Planning a wedding is tiring for anyone, and can leave you feeling anxious, stressed and fatigued – especially when you’re planning you big day on top of working and family life! Laura, a real bride, explains how she turned her life around…

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In the run up to my wedding I was constantly tired and felt mentally drained all the time, I guess you could say I was suffering quite seriously from fatigue,” Laura explains. “I was finding it hard to concentrate on my work and drinking other fizzy energy drinks was making my skin break out and of course, was dramatically increasing my daily calorie intake.

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Lacking any motivation or energy, Laura decided to try out 6 Vitamin Shot ahead of her big day. Unlike other energy drinks, 6 Vitamin Shot isn’t carbonated and therefore you aren’t restricted when you can take them – you can have a shot of energy to give you a boost whenever you need it.

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I was introduced to 6 Vitamin Shot by a friend. Not only did it taste good (far better than the fizzy energy drink alternatives) but it was packed full of vitamins and almost immediately I was motivated to join the gym and even found myself having the energy to start going 3-4 times a week.

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Laura felt the effects immediately. “Juggling my workload and wedding planning became far easier with my anxiety levels decreasing beyond that which they ever have.” Her immune system also improved dramatically and despite usually being prone to colds and viruses, she didn’t have any in the run up to her special day. “It was a real surprise!

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My skin was clear and by the time I was walking up the aisle, I had dropped 2 stone and a whopping 2 dress sizes – which was a relief as I had purchased a wedding dress which was far too small!” Six months on, Laura has maintained her wedding weight and relies on her daily 6 Vitamin Shot. If you can relate to this story, check our their website for more information!