Beautiful Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory has opened up about her whirlwind engagement to tennis ace Ryan Sweeting.

The 27-year-old confimed the rumours last week, just days after she was spotted sporting a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger.

But the proposal wasn’t the usual romantic affair… In the beginning anyway! “Ryan actually started a little fight with me and threw me off,” said the star, speaking to Entertainment Weekly. “I was like ‘Oh my God, things aren’t great!”

The star of new movie The Wedding Ringer soon realised everything wasn’t as it seemed. “He surprised me at the end of the night when he popped the ring out. It was amazing!”


Cuoco and the Bahamian-born tennis player only got together in May this year after Cuoco’s brief fling with Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. And the engagement may seem a little rushed but Kayley says it just “worked” for them. “From day one I just knew immediately and it’s been magic,” she said.

Do you think five months is too short a time to really get to know someone? We’re talking about whirlwind engagements over on the Wedding Ideas Forum – come and join in!


  1. I love Kaley – great girl! Happy for her but personally I do think that’s too quick. I think people should try living together before jumping into marriage as that’s when you really get to know each others little habits and learn how to function as a couple.

  2. 5 months?? yes in my option it’s far too quick to rush into a marriage after 5months, how can you know someone well enough that soon to decide if you want to be with them for LIFE! i recently got married, we got engaged when we had been together 5.5years and got married when we had been together 8years. each to their own but i don’t see the rush if you are right for each other.

  3. We got engaged after 3 and a half years. We started talking marriage after a year but we were only 16. Getting married the day before our 6th anniversary and people still say we’re rushing into it :S

  4. My partner and I lived together before we were even ‘official’ last December. He then proposed to me in May and tomorrow we’re going to look at wedding stationary!! Wouldn’t change a singe second. When you know, you know. Everyone’s different!

  5. I think it depends on the couple, their pasts, the experiences they’ve learnt from and what they are looking for now and in the future. My fiancé proposed to me after 2 months of being together and we had loads of people say it was too quick – except for our families and close friends who agree that we’re made for each other. Time isn’t always a deciding factor, I’ve known couples who got married after 9 years of being together and then split after a year of marriage – back to my original comment of it depends on the couple 🙂

  6. My husband proposed to me after 6 mths but we talked about marriage from the very beginning, we knew instantly and 10 years and 3 children further on he’s still the one i want to spend the rest of my life with x

  7. My husband to be proposed to me after 9 months together, and he moved in with me 2 months after we started going out. That was 3 years ago and we are getting married in 6 weeks. If it feels right and you are both happy then I personally dont see the problem.

  8. Its not too quick, when its the right one, you know!! I was with my other half for 2 months before we moved in together and we got engaged after just 4 months together!! The wedding is booked and we couldn’t be happier!! We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!! 🙂

  9. I’ll have been with my husband 10 years by the time we get married in December. We didn’t even officially get engaged until Xmas day 2011 but talked about how we’d have our wedding by 2007. I feel that age plays a big part in deciding. At 19 I feel I wouldn’t have had enough life experience to get married, nor my qualifications, job, house…for us it also means a lot that our children will be a part of our day. Saying that I know people who have married within a year of meeting and madly in love 10 years on. I really do believe in soul mates…someone you connect with on a deeper level. And Kaley must have a good man there because his surname is the same as my finances 😉


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