Tempted by a wedding on the White Isle? El Berwick from Thomson Weddings gets the low-down from a happy couple who opted for just that, at Cas Mila in Ibiza…


When it comes to throwing an unforgettable party, Ibiza is a pro. So, as newlyweds Vicki and Jamie found out, it’s the perfect place to tie the knot. We quizzed the bride on why the couple chose the island, how they planned the wedding from afar, and what tips they’d pass on to others looking to get hitched overseas.

What made you get married abroad?

The first reason was the weather. We wanted guaranteed sun to add excitement to the big day. We also wanted to be able to combine the wedding with our honeymoon. But most of all, we just wanted to create life-long memories with our family and friends. We chose Ibiza because it was the first place we went on holiday together in August 1997, when we were 19!


How did you pick the location on the island?

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We picked Cala Tarida on the south eastern edge of Ibiza after looking at the Thomson and First Choice websites and holiday brochures for ideas. We knew we wanted to get married on a quiet part of the island, in a beautiful setting. It also needed it to be child-friendly. We finally picked three possible venues we both liked, then my husband happened to be taking a holiday there, so he went and viewed all of them. He instantly fell in love with Cas Mila in Ibiza, a stunning restaurant with incredible views over Cala Tarida beach. Jamie loves the sea, so wanted to be as close to it as possible.


Which hotel did you stay at?

We stayed at the Insotel Tarida Beach Resort, which we booked through First Choice. All of our guests stayed at the same place, so everyone walked to Cas Mila together on the wedding day. The bridesmaids and I were lucky enough to be taken to the venue by our lovely rep, Alex, to avoid getting my dress dusty. He also helped us with pre-ceremony drinks in the hotel, a wedding breakfast, and a place to hang my gown. Not to mention decorating our hotel room with flowers on the morning of the wedding!


What was your favourite part the planning?

Picking out the finer details – this included the food (there was so much choice!), how to decorate the tables and choosing the evening entertainment. We didn’t need flowers, as the venue was had such an amazing view of the sea. It was like being in paradise.


Who helped you organise the wedding from the Ibiza side?

At first, Candice was our main contact at Cas Mila, but we were later introduced to a lady called Anne. They were our wedding planners, and both were extremely helpful over email and on the phone, especially since I’m known for being the worrying type. She always answered any questions I had, and sent over additional photos and information when I requested it. My husband was also lucky enough to meet the owner of Cas Mila when he visited Ibiza, who was more than happy to provide anything we asked for.

What else did the wedding planners help with?

We didn’t realise until the actual day how much we needed the planners with us – both of them were so helpful seating guests, ensuring everyone was happy, and showing us where to stand. They also started the ceremony perfectly on time.


How many guests did you have?

We were very lucky to have 50 of our close family and friends join us on our special day. We took the opportunity for all families to have a summer holiday together.

How would you describe your wedding style?

I’d say ‘modern’. The theme of the wedding was white with a splash of silver. The groom, best man and father of the bride were all dressed in silver tailored suits, and the maid of honour and flowergirls were in white. Our tables were named after our favourite restaurants, and decorated all in white with fairy lights and floating candles. Since the wedding started at 6pm, we wanted the tables to be lit up as the sun set. We decided not to have favours – instead, we wrote individual messages to our guests, along with personalised gifts, all in silver gift boxes. My maid of honour designed our table plan and we had large, framed photos of our late grandparents on their wedding day. We also had a 4-foot LOVE sign in the background, which was a great feature in our photos.


Were there any stand-out moments from the day?

My entrance, walking down the stairs looking down at my husband-to-be and our guests – the view was amazing and it was the best feeling in the world.


What are your top tips for a destination wedding?

It’s important to have lots of communication with the wedding planners at your venue. I don’t think I would have enjoyed organising it as much without them, and the fact it ran perfectly on the day was definitely down to them. We didn’t get a chance for a rehearsal, however we spoke to the wedding planners lots in the run-up, so we knew exactly what we were going to do on the day. As soon as you arrive at the destination for your wedding, definitely go and view the venue. We went the day before and sat watching another wedding from a distance, which was lovely. Finally, make sure your venue is close to your hotel. It just makes the whole process a lot easier.

The legal bit

Ceremonies offered by Thomson in Ibiza are classed as blessings rather than legally-binding weddings, so you’ll need to get married either before you fly out or when you get home. For more information, visit the Thomson Weddings and First Choice Weddings websites, call us on 0871 664 0131, or visit one of our Thomson travel shops. Or click here for more destination wedding ideas from Thomson.