Why You’ll Want A Bespoke Wedding Poem On Your Big Day!

Hamish Guerrini has been delighting wedding congregations for over twenty years with his heart-warming, personal and humorous poems for wedded couples! He takes the history of the couple’s lives and weaves it into a magical story in mini-epic verse that he will perform in person or send on a scroll or video to include in the ceremony or reception. Hugely experienced in entertaining great crowds, Hamish hosts ‘The Rabbit Hole’ venue and event at Glastonbury Festival, too!

Here Hamish tells us about why couples love a bespoke wedding poem that they can cherish forever and explores why funny is GOOD at weddings…


Why You'll Want A Bespoke Wedding Poem On Your Big Day...
Real Wedding of Alex & Phillip

“Even though tying the knot for the rest of your lives is a serious commitment,  a joyful and memorable wedding needs to contain elements of both profundity and humour.”

“The poems I write are designed to encompass the whole gamut of emotions and usually bring tears of many kinds to the surface; They sum up the couple’s life before they met, move onto their lives together and finally celebrate the couple in their ongoing marriage.

In order to get the best picture of each individual couple for their poem, I like to get in contact with the parents, the best man/woman and any siblings who know their history and have any funny anecdotes! I then spend several days weaving the whole wealth of information into verse.”

“Typically, I will be contacted in secret by a friend or relative of the couple to write a poem just for them!”

Why You'll Want A Bespoke Wedding Poem On Your Big Day...
Real couple Alex & Phillip


Alex and Phillip’s Real Wedding Poem 

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The Marriage Hat Head Temple

In Tapely Park did Hector Christie a stately pleasure-dome decree,

Where Brian, the sacred Bull-tarrier ran,

Through grasslands measureless to man,

Down to the Instow Sea.

Upon this five miles of fertile ground,

With walls and towers all girdled round,

A couple of love birds alighted there,

And found themselves in loving stare.

Here to tie a sacred knot,

Here to thicken a sacred plot.

But what of the beginnings of this epic tale?

What of the origins of the protagonist male?

A Whilsthire lad with religious leanings,

This Savernake son with spiritual feelings,

Dissatisfied with one Catholic plot,

He decided to study the whole dammed lot,

And so at SOAS did he enroll,

Intending to explore the perennial soul.

This so fired his imagination,

He decided to visit the Indian nation,

And so with a chaperone he went,

To visit the subcontinent.

And there he saw such sights and sounds,

That made his chakras know no bounds,

With gusto he began to chart and record,

Buying the best camera that he could afford.

And this visual stock-take, this treasure trove,

Led him further down photography’s road.

What talented fingers and what fine eye

Could frame such fearful symmetry?

Yet what strong heart could contain

This visual lion-heart, so hard to tame?


Why You'll Want A Bespoke Wedding Poem On Your Big Day!
Hamish in performance clothing – Celebrant and poet


Couple’s Testimonial

“In our hearts the day that was approaching was to be a deeply spiritual meeting, but amidst all the fairy lights and place names a time for stillness and reflection on that most important of objectives somehow disappeared. There were so many things I wanted to say to Hamish before that day, but none of it mattered, because he just knew.

“He knew how to put everyone at their ease, and how to tickle the trepidation out of those mistrusting of our unconventional ways.”

“He knew how much everyone needed to laugh, and conducted symphonies of belly chuckles all day long. More than anything, he knew us.As someone who has admired Hamish from afar for some time, I was truly astonished and touched by the depth of his perception.”

“He sung the story of our lives for our family and friends and it was living magic to be able to relive it all again through his words.” 

A dear Aunt, of the mistrusting variety, came to me the following morning. “Hamish” she whispered conspiratorially, “he was the catalist for all the magic that followed, wasn’t he?” He most certainly was. We are truly blessed to have a druid such as he in our lives…”


About Hamish

As a practicing Druid, Hamish came about writing and performing at weddings over 20 years ago when he was asked by a friend to attend the building of Britain’s largest new stone circle in Surrey and set about entertaining the troops with music and song. Later invested as a bard Hamish’s roles include writing poetry, songs and performing certain ceremonies.

Hamish has performed a poem at Michael Eavis’s 80th birthday and also at DJ Skrillex’s birthday! Hamish has also also performed in front of a number of royalty and celebrities in the UK.

Learn more about having your very own wedding poem written by Hamish — hamishguerrini.co.uk