We asked Jayne from Elegant Steps to answer your tricky questions about your bridal shoes and how to find your perfect pair…


I’m having a short dress inspired by the 1950s. What bridal shoes will work with this look?

We love the 1950’s wedding theme. I’d recommend a stunning ‘on trend’ pointy court shoe, this kind of style fits perfectly with the 1950’s style dress.

We’re getting married on the beach so heels are out but I still want to feel bridal. What are the alternatives?

We love ‘barefoot’ sandals, dress up your toes and you need not worry about tottering and sinking in the sand, just enjoy the moment and feel the sand between your toes.

Alternatively if you can’t live without your shoes, I would suggest a wedge or a flip flop so you feel stable and comfortable.

I’m just 5′ 3 and my husband is nearer 6′. How can I gain height but still feel steady as I walk down the aisle?

Unless you wear tall shoes regularly, your wedding day is NOT the day to experiment and compete with your grooms height… it could end in tears (tears of pain or laughter if you fall over!).

That aside if you need to wear a taller shoe to gain the height you require, I would advise you go for a pair of platform shoes one with a tall platform that is ‘chiseled’ inwards. This makes it easier to walk in as you will glide down the aisle, not stomp. Also, try to get one with a taller platform to even out the heel, the less front platform the more stretch on the arch of the foot, which will cause pain throughout the day.

I’ve found the perfect plain bridal shoes. How do I pretty them up for the evening?

Shoe clips can add detail to the perfect pair of plain shoes without breaking the bank, you can wear them again on another pair of shoes, too!

Customising shoes is very big at the moment, you can totally make a plain shoe look like it cost a million bucks and give it a completely different feel by adding glitter or crystals.

Firstly, I wouldn’t recommend you do it yourself unless you are really artistic and very patient or you and your home may end up looking like an extra from the ‘Art Attack’. Be sure to follow a plan carefully, have a mood board or Pinterest for inspiration and also by using another pair of shoes to practice on first.

Are you a flat shoes or a killer heels kind of girl? Describe your wedding shoes to us!

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