Bridal trends

In search of the best bridal trends for 2019? We asked the team at Ladybird for their pick of the most beautiful wedding dresses for the year ahead

The Ladybird bridal collection offers a huge variety of styles for any bride, from bohemian and princess to figure-hugging and wide skirts. Here’s their pick of the best bridal trends for 2019…

Transparency wedding dress

Bridal trends

Dresses with a transparent bodice are the most current trend in bridal fashion right now. You’re adding just a hint of sexiness to your dress, without having to compromise on elegance.

Chiffon wedding dress

Bridal trends

Soft, flowing dress that allow you to dance all night are the perfect choice for brides who are looking for simplicity and fun.

Royal wedding dress

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Bridal trends

Inspired by the royal weddings of 2018, big and elegant dresses are certainly on trend! Small glamorous details turn these gowns into real showstoppers.

Bohemian wedding dress

Bridal trends

A trend that’s still going strong are gowns with a touch of bohemian. Whether you’re planning a barn wedding or looking for a beach affair, a flowing yet detailed dress is sure to impress!

Illusion lace wedding dress

Bridal trends

White or nude tulle-embellished with intricate embroidery or lace detailing, creating a sophisticated sheer ‘tattoo’ effect on the skin, is a trend that appeared only a few years ago. However, it’s already found its place in bridal fashion in many different ways.

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