The morning of your wedding day will inevitably fill you with a multitude of emotions – excitement, happiness, perhaps nervousness and definitely relief that the day is finally here!

Whilst we cannot guarantee we can take away your pre-wedding jitters (all perfectly normal!) we know for a fact that how you start the day and what you eat will certainly play a part in sustaining a settled stomach throughout and banishing any dreaded bloat-inducing stress that you definitely don’t want as you reach for your wedding dress! Just 5 of our best brides breakfast ingredients will keep you energised through both an emotionally demanding and busy day and prove that eating like a king at breakfast time will make a happy tummy and a happy, confident bride!




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Eggs are among the most nutritious all round ingredients available to us and are bursting with the most extensive range of nutrients, vitamins, rare minerals like selenium and protein. They provide energy and nutrient stability to satisfy hunger without consuming excess calories. Opt for boiled or scrambled eggs on a piece of wholegrain toast for added fibre to help with digestion and half an avocado smashed with a tsp of apple cider vinegar will provide a little of the good fats that will keep your metabolism working hard throughout  the day and the vinegar to support your gut’s good bacteria.



Technically a fruit but without the sugar, nuts are low in carbs and high in protein and essential fats that are needed for growth, repair and equally weight loss! Our bodies are designed to digest these fats and you may find it is the overconsumption of sugar that is stopping you from shifting any excess weight. A recent study has shown that eating a protein and fat based breakfast, is the best time for your body to consume first thing in the morning that will collectively kick start your metabolism, prolong the release of energy and feed your body’s ability to burn up the calories and help you absorb as many nutrients as possible at the same time. Add a small handful of walnuts, cashews and almonds to smoothies, shakes, porridge and pancakes. Not only will they naturally sweeten but will keep you sustained for longer than your average bowl of cereal.



Oats are your ultimate stomach settling ingredient. A highly soluble fibre like Porridge oats will help maintain bowel regularity which is one way to beat the bloat. From this base you can add in a whole array of nutrient enhancing flavours to satisfy your tastebuds from sweet spices like cinnamon, berries with a drizzle of honey which is antibacterial and rich in simple sugars that actually help to regulate your blood sugar.




Magical probiotics in natural yoghurt feed and maintain the balance and production of good bacteria in your digestive system – helping you to process food faster, more efficiently and therefore aiding in preventing any bloating along the way. Add fresh fruit, nuts and seeds to full fat natural yoghurt which will give you your ‘good fat’ content also.






As well as providing the best natural source of sugar, fruits like blueberries pineapple and Papaya are highly fibrous and full of antioxidants. Papain in Papaya can help to break down hard-to-digest foods causing constipation and bloating. Add a handful of these to your porridge or yoghurt. For an immune system booster slice up a ripened watermelon as a sweet treat to kick start the day. As well as it’s highly hydrating water content, you might be surprised to know that it’s the seeds of the watermelon that contain proportionally one of the highest levels of zinc per 100g which is linked to healthy skin and hair!



Potassium levels are important because they regulate the bodies natural fluid and electrolyte balance. Too low potassium levels can contribute to a build up in unwanted fluid levels and is the reason it is linked the water retention. To avoid this potential potassium deficiency and bloat build up, this list topping ingredient is richer in potassium than a banana. For a sweet solution…adding half a cup of pumpkin puree into buckwheat flour, 1 egg and a some milk will aid water loss and stop build up of more. Wholegrain Buckwheat flour in place of regular flour will up the fibre and protein value of your meal and aid in digestion also.







High in fibre and able to pack an energising punch of potassium, we could write an entire list of the replenishing health properties of the banana. Not only will they balance out your blood sugar helping you sustain your energy for longer, but high levels of pectin will soothe bloat-induced bellies via your digestive tract if you find yourself constipated. TOP TIP for a flat stomach, eat only ripened yellow banana’s. Before the ripening process occurs higher levels of starch content in green bananas are more at risk of causing bloating and/or flatulence.

Herbal tea

Wondering what to drink to neutralise the nerves? Herbal teas really do wonders with their undeniable health advantages and particularly anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe your stomach and relax your mind. Try sipping a cup of Peppermint, dandelion, ginger, fennel or aniseed tea.Not only might you find yourself enjoying the clean taste of these replenishing flavours, Green tea in particular is known for its multi functioning natural health enhancers including anti-ageing antioxidants and even increasing metabolic rate when consumed with food!

Wedding morning schedule 

Eat slowly, break in between each mouthful and allow yourself time to eat on the morning. Make sure you factor into your schedule a proper breakfast time – even having your girls over for a pre-wedding breakfast all together will encourage you to sit down, relax and fill up on the good stuff – that way you know everyone will be fuelled up for the day too. Bare in mind, breakfast is historically THE most important meal of the day, if rushed or skipped you won’t be at your most alert and judging by many of the brides we’ve spoken to in the past, you may not get opportunity to eat quite as easily with all the business and guest-entertaining!