Wedding Ideas caught up with one of the hottest members of the Forbidden Nights team, Ollie, to find out why he joined the UK’s most unique hen party act… Prepare to swoon!


Vital Statistics

Name Ollie
Age 32
Height 5′ 11
Bicep measurement 19 inches
Inside leg 32 inches
What do you do in the show? Pole act


What’s your favourite chat-up line? ‘I used to be a professional rugby player… so what do you do?’ seems to work well!

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What was most embarrassing moment on stage? Being made to wear a tiger onesie that was three sizes too small… I had the male version of a camel toe!

How did you join the Forbidden Nights team? I had never danced, professionally, before I was asked to join a dance group where I met Billy, Lewis and Tommy. I actually turned down the offer at first as I didn’t think I would be very good at it, but I was persuaded by the management to at least give it a go so I did. What a great decision that was! I have met my second family with these 3 boys and now Ash the new member of The Forbidden has slotted in so well. We have had some great times and have accomplished so much and without making that decision to give it a go I would never had the opportunity to do them. We have danced at the O2, had our own TV advert, been splashed across several magazines and now run our very own show, Forbidden Nights.


What’s your special talent? I always like to keep things fresh, I definitely think outside the box when it comes to the show. I wanted to do something different in the show, all the boys had a talent except me so wanted to do something that would really push me… this was pole! Yes I am a pole dancer, but I wasn’t interested in the spinning around the pole as such, all I initially wanted to do was the ‘human flag’ which is where you hold your body horizontal from the pole. I managed to do this quite quickly and actually started to think that I could be quite good at this so pushed for more and more tricks. Now I perform pole as my solo, it feels great to hear the audience really enjoy my solo and the show as we do put all our efforts into it.


What did you do in your previous life? Before I joined the group I was a personal trainer and worked in the family business, they were both great for different aspects but there was always something missing. When I joined The Forbidden I really felt at home. I love to perform, it is a great buzz on stage and I definitely feed off the atmosphere of the crowd. I am the oldest in The Forbidden and have very much taken the big brother role to the other boys, Billy and Lewis are always up to mischief and I love joining in, they bring out the kid in me! Tommy is my lil’bro I will always help him out, he does stupid things… but that’s Tommy!

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