Looking for the best bridal beauty treatments to book before your wedding day? From hair treatments, eyelash extensions and teeth whitening to gel manicures, blow-dries and at-home facials, we put the best bridal beauty treatments to the test.

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The Best Bridal Beauty Treatments Tried and Tested

A wedding day is arguably one of the most momentous occasions in one’s lifetime, so it’s only natural to want to look and feel like the best version of yourself. Navigating the bridal beauty realm can feel a little overwhelming, so we’re here to take the weight off with our bridal beauty guide, tried and tested by our team (past and present).

Below you will find a list of the finest bridal beauty treatments, ranging from hair, to manicures, to facials, aesthetics and more.

We test out the latest cult, trending and transformative beauty treatments so you can see what’s on offer as you prep, from head-to-toe, for your wedding day.

Mesotherapy ‘Skin Booster’ treatment, Vaishaly

Having grown up consuming beauty news on a biblical nature, I had of course heard of Vaishaly and her legendary facials, but experiencing one first hand was incredible.

Her technique is bespoke to each client, but almost always begins with a facial massage followed by her renowned Mesotherapy technique. A glorious elixir of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals are mixed depending on an individual’s needs and are added into the skin’s surface through the ‘Nappage’ method, using a series of nano injections. Fresh skin cells replace aged or damaged ones, leaving you with a visibly firmer, more toned, uplifted, and radiant complexion after just one treatment.

The results

Bride-to-be’s fear not, the facial was painless and had little to no downtime. I could hardly believe the results considering the facial was only thirty minutes. My skin had never looked so good; it was noticeably brighter and more radiant, I was quite literally glowing – and the results were only getting better post treatment. We advise getting booked in sometime during the week before the big day.


Mesotherapy Treatment – 30 mins with Vaishaly £275 with aestheticians £225
Mesotherapy & Glow Peel – 45 mins with Vaishaly £400 with aestheticians £300

Book online at Vaishaly.

Review by Beth Poppy


I had heard great things about Hydrafacials and after having blackheads and dull skin over the years I was excited to try a new type of facial. I chose a Hydrafacial at it’s meant to be a truly bespoke treatment with the products chosen based on your skin sensitivities and concerns, promising to provide glowing skin.

After entering flagship store, which lies in the heart of Marylebone, I was warmly welcomed to a calm and relaxing environment. I started by filling out forms about my skin and skin history; the clinician, Amanda, asked me in-depth about any skin concerns I had, so she could tailor the treatment based on this, as the facial can be customised for all skin types and conditions. I advised her that dull skin and blackheads were my biggest concerns.

Though it’s advisable to not have a heavy full face of make up before the treatment, Amanda started the treatment by gently cleaning the skin to get rid of any make up. This is to lift away dead skin cells, loosen pores and prepare the skin for extraction.

She then used a suction device and started with glycolic acid, pushing gently into the skin for a deep cleanse, before using salicylic acid and botanical extracts with the same device. She then exfoliated the skin using microdermabrasion.

It was still relaxing – though don’t expect a facial massage or elements of a regular facial, this is a deep cleanse(!) – but it also felt extremely satisfying, as if all the dirt was coming out of my skin. And it was – I was quite shocked when Amanda showed me the dirt that had come off my face using the device. I also had a lot of blackheads on my nose, and she extracted these properly; I’ve not seen my nose without blackheads in years, it was great.

As I had mentioned dull skin was a concern of mine, Amanda then applied a booster of Vitamin C before a hydrating moisturiser. She explained that pollution can wreak havoc on your skin, and advised on an anti-pollution sunscreen to be used everyday, particularly if you live in a city and commute on tubes.

Finally, Amanda placed a red LED light above my face for 20 minutes – which was so relaxing I fell asleep! The treatment then ends with a hydrating serum and SPF, which was also pollution preventing, as your skin is more susceptible to outside elements such as sun and pollution after the treatment.

