We all know bridezilla could rear their head when planning a wedding, throwing hissy fits about everything from the favours to the groom’s cravat, but is there really any need to go barmy?!

Make sure your wedding planning is stress free (with no casualties!) by avoiding these 7 bridal sins…

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When you get engaged, it’s very easy to go crazy on the spending with anything you lust after, from sparkly heels to table decorations, but this is not only going to hurt the purse strings, it’s also quite likely to be a waste of money! The chances are that you’ll find something you really love at a later date and end up throwing away the little bits you bought early on.


People will be eager to offer you either a helping hand, advice or money for your wedding, which is fab, but make sure you don’t ask for/take more than you need. By taking things and then not using them on the day, you are likely to upset the person who is helping you. This also applies to hen parties. Don’t over indulge because it’s your special night, because your girls will end up forking out a fortune!


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Don’t demand only the most expensive ring, shoes or dress – you can have a gorgeous wedding without putting you and your h2b in debt! Also, consider your gift list. Only insisting on gifts £100+ is unfair on guests.

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Laziness is not an option when planning a wedding! Thinking ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ won’t get you anywhere. The earlier you get things sorted, the less stressed you’ll be by the wedding day!


You know what’s coming, bridezilla! Ok, so you’ll never get a better excuse to be bossy than this, but is it really worth upsetting, offending and arguing with the people you love? Weddings are meant to be a time of unity and happiness, so take it easy!


Whether it’s with money, making things, or guidance, every bride needs help planning their big day. Don’t be too proud to ask if you are struggling to get everything ready on time, or can’t foot the bills. These things need to be addressed early or you will have a real problem on your hands. The chances are, your good friends and family will be more than happy to support and help you where possible, without making you feel like a failure.


Whatever you do, do not compare your wedding to others! Each wedding you go to will have different budgets, themes and its own originality, so don’t feel that your wedding can’t live up to them. And likewise, don’t be a snobby guest by stating your wedding will be better!

So there you have it! Do any of these sins ring true to you? The main thing to remember is that your wedding as about you and your h2b committing to each other for the rest of your lives, in front of all the people you love and care about. Don’t let little issues, temptations and stress put a downer on your big day.