the inspiration cloud your view of what you really want your day to be about!”




Michelle is sharing her top FIVE tips for planning a day that’s oh-so authentically YOU…



If you really don’t know what kind of vibe you want for your day, think about all the things you don’t particularly love or like about weddings. This should help you start to form a vision of the type of day you actually do want. For example, if you hate weddings that feel really formal and serious then that’s a pretty clear indicator that you want to do something more fun and upbeat for yours.


If you find struggling to decide between certain options then now is the time to trust your instincts and intuition. Listen to the guiding voice within and focus on how that decision feels for you. Does it feel good or does it make you feel uneasy or unsure? If you feel unsure then know it’s not right and quickly move on. You know better than anyone else what makes you tick, so seek out the things that do.


Many people, even your well-meaning best friend, will have pre-conceived ideas about what a wedding ‘should’ be all about. They may try to steer you towards taffeta bows, nasty chair covers or boring venues. But it doesn’t have to be this way and you absolutely can express yourself through your choices of location, venue, food, décor, music and everything else in between. Be daring, be original, but most of all just be you, no matter how crazy you think your ideas are someone, somewhere, will have done something wilder…so just go for it.


Who says you can’t have your male best friend as your maid of honour? Why is that exquisite, sequinned gown, that hugs your curves in all the right places, not wedding appropriate? Why can’t you get married in a forest and hang disco balls from the trees? Well we say YOU CAN, and you should if that’s what you desire to do, with a little know-how and a trusty team behind you, anything is possible. The best weddings are those that don’t follow convention, they’re brave, fearless and fierce. They make their own rules.


Sure your wedding day is way more than just a party, but by laying down the fundamentals for a fabulous party for your guests, you’re ensuring an awesome wedding day for the two of you. Enjoyment is catching – how can you not have the ‘best day ever’ when your guests are dancing on the tables like their lives depend on it? We can guarantee that when you look back on your day, these memories – of you and your beloved surrounded by everyone you love having a blast – will be the ones that mean the most.
And the key? Great food and drink are a given, as is music and dancing, but it’s the element of surprise that keeps guests talking for years to come. So focus on giving them the best party of their lives and in return you’ll have the best day of yours. Karma’s great like that.




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