Here’s a gorgeously intimate boudoir photography gift idea from you to your new husband.

Imagine your H2B’s face, when, on the morning of the wedding he unwraps a gift you’ve left for him that is discretely marked, ‘For Your Eyes Only.’

Bouidour photography

Inside the layers of black tissue paper and elegant packaging, he finds nestled a photo album containing the most stunning, jaw dropping photographs of his new bride, how no-one else will ever see her.

He’ll feel like the luckiest man alive, and he’ll have the ultimate proof that you are every bit as beautiful, sexy and stunning as he’s always told you you are.

Sound exciting?

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Before you rush in and sign up for your very personal boudoir photo shoot, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

How can you be sure that you’ll look that beautiful?

Ok, don’t tell anyone we told you this, but the girls at For Your Eyes Only Portraits have a few secrets up their sleeves that guarantee a flawless finish, whatever your size or body shape.

For years these expert photographers have perfected lighting techniques and body sculpting poses that elongate legs, lift bottoms, flatten tummies and slim thighs. From Plus size to Petite, the girls at FYEO have seen it all and there’s nothing they love more than proving you wrong about your imperfections.

Who would be in my shoot?

This is really important. To feel completely comfortable and to make sure that your H2B doesn’t see red when he hears about your photographer, you need to guarantee that you will be one-to-one with a female photographer in a closed studio. The studio should be darkly lit, and you should feel comfortable, relaxed and have fun. You’ll soon be friends and be giggling together as you follow her very detailed instructions to get the absolute best out of your body.

What sort of pictures would he like?

Do your research, take a look at the For Your Eyes Only website and view the galleries for ideas and inspiration. Have a look at some of the customer feedback at the same time so you’ll get real reactions from people who have recently been in.

boudiour photography 2

What would I take?

The chances are you may have bought some new lingerie in the run up to your wedding, whether it’s something special for the honeymoon or some elegant corsetry hiding under that dress. You may have made a little extra effort with your beauty regime to so now’s the time to enjoy it. These photographs will give you a lasting memory of how you are now and show your groom a more private side to your new-found glow. You could also accessories your shoot with heels, jewellery, veil and tiara. This type of photography is very personal so bring anything that makes you feel gorgeous, or that you know he really loves you in.

Could I find out more from a photographer?

If you want to know if this really is right for you, ask for a telephone consultation with a photographer. This is absolutely free and will give you all the information you’ll need to plan your perfect personal wedding gift.


For more information contact FYEO Portraits™ on 0871 218 0343 or visit their website here.