It’s the nightmare scenario. Your wedding day is finally here, you jump out of bed, look into the mirror and… Shock horror, you’ve got a super-sized spot on your face that wasn’t there yesterday. But fear not! We’ve got beauty experts Beauty Call to give us their top tips on how you can prevent a bridal beauty disaster.

How can I stop my lipstick wearing off?

Lipcote is making a big comeback. Brush it onto your lips after a coat of lipstick and it will keep the colour fresh and in place for several hours.

I love false eyelashes but I’m worried about them falling out.

Avoid strip eyelashes because they’ll come off. Individual false lashes are much better, you can buy them in Boots but they’re a bit tricky to apply by yourself, so ask your make-up artist for a bit of help.

I’m thinking about having my teeth whitened. What do you think?

Teeth whitening can work really well. However, if you wear raspberry or pinky blue lipstick it has the effect of making your teeth look brighter and whiter, so if you’re conscious of your budget why not give that a try.

Should I have a pre-wedding facial?

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Facials are a good idea but never have a facial in the week of your wedding. It will clear the impurities from your skin but facials often result in breakouts and you don’t want to have spots on your wedding day! About two to three weeks beforehand should be fine though.

I’m going for an updo but I’m worried about it falling down. How can I prevent this?

A good hairdresser will create your updo in such a way that it stays in place and they’ll use hair lacquer to fix your style in place. Don’t wash your hair on the day of your wedding, though, if you’re having an updo – it’ll be too slippery. Washing it the day before is better.

Give your chief bridesmaid a packet of kirby grips, so that you have some spare to tweak up any strands of hair that work their way loose (especially when you’re dancing).

Any other hair tips?

Even though fringes are back in fashion, with the likes of Michelle Obama rocking one, our advice is not to have a fringe cut into your hair at the last minute. Try out a fringe at least six months before your wedding and then if you don’t like the look, you’ve got time to grow it out.

When should I try out my wedding make-up ideas?

About six to eight weeks before your wedding day you can test-drive your hair and make-up. That way you’ve got time to alter things and adapt. You don’t want to be trying out anything new the day before.

What about my nails?

A lot of brides are looking at shellac or gel nails. It’s a more durable form of nail varnish that keeps your nails looking polished and perfect for about two weeks and it’s hard to chip. Ideal for brides, the hard-wearing formula will look great in your wedding and honeymoon photos.

Should I go for a brand new look?

Our advice would be never to go for a brand new look on your wedding day. You might run the risk of your bridegroom not recognising you as you walk up the aisle.

Always go for a make-up look that’s tried and tested and which you feel comfortable with. Avoid anything trend based because you’ll look dated in your wedding photographs very quickly. Also don’t wear bright red lipstick – unless you’re having a vintage-styled wedding.

So – the advice seems to be that you shouldn’t be afraid to try out new things but don’t try them out in the week before your wedding day. Have beauty routines in place that you’ve become comfortable with and you should avoid any last-minute beauty dilemmas on your big day.