A mother is taken to court after she took her son out of school, during term time, so he could attend her wedding in St. Lucia.


Bride Frances Harden was denied permission to take her son Harrison, 13, out of school for two weeks for her wedding abroad in April — even though she had asked a year earlier for consent.

Even though she was denied, she went ahead with the wedding and took her son out of school. Upon her return she was promptly fined £50 for her son’s holiday, which she refused to pay.

She has now been summoned to court, where the fine has been increased and she risks ruining her credit rating.

Are you taking a child out of school so they can attend your big day? Would you pay the £50 fine?

Let us know!


    • Hey Kerry, since 2004 parents have been automatically fined £50 if they took their children out of school during term time. These days it’s down to the headmaster of the school whether or not they get fined. Hope this helps x

  1. We are allowed to take our children out of primary school for up to 2 weeks in the school year with permission but the senior school point blank say no 🙁 Its a joke tbh!

  2. Omg this is rediculous!!!! It’s not like he was off to Alton towers for a week?! And they asked a year in advance……this isn’t fair and I would of done the same and no I wouldn’t pay either!!!

  3. I would pay the fine and get it over with. We are getting married in December and asked for permission to take our son out of school, luckily it was granted but I would have still taken him out without consent and then face the music when I got back…£50 is small price to pay I think. If it doesnt interfere with exams then I cant see what the problem is, its a special occasion and not like you get married every other week.

  4. I would ask that the fine be waived on the basis that I would donate £50 to charity, something like EdUKaid, providing education resources in Tanzania.


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