I kept looking in the mirror that evening as my skin had never looked so clean, fresh and clear – and the next day before applying my make up, it made for the perfect hydrated base.

The clinician suggested booking in three hydrafacials for optimum results for your wedding day, to start two or three months before the big day – and to mention your concerns, whether that’s blackheads or anything else, as they can use everything from retinol to Vitamin C for oily skin, spots, fine lines and beyond.

A Hydrafacial can even be done the morning of the wedding or the evening before for the perfect base – though if you tend to have breakouts, have particularly sensitive skin, or are unsure, it’s advised to have one a few weeks before to trial your skin’s reaction.

Book online and find a provider at Hydrafacial.

Philips Zoom! Whitening at Serene Dental by Dr Safa

Going to the dentist is never a fun experience, or so I thought – so, I was a little apprehensive as I approached Serene Dental by Dr Safa in Knightsbridge.

However, all my worries were dispelled as I walked through the door. From the stylish décor to the drinks offered upon my arrival, I was at total ease and it felt more like a spa or salon than a dentist which was lovely.

Dr Safa was so friendly and reassuring, and though I was there for Zoom whitening, she really talked through the process of everything I could need, from my teeth history, to checking my teeth, to discussing options for Invisalign and at-home whitening.

I was there for Zoom whitening, which is also called ‘in chair power bleaching’. This procedure takes place in a single session so it’s ideal for brides the week of their wedding for an instant whiter smile! First my gums and teeth and mouth were protected with a rubber seal, to prevent any of the solution getting onto my gums. Then, they applied a hydrogen peroxide bleach onto my teeth.

This was then activated using a Blue UV light for 15 minutes which is placed above your teeth as you wear protective glasses. The whole process wasn’t uncomfortable at all, as it was done in 15-minute stints, with breaks in between, totalling one hour of whitening. This made things much more relaxed and Dr Safa was lovely and chatted to me throughout.

I could see results instantly and was really surprised as I didn’t think I would, with all the plaque and stains removed from my teeth. However, Dr Safa advised that she would only recommend brides going for this option if they have done a previous course of whitening before the treatment, or are going to continue after the session, as the white colour only lasts around four days.

If you want to go one further, Dr Safa offers several other options, such as take-home trays or even express seven-week Invisalign if your teeth are suited to it and you just need minor adjustments. She uses a clever 3D machine, that avoids using any of those suffocating moulds they sometimes use, to scan your teeth – and she can show you exactly how your teeth will change.

I opted to take home the trays to continue my whitening at home, which are really easy to use. Dr Safa showed me my current tooth shade of white and then the shade I could reach with at-home whitening. The aim is natural rather than bright Simon Cowell-esque white!

You use the moulds of your teeth, then simply put a small amount of gel in each tooth section (which she will show you exactly how to do) and sleep in the moulds overnight for a minimum of six hours – and it should take just two weeks of daily use to see results.

My teeth did feel a little sensitive after the Zoom whitening, but nothing unmanageable – and Dr Safa has lots of advice if you do experience whitening. If you have extremely sensitive teeth or are a smoker it may not work for you, but Dr Safa explained that most people are more than OK with it.

Zoom Whitening is perfect to have before your wedding as it lasts about a week, to really dazzle in those all-important pics!

Philips Zoom home whitening treatments start from £450. Book online at Serene Dental.

Review by Claire Benktander

Pre-Wedding Pamper with Dr Joney De Souza

Wedding preparation season is in full force and whether you’re a guest, bridesmaid or the blushing bride, you’ve probably started to think about those pre-wedding beauty rituals to guarantee you’re looking and feeling your best self on the big day. Enter: Dr Joney De Souza.

Sometimes no amount of dieting or exercise can target stubborn areas of fat, and getting a little help to remove those areas is becoming increasingly popular with brides and the quality of non-invasive body treatments available today.

