The UK’s Best Bridal Hairdresser 2016, Vicki Lord provides advice for brides on choosing the best hairstyles for your bridesmaids this year!

Some brides opt only for the Maid of Honour, and others have their right-hand lady, plus a gaggle of maids, plus a couple of flower girls – And there is no rule, but if you do plan to have bridesmaids then you are going to have to think carefully about what you want their dress, make-up, and hairstyle to be like in order to compliment your perfect look, without overshadowing you on your wedding day.

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Vicki’s ultimate Bridesmaid’s hair tips!

Not overpowering

Even though you want your bridesmaids to look pretty, ensure that they enhance your look, rather than overpower it, remember you are the main focus of the day.

Keep a theme or style in mind

It is important that their chosen hairstyle compliments your choice, so keep everything within a theme, and avoid a clash.

Something for everyone

Choose your look first and then the hairstyle of your bridesmaids. A good hairstylist will be able to come up with a style that suits all of your bridesmaids and still be in keeping with your bridal theme.

Accessories make all the difference

It is nice to have a uniformed look for the bridesmaids, perhaps a prettier adapted look for the younger flower girls, and a slightly different look for the Maid of Honour, and this can be as simple as changing the hair accessory or adding an extra braid.

Keep consistency with one element of the style

Every bridesmaid will have different hair… Some of your maids may have fringes, some may have side partings, middle partings, or be accustomed to wearing their hair away from their face, some bridesmaids may need hair extensions… I recommend Balmain. The bridesmaids’ hair will almost definitely vary in style, length and texture, and so all of these factors must be considered when choosing their hairstyle… but your hairstylist should be able to tweak the hairstyle to match each client, for example…

If you choose a bridesmaid bun at the nape of the neck, as long as the bun is identical on each maid, then the front can be tweaked to suit each face shape and preference, and sometimes personality plays a part. And you want your bridal party to be happy.

OR If you opt for half-up-half-down for your maids, again, as long as the back looks the same, then the front can be adapted to suit each client.

Remember that your wedding photos will be around for ever, and you want them to look neat almost uniform in some way or another, with all of the bridesmaids smiling, and happy with their hair, and so that you can stand out as the bride too!