Wedding planning can be a tricky business – you hear about all these wonderful ideas, but it’s difficult to imagine how they will look in real life until you actually see them in action.

Take a sweetie tree, for example. How big are they? What sweets should you include? How do you secure the sweets to the tree? Or what about walking down the aisle with the confidence of a super model. Everyone wants to do it, but we want to see how! Fear not. We’ve got the answer to these dilemmas and a whole lot more below… Watch and learn!

Choosing wedding veils

Wearing a wedding veil is traditional but you don’t have to wear a long veil that sweeps along behind you trailing along the aisle (that’s a cathedral length veil, by the way). You could opt for a birdcage veil or a simple blusher veil. But what are they? Watch this clear and informative video and you’ll be an expert by the end.

Walking down the aisle in heels

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If you don’t normally wear high heels but have set your heart on a pair of skyscraper high Jimmy Choos for your big day, then you’re going to need a bit of practice. (Although, in fact, we think a lot of girls need to watch this video – we’ve seen plenty of ladies in everyday life slouching and slipping along in their stilettos). This clip from The Oprah Winfrey Show has the experts showing us all how to walk elegantly and safely in heels – it’s a great watch and you’re going to want to start practising immediately afterwards (we did!). You may also like to see this video of The Bridal Coach Michele Paradise talking with Wedding Ideas’ Brand Manager Pippa about how to walk in your wedding shoes.

How to wow with your first dance

Are you a fan of Strictly Come Dancing? Planning a classic waltz for your first dance? It’s a moment when all eyes are going to be on you so you want to get it right. Some brides and grooms go off and have professional lessons so that they can learn the steps and we think that this is a great idea.

However we also like this very easy-to-follow video, which gives you a step-by-step guide to learning how to waltz – from both the man and the woman’s point of view. If you’re worried you’ve got two left feet, then don’t be. Watch this video and you’ll realise that waltzing is more straightforward than you thought – but make sure you watch it together with your fiancé!

Tips for being photographed

You’re probably going to have more photographs taken of you on your wedding day than on any other day in your life (unless you’re planning on being on a reality TV show or walking down the red carpet). So it’s well to be as prepared as possible.

A-listers don’t just turn up and leave it all to chance. Oh no. They’ve been advised of their best points, how to accentuate them and how to hide their less good features (for example Kim Kardashian says she always wears a belt because it shows off her slim waist).

We like this handy video because it tells you exactly how to make sure you photograph well. How you should stand, what to do with your hands, what to do with your feet. It also highlights the no nos – like why it’s never a good idea to stand straight on to the camera.

Have a look and you’ll be able to face your photographer with confidence knowing that you’re showing off your ‘good side’. Because the last thing you want is to sift through your wedding photographs afterwards and be disappointed. Just about everybody can ‘photograph’ well if they have the inside know how – and this will help you to get it.

How to make a sweetie tree

Sweetie tables are becoming more and more popular at weddings and they’re a great item to DIY yourself. You can order the sweets online, practise different set-ups and arrangements (don’t forget to take photographs) and if it’s ok with your venue, a sweetie table is something you (or your chief bridesmaid or helper) can create the day before your wedding so that you get ahead.

We spotted this How To… video on making a sweetie tree. It’s really easy to follow and even if you think you’re the world’s worst crafter, you’ll almost certainly be able to recreate this. We think it will bring a sweet smile to the faces of your guests when they see the result!

How to tie a bridesmaids’ dress

These clever wrap dresses are everywhere for bridesmaids right now because they are so flattering and fit any type of figure. We especially love twobirds Bridesmaid dresses as they come in varying lengths and a whole spectrum of fashion-forward colours.

Michele from twobirds features on Wedding Ideas’ very own YouTube channel showing you exactly how to tie the most popular styles to suit your best girls. Brilliant!

Do you have a special talent or idea that you could share with other brides? Have you made some of our fabulous paper pom poms and want to show them off? Don’t be shy, come and chat with us on the Wedding Ideas Forum today!