The Dr Joney De Souza Skin and Laser Clinic specialises in a huge array of treatments, but we were particularly interested in their non-invasive body procedures. The first being Flexsure, a fat reduction treatment that can destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery. And, if combined with Stimsure, an electromagnetic body toning device, really is the ultimate bridal beauty body treatment.

I headed to Marylebone to try out Flexsure and Stimsure – and I was certainly not disappointed.

I opted for my tummy area for the Flexsure, and my bum area for the Stimsure, other clients have used the Stimsure to tone up their bums, firm up their arms or even work on strengthening thigh muscles.

I’d never had a body sculpting treatment before and really didn’t know what to expect, but the lovely team at Dr Joney De Souza really put me at ease and took me through the process.


The treatment is a non-invasive body shaping procedure that uses radiofrequency to encourage fat elimination. During the process, a pad heats up to increase collagen production and reduce fat cells in the targeted area.


Stimsure uses two paddles to switch between two different contraction patterns, causing the muscles to contract up to 24,000 times in one 30-minute treatment. The contractions can vary in intensity and it’s up to you and your therapist to decide which level to run with. A little cautious, I started low but after a few minutes adjusting my body to the pushing and pulling feelings I felt comfortable upping the ante to higher frequency and stronger contractions. A course of four sessions is recommended in order to see the best results – which will show six weeks after your first treatment.

The results

The Flexsure results were impressive, my tummy appeared tighter and more contoured, however my busy August schedule meant I wasn’t as consistent as usual with my diet and workout routine which I’m told may have affected my results. I could certainly feel the effects on my bum after four sessions of Stimsure. It felt as though I’d put my body through its paces with a series of glute intense workouts – when in reality I’d just had a bit of lay down. I would highly recommend both treatments if you are an active individual, needing a little bit of extra help to look and feel your best for your wedding day.

Book online at Dr Joney De Souza.

FOREO Luna, Bear & UFO Six-Minute Facial


I started using the three-step FOREO regime a few weeks ago to upgrade my skincare routine in preparation for my wedding in June. I felt like I needed to give my skin the best possible treatment, and I decided to start with the best FOREO skincare devices!

We’re getting married in the south of Italy with photographers and videographers capturing the weekend events so it was super important to me that my skin is healthy, glowing and looking the best it can be.

With the stress of planning a wedding and just doing life in general, time is precious; it’s so hard to find the time the time to get to a salon for a facial. What I’ve loved about the FOREO three-step program is that it’s like bringing the spa into your home.

I’ve seen a difference in hydration and an overall tighter and smoother completion, which we all want for our big day. But an added bonus is that they are so enjoyable to use and extremely therapeutic. Not only do they really work, but it feels there’s some excellent well-being benefits too! My daily six-minute facial with FOREO is really wonderful!

Anything that saves me time right now is my vibe – with a full time job, wedding planning and the rest of life, salon appointments are few and far between and my FOREO three-step program has been an absolute saviour!

I use the LUNA 3 Plus for deep but gentle cleansing, the BEAR to contour, tone and tighten and the UFO 2 to shrink pores, reduce puffiness and revitalise my skin, especially Farm To Face masks which are so nourishing and calming!

Each product has amazing technology and the FOREO app guides you through the treatments – and with regular usage, you can see the benefits and results every day.

The FOREO LUNA starts at £169, the BEAR at £279 and the UFO at £249. Buy online at FOREO.

PAINT Nails London

Paint nail studio at Beauty Club London
PAINT Nails London at Beauty Club London. Credit: Kate Darkins

Picture the scene: you and your best girls are getting ready for your last night of freedom, you’ve spent the day strutting up Oxford Street in a last ditch attempt to find the perfect finishing touches to your hen night outfit and you’re almost ready hit up a fancy London rooftop bar for cocktails.

But all that shopping and catching up with the girls has left no time to get ready for the evening’s antics – and you’ll all want to look your best from head-to-toe as you toast to the start of your life. A quick pitstop at Beauty Club London should do the trick, and while your bride-tribe are booked in for blowdries, it’s time for your to prep your paws with a mani-pedi at PAINT Nails London.

