Wedding countdown is officially on for Entertainment Editor for the Daily Star, Jess Brown. Today she talks about pampering and her bridal beauty regime.

bridal-beauty-regime-and-a-metrosexual-fiance-jess-brown-blog-part-5-2There’s just three weeks until I change my surname and draw a line under my old, very chaotic and haphazard, single life. So seeing as the big day is no longer just a date in the future and is actually happening this month I decided it was time to start some sort of bridal beauty regime.

I’ve never been the type of girl to get her nails done, have regular facials or own a selection of false eyelashes. I’m also prone to sleeping in my make-up after a night down the pub. However, with just weeks until the big ‘I do’ I’ve decided to sort out my pathetic beauty routine.

Male Grooming

And very surprisingly, so has my fiancé Jimmy. Who said men didn’t care about looking good? It seems even the most un-metrosexual man can still be a little vain deep down. I even caught Jim reading a feature titled “How to be the perfect Groom” – a guide explaining how to look your best on your wedding. It was at this point I suggested we went for a His and Hers spa day. He was 100% up for it.

We took our novice selves down to Anesis Spa in Clapham to have a pre-wedding beauty day. As soon as we entered the salon Jim morphed into a metrosexual man. He’s a Painter and Decorator so his hands are usually covered in paint, wood filler, plaster etc. However, after his hand massage and manicure his nails have never looked so good. Jim also had a Natural Fish Pedicure Treatment, where you emerge your feet in a tank of Doctor Fish and they nibble away all the dead skin leaving them feeling silky soft. To top it all off Jim had an hour long Swedish massage.

Treatments Galore!

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Everytime we swapped treatment rooms, I’d spot Jim drinking coffee chatting to the beauticians, I think he enjoyed it more than I did. For my pre-wedding preparation I had an amazing Elemis Visible Brilliance facial. Which was so relaxing and definitely gave my skin a dewy glow.

I also had a set of Artistic Gel nails, which last for up to six weeks, so perfect with the wedding just around the corner. And finally I had a LVL Lash Treatment, which I’ve never had before and must admit was a bit nervous about. The treatment lifts and tints your natural lashes so you don’t need to worry about getting lash extensions or apply false ones. The results were brilliant, my eyelashes looked thicker and longer – which explains why the treatment is a favourite with wide-eyed glamour puss’ Kate Moss, Liz Hurley and Heidi Klum. I will definitely make LVL lashes part of my new married life beauty regime

Since having the spa day I’ve tried to take my makeup off every day and started to be more careful with my nails. Any excuse to get out of the washing up!


Jess’s bridal beauty regime and beauty advice for future brides

  • Drink as much water as possible to rehydrate your skin, minimum 2 litres a day (apparently rehydrated skin will look better than any expensive foundation or highlighter)
  • Start having regular facials in the lead up to the wedding, once a month for four months (or if like me you forget two/ three jam-packed in weeks before).
  • Start using cuticle cream and nail strengthening formula on your nails
  • Book yourself in to get Artistic Gel Nails if your nails are weak prone to breaking and chipping
  • LVL lashes are a great alternative to false eyelashes if you want a natural but striking look on the day
  • Eyebrows are more important than people realise as they frame your face and can dramatically change your look. HD brows include 7 steps to the perfect celebrity brow with tinting, waxing threading and tweezing
  • Finally have a massage and relax a few days before the day – no-one wants to see a stressed bride