When it comes to your wedding, picking out the perfect dress often takes top priority; multiple boutique visits, dozens of dresses to try on and conflicting opinions from your mum and bridesmaids. Just don’t forget to consider the other all-important items you’ll wear on the big day – the jewellery! Family-run jewellery company Purely Diamonds offers up its hints and tips for bridal sparkle

Wedding Ring

Getting the dress right is obviously a priority, but your wedding ring lasts as a daily reminder of your wedding day (aside from the memories) so get it right. It should always be a considered purchase; after all, when you consider cost-per-wear; it’s got to be the best value item from the whole day!

Think about your engagement ring; do you have one that requires a particular matching wedding band? Whether it’s diamond set, plain or wishbone, look for a band that suits the style of your existing ring.

If you’re looking for a plain wedding ring – the most traditional style – opt for a band that matches the shape of your engagement ring so they sit perfectly together. The standard options are ‘court’ which has a slight curvature, ‘flat’ which is a more contemporary finish or ‘d-shape’ if your ring is more rounded.

Increasing in popularity is the use of eternity ring styles as a wedding band, especially if your engagement ring has extra diamonds set in the band. If a diamond set wedding ring is for you, then try to match it with the correct claw or channel set diamonds of your engagement ring.

If your engagement ring is a unique shape or quite detailed, you’ll often find that a standard shape wedding ring will not sit flush alongside it. If this is the case, a wishbone wedding ring will work best; made with a small curvature to the band, this will enable your two rings to snugly fit together.


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Earrings are a great subtle addition to your wedding ensemble. Chances are you’ll be busy deliberating whether you want your hair up or hair down, so when it comes to earrings, the Purely Diamonds team suggest going relatively simple and classic in style. Whether it’s classic diamond studs or even the addition of luxurious pearls, remember to pair them with your wedding dress and overall look for the day.


Necklaces and pendants are not always needed on a wedding day as dress necklines and details need to be seen in all their glory, but in a similar vein to earrings, it’s best to keep it simple. Necklaces should exude delicate sparkle to add to your look, but if diamonds aren’t for you, then opt for pearls, as they represent both purity and wisdom – a beautiful sentiment for your special day.

Whatever you’re looking for, jewellery should always be an extension of your personality, so be led by your style over anything else. The team at Purely Diamonds can help you with all your jewellery needs, either in their London showrooms or online.


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