Taking the meaning of ‘nail bar’ very literally, PAINT not only boasts experts in nail design but a sizeable menu of delicious cocktails to get the party started before you head out for a girls night on the town.

Housed in the Beauty Club London studio, a new concept space where all your hair and beauty needs are taken care of, PAINT has a cherry-picked edit of the best brands, techniques and nail technicians to give your nails the full treatment (at a very affordable price tag).

Shape & paint on hands starts from £25. Book online at Paint Nails London.

Revive Collagen


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I was intrigued to try out a collagen drink, having seen it advertised for many years, but I have to say I was initially sceptical.

Collagen is meant to increase elasticity in our skin; our collagen levels deplete as we age and this causes skin to be more prone to damage and sagging – and drinking collagen boosts the production of this collagen and hyaluronic acids.

I received the pink packaging from Revive Collagen  – a great start(!) – in two flavours, citrus and tropical. The delicious citrus flavour contains 8,500mg of collagen, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera juice, the latter acting as an anti-inflammatory and promises to help to treat dry skin.

The tropical flavour is the Revive Collagen ‘Enhanced Plus’ version and contains even more collagen than the citrus flavour – 10,000mg – alongside Vitamin B6, B12, keratin and retinol, whereas the original doesn’t, so it depends what your aim and skin concerns are as to which you choose.

Both were tasty, but I went with Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus as I preferred the tropical flavour slightly and wanted to get the full effect of the collagen. You can either take the sachets by themselves or with water; I preferred to dilute mine to get a more subtle taste; it tastes just like flavoured water.

For the first two weeks I didn’t notice too much, but having now used it for four weeks I really feel like I am starting to see a difference. My skin seems to be more glowing and I have had fewer breakouts whereas I usually get a spot every few days.

My nails also used to break very easily and I feel they are getting stronger – and my hair seems to be more shiny. The results will vary person to person but I am excited to see the results after even longer, such as after six months or so. For a bride, it’s advised to start using this product at least six months before your wedding to really see the fully effects – and as it’s so simple and tasty to take, it’s an easy aspect to add in to part of your daily routine.

One pack (14 sachets) of Revive Collagen Original starts from £33.99. Buy online at Revive Collagen and find out more by heading to Revive Collagen’s Instagram page.

Brow Lamination at Blush + Blow, London


I once heard a makeup artist profess ‘eyebrows can make or break a face‘, as she whipped out what appeared to be a protractor and turned her client’s forehead into some sort of architectural sketch. While perhaps a little dramatic, I can certainly appreciate just how much a perfectly shaped and filled eyebrow can transform your makeup look.

In need of a bit of TLC, but having ditched my protractor at GCSE maths, I turned to the professionals to fix up my brows. Naturally, my eyebrows are quite dark in colour, but after years of plucking and threading chasing that perfect arch, can appear a little sparse in the middle. Before venturing down a more permanent route such as microblading (you can read all about that further down this article) I decided to try out Brow Lamination at Blush + Blow in London’s leafy Parson’s Green.

The expert team at Blush + Blow offer up everything from the bounciest of blow dries and semi-permanent makeup to botox and teeth whitening. As soon as you walk into the cool blue, Instagram worthy-salon you can see why it’s become a hub of all things beauty for Chelsea’s social set and TV stars.

I was immediately made to feel as though my brows were in safe hands as i was lead down to the serene treatment room, complete with calming music and subtle incense. After talking me through the brow lamination process, the aesthetician got to work. I must have drifted off as I emerged about around 30 minutes later with smoother, fuller, luscious brows.

A before and after of brow lamination at Blush + Blow

So, what is the brow lamination process? 

Originating from Russia, the brow lamination process is a new technique to boost your brows. To start, a lifting cream is painted over your eyebrows to break down the bonds of each hair and enable them to be manipulated into a new shape and direction.

