Life has an excellent little habit of throwing lots of stuff at you at once and getting hitched when you’re pregnant to some women may be totally daunting. Often you don’t plan a wedding around a pregnancy and vice versa, however, it is possible to plan and have the best wedding ever when you’re a pregnant bride. Here’s how!

The dress

My advice to all brides, pregnant or not, is to choose a gown that makes you feel fabulous and is comfortable. Comfort is often treated as the hokey second cousin, when it comes to wedding attire, which is a shame because a big factor in looking good is feeling good. If you can’t breath, sit down or dance without wincing, if you have to wear three spanks to suck it all in, then maybe that’s not the dress for you. If you’re looking for maternity dress inspiration, then there are a plethora of celebrity pregnant brides to check out, very few of which, hid the bump. Whatever dress you choose make sure you have a good chat to your seamstress about how alterable the outfit is as it can be hard to predict how your body is going to be changing.



We go back to the comfort factor. If you want a pair of sassy heels, buy an additional pair of flats (there are so many stunning options out there) to wear when your legs and feet say no!

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The ring

This is one that’s often forgotten but pregnancy can cause swelling in lots of different places, one in particular…your fingers! Be mindful of your wedding and engagement ring size. If you have a wedding ring fitted while you are pregnant, it may need resizing later on. Another option is to use a substitute ring on the day, get something cheaper (no one will ever know) and save the real ring for later when you fingers return to ‘normal’.

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The party

Girl, pace yourself. It’s a big day… emotions are heightened, endorphins are flowing, make sure you look after yourself and listen to your body. If you need a rest. Have a rest. If you want to dance your behind off, then by all means, shake that booty!


Be strategic in your planning. Work in ways to sit when you can, schedule in little down time moments and use other people to help you. YES, you are superwoman…we all are but you will be surrounded by many helper bees that want to assist you on the day and in the lead up to your wedding. Accept this help. Trust me on this. Drink lots of water, have snacks at the ready and make sure you have easy bathroom access!

Aleisha McCormack is the host of the #1 Save The Date wedding planning podcast, a wedding magazine for your ears, but with more swearing and none of the BS.