Hancocks wedding Jewellers have taken time to speak with Industry experts to get a view of non-traditionalist trends coming through this year! For ways to make your day that touch more personal and true to your style, without the pressure of adhering to anything too expected!

Moving away from tradition

From the dresses to the huge floral arrangements, more and more brides and grooms are moving away from the usual traditions associated with weddings. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses, cupcakes, sweet tables and mason jar centrepieces; we have seen more couples break free from traditions over the past few years, and it seems that couples are set to push the boundaries even further in 2016!

break tradition2

Clare Wallis, Sales & Events Manager at The Vincent Hotel, commented: “I would say the biggest change is the formality; most brides and grooms want a good party. Gone is the old tradition of line-ups and grace before the meal; I’m seeing a rise in those who just go for a buffet rather than a sit-down wedding breakfast. I’ve also seen this trend make its way to all parts of the wedding, like the cake. Brides and grooms now tend to go with more fun cakes rather than the traditional-style cakes.”

break tradition1

Gifts for the groom

A trend that is really taking off this year; more brides are choosing to purchase a sentimental keepsake for their husband-to-be for the big day.

Amanda Slater, Wedding Ring Buyer at Hancocks Jewellers, says that although this is a relatively new trend, there are still ways to bring a classical touch: “Grooms will often purchase an extra something for their bride, but now we are seeing this trend in reverse. Cufflinks have become a hugely popular choice. Practical yet still sentimental and very classic; they allow the groom to wear them on the day, and then they can be worn in the future too. 

More personality

Websites such as Pinterest have encouraged brides and grooms to put their own stamp on their wedding. More couples are incorporating their own style into their big day, doing things differently and giving their guests a day to remember.

Cheryl Lumley, editor of All Round Creative Junkie, believes that people are breaking free from the traditional expectations of weddings to create something truly unique:

“Weddings have changed. We want personal touches that show off our personalities: we want vintage tea parties, rustic country settings, to wear Converse with our wedding dresses and to dance in barns with bunting and hay bale seats. We are creating whole weekend events – mini festivals, almost. The traditional wedding rule book has gone and we now do whatever we want.”

break tradition

The non-traditional dress

The overarching theme for weddings this year is “being yourself”, and this is no different when it comes to the dress. This year designers have focused on adding small details and embellishments to dresses that have never been seen before, from sheer skirts to bodice illusions, that help brides feel like one-of-a-kind.

Jane Elmer, owner of Elmer Couture, said that she has seen more brides striving to be unique when they walk down the aisle: “Don’t be afraid to dress your own personality. From short ‘60s styling – perfect if you’re planning a relaxed ceremony – white on white or subtle pastel shades and ivory, or keeping it very simple with minimalist tailoring or modernist styling – the choice is endless! The classic full-length dress, adorned with delicate tulle and French Chantilly lace, feathers, bejewelled sashes and belts, delivers pure elegance, whilst a Roman goddess, wood nymph and boho look are also all big this season.”

By Hancocks Jewellers