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Burnt out? Don’t let soaring wedding budgets, misbehaving bridesmaids or piles of wedmin get the better of your bride-to-be glow. Here’s all you need to help you boost your body and mind

With so much to think about, it’s completely natural to have the odd wobble in the run-up to your wedding, but constant stress that leaves you more than a little frayed will start to take its toll. Thankfully the right mix of skincare and nourishment will see you through.

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Stress affects skin in a major way – and it’s all thanks to that fight-or-flight hormone cortisol, which instructs the glands to produce more oil. “These hormone fluctuations also sensitise the skin, making your complexion more reactive to products and the environment,” reveals Renée Lapino, a senior medical facialist based at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, London. “I’d recommend using a gentle cleanser that will support the skin without stimulating more cellular activity, like Intraceuticals’ Rejuvenate Gentle Cleanser (£37.95), which soothes breakouts and redness. It has a foaming effect, which is great for dehydrated skins as well as oily and acneic types,” she adds. 

Look after the delicate eye area

Staring into an abyss of guest lists and budgeting spreadsheets on your laptop after an eight-hour stint in the office will take its toll on your eyes – not ideal when you’ve got a flurry of engagement drinks to attend as the glowing bride-to-be. “Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes (£48) is great for those suffering with dark circles or puffiness, and MZ’s Skin Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment Masks (£65 for five) are perfect if you’re concerned about tired-looking eyes – these products are the answer to a plethora of problems,” reveals Renée. “For best results, combine them!”

Sleeping aids

For those nights when you’re lying awake, counting guest numbers and fretting over favours, you need a product that’s going to calm your mind and fast-track eight hours of sleep. Cue Spacemasks (£15 for five), a sleep aid that relaxes furrowed brows by gently warming the eye area. Oxygen activates the cotton mask almost instantly and the mild and soothing jasmine scent eases tension. “I’d also recommend banning screens an hour before bed and sleeping in a dark, cool room,” adds Renée. “The body boosts blood flow to the skin while you’re sleeping, meaning you’ll wake up with a glow if you’ve had eight hours.”

Boost your energy levels

Rather than relying on your usual caffeine or sugar fix to boost energy levels, there are supplements that can supercharge both your body and your mind. “In addition to a healthy balanced diet and two litres of water each day, I encourage all my patients to try Liquid Chlorophyll by Nature’s Sunshine (£16.10) – one teaspoon stirred into water, twice a day,” says Renée. “Chlorophyll stimulates the production of red blood cells, increasing oxygen levels in the body and improving digestion, hydration and collagen production.” 

Care for your hair

We’re well versed on how stress threatens general wellbeing, but did you know it has a negative impact on hair, too? Like skin, your hair and scalp repairs itself overnight, so a lack of sleep will affect it greatly. Nurse stressed-out locks back to health with a mask twice a week – Coco & Eve’s Like A Virgin Hair Masque (£34.90) is a good choice. You can also spritz some of This Works Stress Check Hair Elixir (£25) onto thinning ends to restore shine. 

Watch what you’re eating

With so much conflicting advice in the media, many people struggle to properly nourish themselves. Try checking in with a nutritionist in the run-up to your wedding for some tips so you get everything you need to stop you from becoming frazzled. “I recommend London-based nutritionist Kim Pearson, who also offers online consultations,” adds Renée.  

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