So the much anticipated moment has arrived (yay!) and you’re finally engaged to the person you love! You are over the moon and you can’t wait to start sharing your wonderful news with everybody.


Battle away any pre-wedding stress with these top tips so that you can enjoy your wedding day without a care, when it arrives!
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But after a few days (or perhaps a few moments!) following the happy news you suddenly realise that, albeit an extremely happy occasion, engagement is also the official countdown till your wedding day. And from the heavenly “I’m getting married” statement you land on the still-happy-yet-also-stressful realisation: “There is so much I have to do!”  There are a few things you can do to help battle that stress, so that you can enjoy your wedding day when it arrives (instead of feeling drained and exhausted from all the preparations) but also take advantage of the pre-wedding period (which, let’s be honest, can be a treat on its own!) Follow these top tips:


Plan and prepare

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The most stressful thing during the pre-wedding period is to think about all the things that can go wrong at your wedding reception and, let’s be honest, the list is long. Having the wrong flowers delivered on your special day or bad weather are just a few of the most obvious wedding reception disasters.
Most wedding professionals suggest that the best way to deal with the preparations is to be very well organised. All kinds of effective (yet also fun, if you’re that kind of person) wedding planning tools, including to-do lists, budget planners and so forth, will be your ultimate friends this hectic period.


Battle away any pre-wedding stress with these top tips so that you can enjoy your wedding day without a care, when it arrives!
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And while planning can help you use your time effectively and make sure you won’t leave anything important out, preparing for all possible outcomes is also a must. Try to make a list of all the things that can turn out badly or not exactly as planned and make contingency plans.  Having an alternative indoors space for an outdoors wedding is a good example of preparing for bad weather, for example.
Another issue that you should also not neglect is taking into account the number of no-show guests, as it can have a huge effect on budgeting. While you can never be completely sure of the exact number of guests who will actually come up, there are a few rules that can help you make an educated guess. For instance, professionals suggest that the ratio of no-show guests in every wedding reception is around 30%, although several factors, including the day, season and location of the wedding, should also be taken into consideration for a more accurate estimate. Of course, however good the estimate you make, it’s still an estimate, so do keep that in mind when arranging the tables, the seats and the food.
Another tool which can make you feel better prepared is to get a tarot reading with a skilled professional, They will use a tarot deck to help you unravel a challenging aspect of a forthcoming event or an important change. So a reading can shed light on a shady issue like the no-show guests ratio or any unexpected issue you’re concerned about on your special day.

Take time to relax

Preparing for one of the most anticipated days of your life can get very frustrating and the pressure to organise the perfect reception (one that you want to reminisce for years to come) can feel immense. That’s why you should really take some time to take care of yourself during the pre-wedding period, especially if you notice signs of mental exhaustion or stress.
You can always treat yourself with a nice bubble bath or offer yourself a good night sleep, but you can also try mindfulness to alleviate stress. Mindfulness is a process which lets you increase awareness over your own emotions and thoughts, which can help to keep anxieties under control.


Battle away any pre-wedding stress with these top tips so that you can enjoy your wedding day without a care, when it arrives!
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Stay close with your fiancé

A common thing for an engaged couple is to start growing apart from each other as the pressure for the wedding preparations grows bigger. However absorbed you may become by challenging and often controversial issues, like budgeting, what music is going to be playing at the wedding or the guest list, try to remind yourself what is really important about this wedding. Stay close with your loved one, who should also be a source of support and stress relief throughout the difficult moments.


Battle away any pre-wedding stress with these top tips so that you can enjoy your wedding day without a care, when it arrives!
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Whatever the source of stress, there are always good ways to beat it, provided that you are aware of your own emotions so that you have better control over them. In fact, simply noticing your emotions contributes to stress reduction on its own. In any case, try to remind yourself that your wedding, after all, is about celebrating, so don’t let the small details get into your way from doing exactly that.