Congratulations, you’re engaged! You are now about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life – and with plenty of champagne along the way you’re sure to enjoy yourself right? Right! While there is this misconception that wedding planning can be stressful and bring out the ‘bridezilla’ in even the best of us, this does not have to be the case! With’s insider tips and tricks to stress-free wedding planning, you’ll be sitting back and enjoying the ride in no time.

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Clear Your Head

Weddings are exciting for everyone involved, from your long lost great aunt to your best friend. With this excitement comes a lot of ideas pouring out and around. The very first step to ensure your wedding planning goes smoothly and calmly throughout the entire process is to get as clear an image as you can of what you and your groom want the day to look like. After all this is your day and a reflection of your relationship. So as tempting as it is to absorb all these wonderful ideas into your wedding, make sure your day stays true to the two of you – and stick to it!

Get Visual

Amazingly, most of the stress of wedding planning doesn’t come from guest counting or transport sorting, but actually from trying to express how you want the day to look to your suppliers. The biggest step you can take to help both yourself and your suppliers is to create mood boards. Don’t rely on verbal descriptions and start some Pinterest boards for every aspect of your wedding. This way you can see how everything ties together, while also ensuring the supplier knows exactly what you mean when you say you want “a touch of boho glam to a country english garden theme”.

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Start Delegating Early

This could easily be the most important step to ensure your wedding planning is as stress-free and fun as it deserves to be! Get your friends and family involved in as many aspects of the wedding as possible – and if anyone you know has any special skills, use them! From DIY projects to spreadsheet help, the more you’re willing to let your close ones help, guaranteed the easier the whole planning will be. And the best part? It’s the perfect excuse to have multiple get togethers with your nearest and dearest during your engagement! This time will fly by, so spending time with loved ones is incredibly valuable.

Be Very Clear On What Your Budget Is

This applies both to yourself and to when dealing with suppliers. After you’ve had a chance to enjoy some celebratory champagne, set a day to sit down with your partner and/or families to set a clear budget. Once you have a set budget, it’ll be much easier to divide that budget across your suppliers.’s wedding budget calculator is the perfect tool to help with this! Once your budget is set, don’t be shy about being very clear and vocal with suppliers what they are working with – it’s much less stressful adding to your orders than having to slash things that are bringing you over budget!

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Be Flexible

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Yes, this is a very very important day to you. But if you decide from the get go that you will not let little hiccups bother you and you will be willing to be flexible where you need to be, you will save yourself loads of unnecessary stress. From being flexible with your wedding date (remember, venues are often cheaper on Thursday and Fridays and off-peak seasons!) to choosing a venue based on their ability to host both the wedding and reception – a little flexibility goes a long way for staying stress free!

Combine Your Bookings

This tip will help with both your stress levels and your budget – it’s a win win! When searching through suppliers, make sure you check to see if they offer any other services. If your florist can also handle lighting and decor, it will not only make your planning much easier, but you can often get package deals too (just be sure to ask)!

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Dazed Photography

Keep Everything In One Place!

Finally, and possibly the easiest tip to follow, is keeping all of your wedding planning in one place. And with, the new free online wedding planning site, it’s now easier than ever! With tracking for your checklist, budget and guests and tens of thousands of the UK’s best suppliers right at your fingertips, it’s now easier than ever to stay on track and focus on the important things – like enjoying your engagement as much as you deserve to!