Boho lace? Classic A-line? Double tier veil? You choose. The 2019 collection from Bianco Evento has been designed to help you build the perfect outfit for the big day

Choosing a dress for your big day can be one of the most daunting tasks of the entire wedding planning process. Sometimes there are just too many options, and you don’t know how to choose or where to start.

The 2019 Collection from

Top bridal picks from the Bianco Evento 2019 collection


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Bride model

Veils are the ideal traditional accessory for a bride and can add so much to any dress; it’s simply a matter of length. If you have a high, closed neckline, a longer veil is suitable.

Otherwise an open, sweetheart or strapless neckline suits a shorter veil. All Bianco Evento veils are made with high-quality tulle and use the same lace used across the whole collection.

Bridal dresses

Bride smiling

A different outfit for each event, your wedding and reception, can be easy when combining the same dress with different accessories.

A modern and exciting bolero can stand out on the day, while a faux fur bolero and belt can create a dramatically different look to carry you through the night.

The Harmonia dress was designed exactly for this purpose and is a great way to experience multiple outfits on your big day. This classic and ever fashionable dress also goes up to a size 24.

Bridal headpieces

Bride posing

Sometimes all you need is a simple, yet stunning piece of jewellery to complete the outfit. A headpiece like this can add that last touch of elegance to an already perfect day.

This is Cassandra, the tattoo lace back perfectly complimenting the floral detailing on the headpiece.

Bridal shoes

Add some height to your jumpsuit look by combining elegant and taller shoes.

Bridal shoes

The modern and super chic Samanta Jumpsuit is wonderfully matched with a block heel sandal, ensuring comfort and stability throughout the day.

Wedding jumpsuit

Boho wedding dress

Boho wedding dress

A boho dress, paired with a stunning pair of simple, but modern shoes, can not only combine the two styles, but ensure a sense of elegance at the same time. Here, the boho lace of Josephine is contrasted with the straight lines of Coco for a striking, modern look.

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