The brows are then brushed in an upwards motion to give a fuller look and fill over sparse areas. A neatraliser is then used to set reforms the bonds in order to keep the hairs fixed in their new place. A setting lotion then helps to the fix the brow and a nourishing oil leaves them full of moisture and looking smooth, shiny and luscious.

The results of brow lamination last up to 6 weeks. I found my brows looked near on perfect for both day and night about a week after the treatment. In the weeks following, they only needed a little bit of a tweak and fill if I was going for a full makeup look.

Brow Lamination is now available alongside LVL lash treatments at Blush + Blow

Review by Isabelle Higgs

Hen Party Blow Dries at Duck & Dry, Chelsea

hen-party-bridal-party-blow-dry-duck-and-dry (1)
Duck & Dry, Chelsea

Few occasions present a better excuse to get glammed up with your best girls than a hen party. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, jetting off on a hen weekend away or just want to spend the day getting pampered, Duck & Dry’s bridal and hen party offerings are the perfect place to get the party started.

Famed for their bouncy blow dries and now also providing on-point manicures at select London salons, what could be better than getting ready for you big night out with all the bride squad together. Oh, and the in-house prosecco bar will be on hand to keep the bubbles flowing.

Whether you’re keeping your pre-hen party pamper session small or want to hire out the whole salon for an hour or two, the blow dry experts and nail technicians will be on hand to cater to all your girls’ needs.

For more information about bridal party or hen party bookings at Chelsea or any other salons, visit Duck & Dry’s website.

Lip Enhancement with Mr Olivier Amar at The Cadogan Clinic


In my opinion – and some may disagree – its your lips, not your eyes that are the focus point of your face. Although the poets like to harp on about the thousands of stories behind your eyes, it’s your lips that actually tell those stories and it’s the part of the my face I’ve most often critiqued.

After some deliberation, I decided to explore the option of lip filler. With the likes of the Kardashian’s and a new wave of Instagram models sporting fuller lips, lip filler has remained one of the most popular aesthetic treatments, but it’s no longer all about the ‘trout pout’. Many of those stars are now opting for lip filler correction and subtle lip enhancement is the new order of the day.

With this in mind, I consulted Mr Olivier Amar at Chelsea’s Cadogan Clinic – because I’m a firm believer when it comes to your face, you should only put your trust in the hands of the very best.

The Treatment: Lip Enhancement 

As part of his Facial Rejuvenation programme, Mr Amar uses advanced lip fillers containing a fluid, reversible and absorbable form of pure hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of healthy, youthful skin. I had asked for a subtle enhancement and after analysing the shape of my face and discussing my desired look, Mr Amar suggested the areas on the top and bottom lip that he thought would complement the structure of my face the most.

The Process

As well as meticulously explaining the process before, Mr Amar talked me through each step. Numbing cream can be used and was offered, however trusting my pain threshold, I opted for the use of filler with a numbing substance (Lidocaine) already mixed in. This meant it was less messy, and easier to see what was going on. The process was far less painful than I had expected. Although, I would say the injections are not painless and I could feel scratches of the the needle and the sensation of the filler. If you have a low tolerance for pain, numbing cream is still a great option.

The Look

The effects of the lip enhancement treatment can be seen immediately (although initial swelling my exaggerate the contour) and I was so pleased with the overall effect.

I had picked up a little bruising (which Mr Amar assured me was normal and actually a sign of good health), however this subsided within a couple of days.

Since having the treatment, I have received so many compliments on my lips and although people have noticed a change, they’re always surprised when I tell them I have had lip filler as the look is so natural and complements my face.

How long does lip filler last?

Mr Amar explained that the filler can last anytime between 4 months to a year. It can depend on the type of filler used as well as your metabolism (as this breaks down the filler in your body).

Mr Amar’s consultations start at £250, visit his website for more information. For more information on facial aesthetics and to book a treatment, visit The Cadogan Clinic.

Review by Ruby Norris