Ready to start planning your big day? Created in 2018, Bridal Bible is the ultimate wedding planning tool that’s designed to simplify the process; find out how it can help you with budget planning, designing wedding invitations, guest lists and more…

Bridal Bible

This is the Wedding Planning Tool Every Bride Needs

You’re engaged! Now what?

Designed to help you through your wedding planning journey, Bridal Bible is the must-have assistant for every engaged couple.

Each stage is planning through a series of simple activities that lead up to the big day, from priority mapping, budgeting planning, date prospecting, style planning, guest lists and more.

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There’s also help with bridal party selection, ideal brainstorming, supplier shortlisting, payment tracking, table plan, invite design, place setting planning, guest requirements, song playlist, photographs, and order of service.

Not feminine, nor masculine, Bridal Bible is made for everyone. It was designed in mostly white for this reason, selected with a matte coat finish. The heart logo represents eternal love and depicts two different sides of the heart coming together as one.

Bridal Bible

The moment you open Bridal Bible, it becomes personal. It records the journey of two people working together towards what will likely be the most special day of their lives. The design was thoughtfully curated to look minimal and simple, allowing each owner to put their own stamp on it as they progress through, while still being extensive in practical planning utilities. 

Bridal Bible is also designed to be a special gift for anyone who receives it. Not only does the set as a whole invoke a gift-style luxury feel to it, but each of the four pieces within the set have been carefully thought through to exist with intent and purpose. 

What does Bridal Bible include?

The book: The clear star of the show, and with good reason. The 196-page A5 take-it-everywhere-and-anywhere book is enriched with an entire wedding planning toolkit, to ensure the perfect day is created in the simplest way. 

The pencil: A wedding is a work-in-progress, and yours is no different. There will be decisions you make that you decide to change further down the line, and with your pencil, any amendments can be made with ease. 

Bridal Bible set

The bookmark: Time is valuable, especially to anybody planning a wedding. In Bridal Bible, there’s a bookmark included to ensure there’s no time wasted when it comes to picking up where you left off. 

The slipcase: This helps to protect your Bridal Bible from daily wear and tear, so it can be kept to hold beautiful memories forever. It also keeps everything together in one place, with room for loose leaflets you’ve collected from suppliers.

Can I give Bridal Bible as a gift?

It stands to reason why every couple would want Bridal Bible to be a part of their wedding planning process. This is why it’s the ultimate engagement gift from parents, family and friends, to celebrate an unforgettable occasion.

The gift message option via the website means that nobody can miss out on the moment, allowing you to send Bridal Bible direct to the recipients. Next-day delivery is also available via the website.

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