Proving it’s not just the tipple for long days at a St Tropez beach club, these rosé wines for your wedding will bring a taste of summer to your big day.

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We’re firm believers that the wine choices for weddings are as important as the food. After all, wine is consumed from the beginning of the nuptials right on through. When it comes to buying your wedding wine, there are a number of factors to consider, from the venue’s corkage fees and wines on offer to the taste preferences of your guests and the food pairing.

You may love sparkling wine throughout but people’s tastes vary, so options are always welcome. Rosé is always a great choice to have in the mix. Why? Because it goes with almost everything! 

Rosé is refreshingly versatile. You can serve it as an aperitif, alongside the wedding breakfast and on ‘til dawn! A dry, well-balanced choice won’t fail you, and with our selection of the best rosé wines, we’re sure you can’t go wrong. We’ve picked a selection of rosés from all over, to accommodate all budgets and wow your guests in one. 

Enjoy our Pick of the Best Rosé Wines for Your Wedding Day

Minuty Rose et Or 


They say Minuty is as commonplace as table water in the restaurants of the French Riviera and it’s not hard to gauge why. This is a slightly more premium offering from Minuty, one of the oldest estates in Provence. A more delicate profile to the rest of the Minuty range this is and a beautiful choice in wine for your big day. If it’s a dry rosé you’re after with floral and red fruit flavours, this is a faultless choice. 

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£27.99 from Majestic



Capturing the taste of summer in a bottle, AIX is an award-winning wine from Provence. It ticks all the boxes for dry wine loves with zippy acidity, peach and watermelon flavours alongside a touch of citrus and jasmine. It’s one that will certainly win over the crowds and is available in magnum form if you’re feeling extra flashy! 

£14.95 from Thorne Wines

Albury Silent Pool Rosé 


There’s something special about serving local wine on your wedding day, and this is an exemplary still English rosé to boot. It actually tastes like a British summer too, filled with strawberries on the palate and a creamy texture. It’s bright, juicy with a good bit of body. We think your guests will approve! 

£19 from Wanderlust

The Ned 2020 


Want something from a little farther afield on your big day? Why not consider a New Zealand rosé that’s a little different and refreshingly affordable? The Ned is a Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir based rosé that’s more vibrant in colour and has a good bit of body to it. The fruit flavours and aromas are jumping out the glass to give you a punchier style of wine that’s wholly enjoyable. 

£12.99 from Majestic

Sof Campo di Sasso 2020 


From Tenuta Campo di Sasso, part of the notable Antinori family, this is an exciting Tuscan rosé named after Lodovico Antinori’s daughter Sofia. We’re a sucker for a beautiful bottle but this wine speaks for itself. Expect a harmony of succulent red berries with a creamy texture combined with a long, clean finish of lemon pith. It’s a beautiful wine, fairly low in alcohol (12% ABV) and while it may be the top end of your budget, it’s certainly worth the splurge. 

£25.50 from Corney and Barrow 

Chateau Maris Rose de Nymphe Emue 2020 


This is a biodynamic wine from the Languedoc, that’s bursting with juicy raspberries and tropical watermelon. There’s a good dose of minerality in here to keep things fresh and light, making it a nice dry rosé for hot summer weddings. 

£14.22 from Armit Wines 

Rosa Mati 


This is a fantastic rosé from excellent stock. Made of only Syrah grapes, it showcases some brilliant complexity that includes a hint of spice and pepper among florals and grapefruit. This would be a fantastic choice in aperitif on your big day and a great bottle for every anniversary thereon after. 

£19.50 from Harvey Nichols 

Belle Angele


Good rosé at this price can be hard to come by, which is why this is a great find. It’s very Provencal in style, dry, light and easy to drink with some white peach, wet stone and cherry notes cutting through. Snap this up by box of six at Majestic and you can get it for under £8. 

£7.49 from Majestic



This is a great choice for autumn or winter weddings. From New Zealand, Leftfield is a unique blend of grapes (Merlot, Pinotage and Arneis) giving it a distinctive palate. While it’s still got those slightly sweet and crunchy red fruits (cranberry, raspberry) there are some floral notes to balance. Very versatile and one to accommodate most meal choices. 

£10.99 from Waitrose

Château Les Bois Mathieu Rosé 


An elegant wine with the presence of Tannat, which gives this wine a bit of an edge. Well-balanced and nicely perfumed, you’ll notice a bit of a herbaceous edge to it like fresh grass among raspberries and apple. 

£14.99 from House of Townend

Ramon Bilabo 


This is an exciting rosé to have in the mix and something a little different- Rioja! We don’t see enough Spanish rosé and Ramon Bilbao wines are always a reliable choice and of excellent quality. This is an elegantly poised wine with juicy pears and white peach. If you’ve got creamy carbs on offer, this is a great match. 

£10.95 from 

Hampton Water 


For a rosé with star power, Hampton Water is a highly acclaimed rosé by Rock star Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse. From the Languedoc in France, this is a crisp dry wine with a lovely splash of minerality with melon and strawberry notes. Easy to drink and the perfect thirst-quencher for hot summer weddings. If you’re planning a weekend of celebrations, this has to be the choice for the pool party. 

£19.99 from Selfridges

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