The new year is the perfect time for you to start a fresh approach to your wedding day weight loss routine. Forget the stressful food shop, complicated cooking or calorie counting; LighterLife Fast is the perfect solution for ensuring you have the ultimate body confidence on your big day. Exclusively available from Superdrug, LighterLife Fast is a range of ultra-convenient, delicious and nutritious foods designed to be eaten on the 5:2 plan.


For five days a week you eat normally and then reduce your calorie in-take for two, which was popularised by A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr. Intermittent fasting is a great lifestyle choice for helping you lose or maintain weight so you can have the confidence to look and feel your very best on your wedding day! Having four LighterLife Fast products on each Fast day will give you 100% of your daily nutrition for around 600-800 calories.

The range includes world-inspired noodles and rice pots, classic favourites such as tasty Spaghetti Bolognese and Pasta Carbonara, filling soups, delicious desserts and yummy bars. Best of all they’re also the perfect size for slipping into your handbag, lunchbox or desk drawer. It really is 5:2 weight loss made easy. And it’s not just food that you can apply the 5:2 approach to. In order to improve your health and wellbeing ahead of your wedding for two days a week you should also try getting an early night, having a digital detox and indulging in some ‘me time’.

lighter-life-Apple & Cin Porridge

This simple approach will help you adopt a long-term, healthier lifestyle and will ensure you’re at your personal best throughout New Year, your wedding and beyond! Visit LighterLife for more information.


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