With sustainability a key priority for many couples, finding ways to stay eco-friendly AND cut costs is more important than ever. Cue, renting a wedding dress. Here, we pick out our favourite wedding dress rental and upcycling sites and the best dresses to rent for your wedding now.

& For Love Harris Dress on HURR, rental from £245 at hurrcollective.com

[words by Tabitha Syrett]

Wedding experts have predicted that a typical wedding can cost between £9,000 and a staggering £32,000. Yet, CNBC reports that 48.5% of couples regret many of their wedding expenses.

Fashion is also already one of the world’s most polluting industries, producing 10% of all human carbon emissions; it’s also the world’s second largest water consumer.

It’s unsurprising, then, that many brides are increasingly opting to rent or recycle their gowns with terms such ‘pre-loved’ or ‘upcycle’ coming to the fore.

Where to Rent a Wedding Dress & Our Favourite Rented Dresses

Molly’s vintage gown is available to rent for £350 a day on By Rotation

Popularising the ‘rental revolution’, Carrie Johnson wore a £2,900 white tulle Christos Costarellos dress that she rented from My Wardrobe HQ for £45, while Jack Whitehall’s sister Molly’s 1930’s cream silk gown was sourced from William Vintage and can now be rented for £375 a day.

Lily Goodall, a wedding planner and the founder of Elizabeth Weddings, said: “Due to the high demand of wedding dresses this year, brides have turned to renting for their big day,” attributing the popularity of the trend to its financial and time saving advantages.

There is also a romantic element to upcycling, with some brides seeking to incorporate an aspect of history into their weddings with vintage gowns, whilst simultaneously cutting back costs. Here, we pick out the best rental or second-hand websites to rent your wedding dress from plus our favourite dresses available to rent or buy now.

Best Wedding Dress Rental Websites

Catering to all manner of styles, labels and designs, these wedding dress rental sites allow brides to incorporate fashion-forward dresses with luxury and low prices. Here’s our pick of the best.


Hurr Collective was the UK’s first peer-to-peer fashion rental service and has hundreds of stylish items available to rent, including wedding dress gowns by designers like Rowley Hesselballe.

As with other mainstream clothing websites, HURR also includes styling notes with the garment, along with the amount of CO2 saved by renting the item.

& For Love Harris Dress on HURR, rental from £245.40


This stunning & For Love wedding dress offers a crew neck, structured statement sleeves, an open back and a slight train and is described as being ‘super light’, making it perfect for summer weddings.

Rent now on HURR

By Rotation

Launched in October 2019, By Rotation is a social fashion rental app that enables you to rent and lend designer fashion, promising to ‘rotate your wardrobe at your fingertips and do good for the planet’. The platform has over 150,000 users and allows the people renting to set the price of each item per day, along with the rental period.

Catherine Deane Gown on By Rotation, rental from £76


This cut-out lace Catherine Deane gown is priced at an inexpensive £110 for a week’s rental on By Rotation (there is a minimal rental period of three days costing £76 a day), a sizeable decrease from its £750 retail price.

Rent now on By Rotation

Maison Roula Dress on By Rotation, rental from £437


This romantic embroidered tulle dress available to rent from three days to two weeks is described as an ‘absolute dream to wear’, with an A-line cut, beautiful slit and detailed back.

Rent now on By Rotation

My Wardrobe HQ

My Wardrobe HQ celebrates circular fashion with the option to both rent and buy womenswear designer clothes and accessories for 10% of their RRP, and even offers next day delivery.

Savannah Miller Skye Bridal Dress on My Wardrobe HQ, from £150


This stunning whimsical wedding ensemble featured on My Wardrobe HQ is listed on the website as costing £150 rental per day (with an RRP of £3,000). The rental period extends from four days to fourteen, but can be extended if requested – perfect for reuse at future events!

Rent now on My Wardrobe HQ

Recycle My Wedding

Recycle My Wedding, an upcycling wedding dress site, promises to plant a tree with every purchase, offering the chance for brides to buy and sell pre-loved wedding items, emphasising the sustainable aspect of the process.

Stephanie Yallin Gown on Recycle My Wedding, £1,500


This stunning Stephanie Yallin number is now available to purchase on Recycle My Wedding for £1,500, just a fraction of the original price.

Shop now on Recycle My Wedding

Still White

Another second-hand wedding dress site rather than rental, Still White incorporates price-drop percentages to its site, emphasising the monetary value of buying a second-hand wedding dress.

According to the wedding insurance experts Protectivity, there are twelve Stella McCartney dresses available on Still White with an average cost of £907, nine Valentino dresses at an average of £474 and 104 Oscar de la Renta gowns retailing at an average price of £1,490, the latter in stark contrast to the average price of £9,200 for which the gowns are typically sold.

Made With Love Dress on Still White, $820


The much-loved bridal brand Made With Love has a few pre-loved pieces on Still White, including this stunning off the shoulder number. The dress has an 84% price decrease, reduced from a retail price of $5,000 to $820 on Still White.

Shop now on Still White

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2017 dress on Still White from £3,990


This Oscar de la Renta Fall 2017 dress is available on Still White for £4,030, a 67% decrease from the usual retail price of £11,997. The website includes the address of its original owner and specifies the necessary size of any prospective new owner.

Shop now on Still White


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