How far would you go to get your man to propose? According to one food blogger, it’s just a matter of making sandwiches – 300 of them, in fact.

300 sandwiches

New York reporter Stephanie Smith set up her blog 300 Sandwiches in 2012 after her boyfriend Eric Schulte told her that was how close she was to getting a proposal out of him. “One day, I made [Eric] a turkey and swiss sandwich on toasted wheat bread,” writes Smith. “[He] got so excited, he ate the entire meal without coming up for air. Then he made the declaration, “honey, you’re three hundred sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”

Now that Smith’s previously secret identity has been revealed, people are weighing in on her controversial arrangement, calling it old-fashioned at best, and sexist and manipulative at worst.

So what does Stephanie think about the Twitter backlash?

“Some say I’m just desperate to get engaged, [but] E didn’t say “cook me 300 sandwiches or I’m leaving you”,” she says. “He gave me a challenge – a dare, to some degree – and the type-A, Tracy Flick side of me can’t stand being challenged”

Hmm, we’re still not sure. How would you react if your boyfriend set you a proposal challenge? Let us know! Or, if you’re already got your ring, check out our Just Engaged Section for some great planning tips.