A university basketball coach dresses up as a giant red panther, so he could pop the question to his girlfriend in front of his home crowd.

public-proposalDisguised as Pounce the cat, Craig Heatherly, an assistant trainer for the Davenport University Panthers in Caledonia, Michigan, performed the stunt during his school’s annual Midnight Madness event last Friday.

During Midnight Madness a dance-off took place between Pounce, the Panthers’ mascot, and four other basketball players.

When the contest was ruled a tie Pounce was asked to perform a tiebreaker dance-off against his girlfriend Linaya Hass, who has been coaching the Davenport University dance team for the past year.

When the giant cat mascot fakes an injury and falls to the ground, Linaya runs over to help him. His true intentions were revealed when Craig takes off the top of his costume, drops down on one knee, in a very public place, and says “Linaya, may I ask; Will you marry me?”

Watch the video to find out what happened next.

How would you react if this happened to you? Do public marriage proposals make you cringe?

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