Our real brides are constantly sharing their inspirational, down to earth advice on how they looked their beautiful best. What better than to have a sneak peek inside their wedding day makeup bag, then?

We’ve rounded up some of their best ideas to share with you so you can look, feel and be totally beautiful – just as every bride should.

Seven products that every bride should carry in her makeup bag (or ask one of her best girls to hang on to) to look their beautiful best on their big day



For all the kissing, talking and photographs! One of our real brides let us in on the secret of blue lip-glosses – they don’t turn your lips blue, but they do make your teeth look whiter! Keep it handy to reapply as often as needed. You’ll find more expert beauty tips here.


Because almost every bride cries at some point… And even if you do keep your composure, we bet at least one of your bridesmaids won’t! No one wants to walk down the aisle with a sniffly nose, so have tissues handy at all times to feel your best.


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Use the same powder as your makeup artist applied when you were getting ready. Depending on weather conditions and the products used, you might not even need to top up, but we’d always rather be safe than sorry. Pop a compact version into your makeup bag and relax knowing it is there if you need it – the cameras will be flashing into the night, after all! And while we’re talking makeup, make sure you don’t get caught out by one of these makeup myths!

Day lipstick

Can we refer you back to point one? All that kissing will take its toll on even the best lipsticks, glosses and stains…

Night lipstick

They’re small enough to easily fit in your bag, so why not pack two? Many brides like to change up their makeup look from day to night. You can do this subtly by changing lipsticks. Keep things fresh and natural during the day (try MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick for this) then be bold and wear a deeper, richer hue for the nighttime like the MAC Amorous lipstick.

Waterproof mascara

Whether you want bold eyes, dazzling lashes or a natural, understated look, make sure whatever style you choose is tear-proof! You won’t need to worry if the emotions get to you, and your mascara won’t run if you work up a sweat on the dance floor either – it’s a win, win!


So that you can smell as beautiful as you look all day long. Spritz on some extra scent as needed – you’ll remember the scent forever. The nostalgic fragrance will be perfect for use on anniversaries and special occasions, too!


Now you’ve got your makeup bag sorted, it’s time to get your hair looking equally glam! These are 10 of our favourite hair ideas to show your stylist – which would you choose?


What beauty essentials will you be putting in your bridal makeup bag?