It’s a known fact on Valentine’s day you cannot go wrong with a thoughtfully picked bottle of perfume or aftershave as a gift. Hence why we’ve selected a range of the most loved scents that will have you falling head over heels for these aphrodisiacs without breaking the bank!

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Beyonce Heat Rush

100ml – £12.99

Be the star of any room, just like the queen herself! Beyonce brings a sensual, youthful and bright smell that leaves every woman feeling like a star as soon as it touches her skin. Heat Rush combines passion fruit, blood orange and Brazilian cherry.

Calvin Klein CK One

200ml – £24.99

Calvin Klein’s fresh and fruity fragrance has been equally as popular with both men and women since being released in the 1990’s. CK One combines a variety of citrus flavours to make the refreshingly light scent perfect for both day and night.

Agent Provocateur

100ml – £16.99

The exotic fragrance from Agent Provocateur has increasingly become the scent of seduction and permissiveness. The perfume combines alluring flavours from all corners of the world including Indian saffron oil, Russian coriander, Moroccan Rose oil, Vetiver from Haiti, Jasmine from Egypt and French Magnolia Oil.


Calvin Klein CK IN2U Her

150ml – £19.99

IN2U Her is guaranteed to leave any female feeling youthful and sexy. A timeless smell that will stick with you once you try this. A refreshing floral scent is created with a mixture of grapefruit, bergamot, amber and sweet vanilla.

Vera Wang Lovestruck

30ml – £9.99

Aptly named Lovestruck with it’s angelic aroma is fresh, fruity and quite simply addictive. Pink guava, angelica flower and mandarin are just a couple of the sweet scents used to create this magical perfume.

Lady Gaga Fame

50ml – £9.99

Recognised by it’s mysterious black colour, Lady Gaga Fame has left fans feeling subtly sweet with an oriental floral vibe adding an edgy attitude if you aren’t a fan of anything overly feminine.


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