It’s hard to know which champagne you’ll like best unless you’ve tasted them back-to-back. Lucky for you, we have and we can report back on our favourites to fit all budgets. Here’s how to choose the best wedding champagne.

What Makes the Best Wedding Champagne?

Champagne should be a wine that successfully balances three main qualities,” Says Pied à Terre Sommelier, Tom Baxter. 

“First of all, there should be a relatively high level of acidity afforded to it by the cool
climate in which where Champagne grapes are grown. Whilst this should be crisp
and refreshing, it shouldn’t dominate and should rather serve as a way of waking up
the palate.

“Secondly, there should be clear expression of varietal fruit flavour. Older
vintage Champagnes will show fruit flavour that is more mature, whereas in
younger/non-vintage (NV) wines it will be fresher and more youthful, but the fruit
component of a Champagne is important in all cases.

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“Lastly, there should be a touch of what is called autolytic character. These are the flavours brought about by how the wine is made: the traditional method (la méthode traditionnelle), which involves the wine having a second fermentation in the same bottle followed by ageing on its lees (dead yeast cells). This often gives a Champagne a biscuit/cracker-like note and can bring more texture to the wine”. 

The Best Wedding Champagne

The most important thing when choosing a champagne for your big day is to pick something you love and something you think others will love. This way, there will be fewer half-drunk glasses after the toast and you won’t have wasted your money.

Take a look at our picks below, with prices listed as per each case of six.

Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée, £257

An easy favourite, smooth brioche notes with a hint of peach and ripe red fruits with pleasantly enduring flavour. It’s Bolly, darling; elegant and classy. If you want something for everyone then this is an easy option to impress your guests. Far too easy to drink in our opinion. 

Bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvee
Bollinger Special Cuvee

Les Pioneers NV Champagne, £114

Delightfully inexpensive with indulgent flavours of gingerbread and honey. There’s a whisper of fruit on the palatte but the texture is perfect, your guests will have no problem quaffing this one.

Les Pioneers NV, exclusive to Co-Op

Taittinger Brut Réserve NV Champagne, £209

Lightly-toasted flavour but not overly indulgent. The ripe, fructuous taste keeps this champagne light and easily drinkably with super soft bubbles. It’s certainly one that will go down at a warm, summer wedding. 

bottle of Taittinger champagne

Champagne Ayala Le Blancs de Blancs 2012, £300

We love the charming, balanced flavours and velvet-soft texture of this wedding champagne. Delicate hints of citrus laced with floral notes. It’s fairly dry with fine, lasting bubbles but the flavour is distinguishable and certainly memorable. 

Bottle of Ayala
Ayala Blanc de Blanc

Berry Bros. & Rudd Champagne by Mailly, Grand Cru, £179

Richly flavoured with warming nuances of honey and biscuits with a crisp, palatable texture. Well-rounded in flavour, acidity and texture, this is a great crowd-pleaser – for even those who aren’t too fond of fizz.

Bottle of berry bros & Rudd champagne
Berry Bros. & Rudd

Champagne Delacourt Vintage Brut – £210

With a slightly sharp flavour, this is a crisp wine with ripe, green fruit flavours. Warming, toasty notes come through and the full texture heightens the taste of vanilla initially. It’s not the most affordable of the high street brands but it won’t disappoint. 

Bottle of Delacourt Vintage, Marks & Spencer
Delacourt Vintage, Marks & Spencer


Waitrose Blanc de Noirs Brut NV, £102

Flavours aren’t too complex but this wedding champagne was a real show-stopper thanks to its distinguishable biscuit flavours from the offset and silky texture, while being pleasantly affordable too.

Bottle of Waitrose Blanc de Noirs
Waitrose Blanc de Noirs


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